“Lily,” he said hoarsely. “Braden will be done with court soon.”

“So, don’t hold back. Now, tell me what you want me to do Adam.”

“Take me in your mouth,” he said, giving in with a sigh. I wrapped my lips around him and slowly slid my head down until he hit the back of my throat. He swore and grabbed my hair, pushing it back further from my face. “Keep looking at up at me,” he instructed in a low thick voice as I slid him back out stroking him with my tongue along the way. “That’s so hot.” He groaned when I sucked him back in until he hit the back of my throat again. That was as deep as I could manage at that angle, so I used my hand to pleasure him where my mouth couldn’t reach. “Oh yeah, like that, baby. Just like that. Oh, that feels so good,” he ground out in a shaky voice.

“Shush, not so loud,” I warned, pausing.

“Oh, f**k, don’t stop,” he said more quietly and I went back to work, sucking vigorously, sliding him in and out, rolling my tongue around his tip, pumping the base of his shaft with one hand and lightly squeezing his balls with the other. I drove him insane for a few minutes before he got to the point where he couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh yeah, Lily,” he said lifting his hips. “Oh baby, I’m so close. I’m going to come. Oh God, Oh God, yeah, I’m coming.” His muscles went taught and he thrust up and held me still as he exploded into my mouth and then collapsed back down into his chair with a low groan. I swallowed and trailed gentle kisses along his lower abdomen.

“That did help,” I said smiling up at him.

“It certainly helped me,” he said with a sated smile, gently brushing his fingertips over my lips. “You’re lips are swollen, though. You look like you just gave somebody a blow job.”

“And you look like you just got one,” I said as I tucked him back in and zipped him up, refastening his belt.

“Thank you,” he replied while he stroked my hair and gazed down at me lovingly.

“I like making you feel good.”

“There’s nothing I can do for you later?” he asked.

“Just snuggle with me. That would make me feel good,” I said with a sigh, standing up. The doorknob turned and I jumped. Then I heard Braden’s voice.

“Adam? Are you in there?”

“Yeah, man! Hang on. You really feel better?”

“Yeah, I do. Thanks.”

“Anytime.” He smiled. “I’ll come get you at six.”

I smiled and flipped the lights on. Then I unlocked the door and Braden greeted me and gave Adam a look that said that he knew that we hadn’t been having a case conference. “I love you,” I said to Adam over my shoulder as I left.

“I hate you,” Braden said quietly in an amused voice and Adam laughed.

The rest of the week wasn’t any less stressful. My mother called to harass me on a regular basis. Adam’s mom also called regularly to consult with me about various details … in minute detail. When she wasn’t consulting and my mother wasn’t harassing, Mr. J. called to consult and harass. I refused to back down, though. This was my wedding, and I was in charge.

Under other circumstances, this might have resulted in me sexing Adam into a state of exhaustion, but alas, as I mentioned, Mother Nature was making her monthly call. Adam also insisted that while I was abstaining, he too, would abstain from any other type of pleasure because he didn’t like not being able to reciprocate. So, we had a stressful, but completely sexless week.

Luckily, Mother Nature would be leaving again by Saturday. Unluckily, Saturday was the day we were spending watching Josh and having a sleepover at Hannah and Nate’s place. By that time, let’s just say that both Adam and I were jonesin’. We probably would have been able to scratch our itch Saturday morning, but we slept late and had to rush to get to Hannah and Nate’s place in the suburbs.

“Okay, now Joshie’s been on this Mac and Cheese kick,” Hannah explained before she and Nate left for their romantic getaway. “He’ll want mac and cheese three meals a day but please make sure he eats something else too. I left a list of foods he’s usually okay with.”

“Nutrition, gotcha,” Adam said nodding.

“He goes to bed at eight-thirty and he’ll want a bed time story. Please read to him until he falls asleep.”

“Adam likes that too,” I offered and he shot me a “too much information” glance.

“Josh is just like he was at that age,” Hannah confided with a smile.

“There are moments when Adam is just like Josh at this age,” I joked, earning a glare from him and a laugh from Hannah.

“I’m so happy the two of you are finally together. You’re exactly what he needs.”

“He’s exactly what I need too,” I answered glancing up at him. That one, he liked. “When does Josh get a bath?”

“Eight o’clock, just before bed. No dump truck in the tub.”

“No dump truck.” I smiled at Adam who had once told me that I made a good tub toy. He gave me a lusty look that made my tummy flutter.

“Okay, now, as for Sparky,” Hannah went on, glancing at their rather nervous-looking pointer, “he gets two cans of dog food at about five. It’s in the pantry. Then Adam should walk him for about twenty minutes at seven. There are a pooper scooper and bags hanging just inside the basement door.”

“Great,” Adam said, unenthusiastically.

“So, any other questions?” Hannah asked.

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “Entertain him, feed him, put him to bed, and take care of Josh and the dog too.”

“Right.” Hannah laughed again. “After Josh is asleep, feel free to entertain yourselves however you like. We have movies, books, the guest bedroom …Please just remember to lock the door and not make too much noise.”

“Don’t traumatize me,” Adam warned.

“Adam doesn’t think that my sisters and I know he has sex at age twenty-seven. Please. We knew what he did with Abby’s college roommate in our parents’ basement when he was seventeen.”

“I haven’t heard that one.” I smiled while Adam gave her a death look. “When do you find out the sex of baby number two?” I asked, changing the subject and glancing down at her belly, which was just starting to swell. I figured that I would ask him about the basement thing later.

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