“Uhm, can you please get off me?”

She started sniffing me, I don’t think she understood me, she gets off and then starts whispering to her friend,

“Hi I am Samuel for short”

She continues to stare at me, I point to myself and say my name again then she smiles, her teeth were so white and perfect she had such as beautiful smile.

“Bontle” she says

“Nice to meet you” I say and before I knew it she runs off with her friend.

I stood there hoping she would come back, I wanted to know about her, but she did not come back, I then decided to go back the next day, hoping I will find her again.

“Are you crazy? You could have gotten us killed by that ugly looking person” says Amo

“I am sorry, I did not mean to fall on him and he seems to be speaking another language different from ours, and besides he looked friendly”

I left him standing there, him looking in complete shook, he looked confused but I had to leave, I heard someone coming and I was right, it was my older brother Mooketse,

“We have been waiting for you Bontle, it’s time for introductions, and you know this and you not even ready” he says

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