We cided to live with auntie Al then the bad guys hurt auntie Al Sissy and I cided to live on good ship lollipop and the cave that we found with auntie Al in the park. Jack asked him grandpa said he locked the dog door so how did you two get in. Bryson pulled out a key on a yarn necklace and said daddy you said this is my place. Lilly spoke and told them she helped brubby to push boxes up to the door then brubby put key in and door opened. it is sissys and my place still. He was asking jack. Jack answered yes forever if you two want it to be.

Melissa said our babies yes we did all of that but we always loved you babies. Jack told them they would try not to argue in front of you two again but we never stopped loving you two. Melissa begged them to give them another chance We all live at home. That was another question from him both Jack and Melissa answered yes all of us. That is if that is okay with you two. Both Bryson and Lilly smiled and let jack and Melissa give them a hug Then they left to go home.

That next Sunday every member of the family sat there together in the first two pews including their new God Grandparents. By then those two children had been on their own for a little over a month. When Father Haddington asked Bryson how he knew to do all he did for Lilly and himself Bryson pointed to the sky and said God told him what to do. Father Haddington told him to always listen to God he will never steer you wrong.

The End

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