“I was filling them in on all the ways I had you this morning,” he replied and I stopped walking. “Come on! You know I’m kidding. We were talking about a lot of stuff, sports, work, women, Scotch. Not necessarily in that order.” We started walking again.

“Do you think that Mark and Beth would make a good couple?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know, maybe. I’m not sure he’s really looking for a girlfriend, though.” “Maybe he’s not ready,” I said glancing up at him as we got to the car and he opened the door for me. I clearly remembered both when Adam told me he wasn’t ready, and when he finally told me he was.

“Maybe not,” he replied and surprised me by kissing me softly on the lips before he helped me in.

“I’m beat,” Adam said as I let us into his apartment and hung up our coats. He had given me my own key after our discussion earlier.

“You are?” I asked, feeling disappointed. I still wanted sex. His laughter told me that he wasn’t planning to leave me hanging. He went to go put the leftovers in the refrigerator.

“Hey!” I called out. “Where do you think you’re going with that?” He stopped and turned giving me a questioning look. “You promised to lick cranberry sauce off of me and do me on the dining room table.” I smiled a sexy smile and started taking off my clothes right there in the middle of the living room.

“Why, Lilith, would you like to get stuffed?”

“What do you think?” I was already down to my bra and panties.

“I think I know a fun way to eat cranberry sauce.”

He was using that low, sexy, firm voice again and it was making ache for him. He stripped down himself in record time as he watched me remove the last of my clothing. I loved looking at Adam naked. He had a six pack and that V that was just made for tracing with my tongue. God bless his gym. Then there was that big, beautiful c**k that was ready to play. God bless us all, everyone.

I climbed up on the table and leaned back on my hands, my tummy clenching with anticipation. “Wait, before you go any further, we’re throwing out the cranberry sauce when we’re done, right?”

“What do you think?” He laughed and then opened up the container, dipped a finger into the red gel and swirled it around one of my ni**les, giving me goose bumps and making me jump.

“I think that’s cold.” I giggled.

“Let me warm you up,” he said, bending down, leaning in, and licking off the sauce. Then he sucked on my nipple in exactly the way he knew that I loved, hard and then gently, rolling his tongue around and around.

“Oh yeah. Oh God. I love that.” I groaned and started breathing heavily. He dipped in again and repeated the process on the other side, driving me insane.

“Lay back,” he said, thickly and he didn’t have to say it twice. He took the cranberry sauce and drew a twisting path from my br**sts down to my belly button, which turned into a little cranberry well. “Let me give you something to be thankful for,” he teased and began tracing the path with delightful little licks and flutters of that talented tongue of his.

“Thank you.” I panted. He lapped up the cranberry in my bellybutton so sensually that I started getting lightheaded. Then he leaned back and nudged my legs apart, dipping in again and tracing a cranberry trail up along my inner thighs.

“I love your pu**y like this,” he said in a sexy whisper, admiring my wax job.

“My pu**y loves you too,” I managed in between harsh little pants.

I buried my fingers in his hair as he licked his way upward. He didn’t actually put any cranberry sauce anywhere more intimate, probably for the best, but his mouth definitely made it there. He parted me with his hot, probing, tongue and began licking me like he was licking chocolate off of his fingers.

“Mmm, so sweet,” he mumbled and I began arching my back and writhing around. I couldn’t stand it anymore. He was just so skilled at going down that I usually couldn’t make it to a happy ending without begging him for it first.

“Adam, please, please. Oh God, please f**k me.”

He started moving back up, trailing little kisses toward my tummy. When he got there he stood up straight and looked down at me lying there on our dining room table – yeah, I know – I heard me say it too, our dining room table. He gently grabbed my feet and braced them up against his shoulders, positioning himself over me, and looking down at me in a way that every woman deserves to have a man look at her at least once.

“I find the thought of getting you pregnant incredibly sexy. Someday, I’m really going to enjoy knocking you up,” he said. Then he slid into me and I gasped.

“Me too.” I moaned happily.

“Lily, oh baby,” he ground out as he began rolling his hips. “There’s nothing that comes close to how good your pu**y feels.”

He rode me right there on the dining room table, for who knows how long, while I gradually climbed closer. I could have gotten there faster if I had reached down and touched myself, but sometimes, I just liked taking my time. The sounds of our pleasure echoed through the apartment, gasps and groans, swearing, and begging. Vaguely, I hoped that the table would hold up.

Eventually, we were slick with sweat and sex. Come to think of it, we might want to replace that table anyway. My legs had started to shake and heat, tension and pressure filled my lower belly. I couldn’t handle any more. I needed release.

“Oh God. I want to come.” I moaned, and he changed his angle so that he was even deeper, rubbing my clit with every thrust. Then, he began moving faster and hitting it harder. I started gasping and arching more, writhing under him, grabbing onto the edge of the table. I’m not a screamer in general, but there are exceptions. This was one. I screamed “Don’t stop! Please! Oh God! Oh God! Please don’t stop!” and they probably heard me in the parking garage.

“Close, baby,” he said in a raw voice, but I wasn’t sure if he meant me or him. I looked up at him desperately, teetering right on the edge as he pounded me. He was breathing hard and his eyes were hazy. So beautiful.

“Please make me come, Adam.”

“Anything, Lily,” he said sounding like he was barely holding on. And then I felt it; my muscles started to tighten; my tummy clenched, and I started trembling.

“Adam!” My vision became unfocused for a second and I gasped and felt my inner muscles start to spasm.

“Oh, Lily,” he bit out. “Oh baby.” His rhythm faltered and just a few hard thrusts later he made a strangled sound, swore, groaned and went still. We stayed like that panting for a few seconds.

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