I want Me Gold for the kids Now !


Melissa knew Jack had done this because he verbally threatened to take the children away from her. He told the detectives that was because of her partying and not being able to take care of the children and there was a police report on it but couldn't follow through, that would have tore Melissa heart to pieces.. Yes they found the police report. Then old Rudolph stated there were other letters found in the mail box that he didn't want to worry Melissa with. They was even signed by Jack. The police picked up the threatening letters on Melissa's life. That made Jack the number one suspect. on their list.

They took him downtown to the police station for more questioning. Of course old Rudolph had to bring Melissa in to throw more accusations at Jack. She told the detectives about Jack's his little mistress in Roscarbery. She also yelled I want my children. Very calmly he told her they aren't just your children they are our children and my God I could never kill my sister. He told the detectives he might had been seen at a table in the new O'Connor pub in Roscarbery but he never had sex with anyone other than his wife. If he was sitting with another woman it probably was some kind of business.

In a way his friend detective Reagan believed him but his partner sided with Melissa. All of the notes was written on the Pub's notepad but Jack's finger print wasn't on any of them but detective O'Brien commented he might have wore gloves.

After the city's citizens heard that Jack had been arrested on the charge of murder and possible kidnapping and the police was looking for a woman accompliance in it the pub's business took a sky dive. Even with his parents taking over the business it didn't rebound. His father packed up the fresh meats and drove them over to Roscarbery to the other pub.. The manager really didn't want to talk with him until he told him the reason they suspected Jack in the first place was shortly after he bought this pub he was seen sitting at a table with a woman who was suppose to be his mistress.

The manager remember that and said that Jack was in negotiation with the city planning board and the way they do it is one of the negotiators sits down with the person who is trying to open up a business and get the necessary licenses while the rest of the board is sitting at a nearby table. The negotiator is a go between so no one in the city could yell foul. He also told him there was one family who did call foul. He would try to find the tape from that meeting.

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