“Did watching those dancers turn you on?”

“Made me want you. Made me want this. Oh yeah, like that.” I was moving faster now, circling and thrusting against him, massaging him with my pu**y.

“You want it harder, baby?”

“Yes.” His voice was hoarse.

I paused and unzipped his pants, reaching into his briefs and freeing him. I felt so powerful knowing that this sexy, strong, confident, man was helpless with desire beneath me. That I could bring him to orgasm just by rubbing my body against him. I started riding him harder and faster, rubbing against his bare cock. His breathing was ragged and his face was flushed. I liked the way it made me feel too and I was so wet I was soaking through my panties. The beat of the music urged me on and he started praising me, pleading and swearing.

“You want me to make you come like this?”

“Yes!” His grip became like a vice around my waist as he tensed up. Pushing his hips up against me, he threw his head back and groaned loudly.

“Do you feel it, baby? Are you going to come?” I kept it up relentlessly, rubbing and circling and thrusting my wet pu**y against his dick to the rhythm of the music.

“Oh f**k! Fuck! Yes! Please! Oh my God!”

“Come on, baby,” I coaxed. “Give it to me.” Clearly, I was channeling my inner  p**n  star and he was loving it.

“Oh f**k! I’m coming! Yes!” he yelled out and then froze, moaned and exploded all over my tummy in pulsing hot waves. Then I felt his muscles relax beneath me as he blew out a deep breath. He looked stunned and disoriented but he pulled me in for a passionate kiss and stroked my back.

“Why don’t we take a shower?” I asked when he pulled away from my mouth and started kissing my neck. He mumbled something incoherent in reply and I got up and took him by the hand to lead him to the bathroom.

While he undressed completely I turned on the faucet, let the water get nice and warm. I stripped down and stepped under the delicious spray. We washed each other off lovingly in between deep, sweeping kisses.

“Let me make you feel good now,” he said and then he sank to knees and braced one of my feet on the edge of the tub while I held onto his head and shoulders for support. As the warm water flowed over my back and shoulders he went down on me expertly, licking and lapping at my entrance and sucking on my clit.

“Oh yes.” I gasped. “Oh God. Like that.” I pushed my hips against his mouth while a thrill traveled through me from head to toe. The steam and the heat and the wetness made it seem positively erotic, like sweaty bodies sliding together on a hot summer night.

“Mmm.” He groaned, driving me out of my mind. We usually didn’t finish this way, since I usually begged to have him inside me, but that night, I wanted to come against that tantalizing tongue. I let him keep working me until I felt my orgasm starting to build.

“Adam. Oh Adam, baby. Oh God.” I panted.

He slipped two fingers up inside me, and began stroking my G Spot while he sucked on my clit. Then another entered me from behind and it was more sensation than I could handle. My muscles became rigid and my belly dropped like I was falling from a ten story building. I became lightheaded, and almost swooned, when I felt myself go over the edge and my inner muscles began contracting. I screamed his name and it echoed off the bathroom tiles while I shook harder than Sparky ever had. My legs gave out and I would have fallen if he hadn’t held me up. He rose and pulled me close. We stood there holding each other under the warm water for a while, and he helped me out. We dried each other off tenderly with big fluffy towels.

We climbed into bed together and laid kissing for a long time, gently letting our hands explore. He stroked and rubbed my back, knowing how much I loved that and I touched him in all the places I knew he loved best.

“You’re not worried anymore are you?” he whispered to me after we had made love.

“No. I’m not worried. I’m just happy.”

“Me too.”

We made love again, slowly with him on top of me, rolling his hips and looking into my eyes and saying wonderful things. And after that, I was never afraid that he would ever leave me. I knew that I wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Chapter Eighteen

We slept late, but we did, eventually, have to get up and greet our guests who were arriving in waves. Family got there first, and maybe for the first time ever, my mother didn’t stress me out. My father arrived at about eleven, without the younger woman he had threatened to bring. It turned out that she had bored him. Go figure. He and my mom seemed to be having some kind of serious conversation, which kept them occupied. I had a gut feeling that they would be returning to Florida together.

Adam’s entire family was buzzing with happiness and excitement. I had never seen his dad so animated. Abby seemed kind of distracted, though. I managed to get her alone for a few minutes to talk to her.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.” She laughed. “I was just thinking. My little brother is getting married. Wow, how weird is that?”

“It must feel a little strange.”

“Yeah, Adam and I are only a year and a half apart. I’m close to my sisters, but he and I were always especially close. We used to sit up at night and read with a flashlight when we were supposed to be sleeping.” Her eyes started to look a little wet and my chest got tight.

“He still likes to read in bed.”

“Me too.” She smiled. “He and I are so much alike. We both act like nothing bothers us, joke around, act cocky, you know? But underneath, we both have more going on. I’m so glad that he found someone who he can be himself with.”

“You’ll find somebody too,” I said reassuringly.

“Oh! I’m not worried about it.” She laughed. “I’ve got other things on my mind right now. The Federal Public Defender offered me a job heading up their computer crimes group and I’m thinking about taking it.”

“Wow. That sounds like a great opportunity.”

“The federal prosecutor who’s just been assigned to lead up the U.S. Attorney’s computer crimes division is kind of annoying, though. If you think Adam’s cocky, you should meet him.”

“Uh oh. Is his name Jacob Sachs?”

“Yeah, do you know him?”

“Jacob and I used to date back in law school and he was involved in that case that Adam and I got pulled into recently.”

“You dated him? He seems like such an ass.”

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