My father was a king of a small village in Southern Africa, I had 4 brothers and I was the 3rd child who took care of everything, but I wanted more, I wanted adventure I wanted to see what was out there, if there were more people out there, I didn’t want to be some hunters wife, I wanted to be more than that if not a hunter.

“What are you doing up there Princess? Your father is looking for you before the introductory ceremony” says Amogelang my dearest best friend.

“Arg man you know I hate it when you call me that, and I will go back when I want to” Says Bontle

“You must be the only woman in the entire world who is not excited about meeting her future husband”

“I am not meeting him for the very first time, we know him, we grew up together remember? And besides I do not love him, how will I marry a man of whom I do not care for? I want adventure; I want to go places, see things and not be a wife who just bares children”

“Well can you crave adventure from down here and not on top of a tree please?”

At that moment I saw someone coming towards us our way, but this person looked so different from us, I had to see more, I had to know more, and I followed him. Copyright 2016 - 2024