I wake up the next day, early in the morning so I can go to the place where I first met him, I take some wild fruit and some meat, who knows how long I would take waiting for, that’s if he shows up, but as I approach the place where we met, I see him, his there, I get excited, I tap on the shoulder and he smiles, but he does not look ugly anymore his a very pretty, I smile back and sit on the ground he sits next me.

She’s here, she actually came, I could not stop thinking about her yesterday, she’s dressed differently from yesterday, she is wearing a red clothe that’s wrapped around here, she has beads on her ankles and arms, she looks prettier than yesterday, am I even allowed to feel that way about her.

As she sits next to me she smiles and touches my hair, she looks at my books in curiosity, and she gets closer to see if I am real, well at least that’s what I am thinking she’s thinking. I want to talk to her, have a conversation with her but we don’t understand each, but from that day we kept meeting learning each other’s languages, I know her name means Beauty, we understand each other a little more, she speaks English even though it’s not fluent and it’s only been just two months.

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