• Published :
  • 08/02/2019

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Seaside Pictures Book 2 (All books in this series are interconnected stand alones) 

My name's shouted on rooftops. 
It's written on bras, bathroom stalls, hell my name is everywhere. To say my name is to experience an orgasm without ever leaving your house. 
My name? 
Zane "Saint" Andrews. 
I'm sex. 
I'm a rock god. 
I'm also a virgin. 
What they don't know won't kill them right? Give the people what they want. And what they want is the idea of me; the pleasure they gain at listening to my song and knowing without a doubt I'm talking about them and only them.
It worked for a while. 
Until a nerdy girl with glasses falls at my feet, literally, and suddenly I don't want to be Saint anymore, what I want? What I really need? 
Is to be kept. 
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