“Guy logic! Goddamnit!”

“Well, that explains it!”

“Why doesn’t she just tell him if she’s interested?”

“Because he’s her brother’s close friend and he’s a womanizer.”

“Well, that’s why he won’t say anything to her either until he’s ready to do something like date her.”

“Until he’s ready? So, he actually might be interested?” I asked perking up.

“Why do you want to know?” he asked smugly.

“Oh Jesus! This discussion is pissing me off!”

“Me too,” he growled. “Want to have make-up sex?” He looked very pleased with my response, which was to put my book down and crawl over to straddle him.

“Hi, hot naked guy,” I said seductively and squirmed around a little on his lap. He breathed in sharply, grabbed my waist, and obligingly started getting hard for me.

“You drive me so crazy, in so many ways.” His hands skimmed up my sides to cup and knead my br**sts. He lifted them and pinched my ni**les and I sighed with pleasure.

“That just means you won’t get bored,” I said in a silky voice.

“Bored? With you? Never. I haven’t been bored once in twenty-three years.”

“Did you really used to look at that photo of me that you kept in your drawer?”

“It helped to have a visual at certain private moments.” He paused. “Although, it was a little disturbing that Josh Lieberman and Rob Bergen were also in the picture.”

“Naughty boy. I was a naughty girl, too. I’ll tell you a secret,” I whispered. I leaned in and licked his jawline, savoring the taste of salt on his skin and the tingle of his rough stubble against my tongue. Then I moved my mouth down lower to gently suck on his neck. His breathing picked up noticeably as I enjoyed the feel of his pulse hammering against my lips.

“Yes, tell me,” he answered, voice vibrating with tension.

“You were the one I was thinking about when I had my first orgasm.”

He froze. I stopped nuzzling and kissing him and leaned back to look at him. I searched his face to try to figure out his reaction to my confession, but his expression was hard to read. Oh God, I couldn’t believe that I had just shared something that private. I felt pins and needles travel down my spine and my cheeks got hot.


“Does that make you feel weird?” I asked. Anxiety made my chest feel tight.

“Weird? Holy f**k, Lily. That’s the hottest thing anyone has ever said to me.” I relaxed again, releasing a shaky breath. One of his hands traveled down to my clit as he began drawing slow circles with his thumb, still gazing at me intently. “How old?”

“Thirteen,” I said with a moan and shifted my hips to push harder against his hand. “Oh yes. Yes, like that. That feels so good.” I let myself escape completely into the pleasure he was giving me.

“What were you thinking?” His voice sounded hoarse and his eyes looked hazy. He pushed two fingers up inside me and I moaned louder.

“I didn’t know enough to imagine it right.” I gasped and reached up to squeeze my br**sts. “Just that you were kissing me and that you were the one touching me. Like you are now,” I added, my voice wavering.

I looked at him and saw how much he wanted me, and even though I had already had him inside me twice that day, at that moment, I wanted him even more. I wanted him desperately. I needed him like I needed air.

“Lily, you nearly finish me when you look at me like that,” he said, gazing at me almost helplessly. “Do you see what you do to me?”

I shifted my gaze to his lap, where his big beautiful c**k was ready to play. I gripped him at the base and ran my fist up his length rubbing my thumb over his wet tip, making him groan. I loved the feel of him pulsing in my hand.

“Adam, I want you so much. I’m aching for you.”

“I need to be inside you,” he said thickly and bent his knees, urging me forward as I positioned him at my entrance. I was about to slide down on him when his hands went to my hips, holding me still. “Slowly.”

He looked into my eyes and eased me down. I felt him fill and stretch me inch by inch until he was completely buried in me. We sat there, chest to chest, my arms wrapped around his neck as he slowly stroked my back, making me clench around him. I sucked in a breath and shivered, my skin tingling.

Then he urged me to move and guided me while I rolled my hips and rode him. He started pulling me forward against his pelvic bone every time I came down on him, and the friction was driving me wild, making my tummy clench and setting every nerve ending in my body on fire.

“Oh, Adam, Oh, God.” I felt the tension in my lower belly traveling down between my legs. I relaxed into it and let the pressure build.

“Come on, baby.”

“Yes, yes, please,” I begged. “Oh God, Adam.”

“You’re right there. Just let go.”

“Oh, Adam!” I cried out, not looking away from him. I knew that he wanted to see me come undone. A jolt hit me hard as I lost control and my inner muscles clamped down around him, pulsing and grabbing his c**k in rhythmic waves. He held me still as my orgasm ripped through me. Finally, when he was sure that I was done, he rolled me onto my back, settled between my legs, and started seeking his own release, thrusting into me hard and fast.

“Lily, Oh, God,” he said, barely coherent himself at that point. He was so far gone that his voice sounded different. After another minute or so, he ground out something completely incoherent and held himself against me tightly, stilled and tensed. Then he groaned and let out a ragged breath. His muscles relaxed, and I happily took his weight as he collapsed on me. Fighting with Adam was a whole different ballgame now that we had make-up sex.

Afterward we shared some sweet, deep kisses and gently massaged each other’s tired muscles while we held one another. “She didn’t say anything that exciting,” I offered. “Just that she had always thought he was hot but that she figured that she was probably off-limits because she was Braden’s sister.”

“Thank you for trusting me,” he replied, pulling me closer and leaning down to gently kiss me on the head. “She would be off-limits to just hook up with, but maybe not if he eventually wanted to date her. He says he’s not looking for that. Still, though, he seemed kind of interested for a guy who’s not looking.”

“Is that what he was talking to you about?”

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