“What do you want?” he asks, reflecting my question back at me. “Do you want my tongue in your pussy?”


Gently, he touches my clit through the fabric of my panties, and I shudder. And then his mouth is there, stroking me, the friction of his tongue and the added friction of the cloth driving me mad. Finally, after what feels like forever, he hooks his fingers in my waistband and removes my underwear, tossing them away. But he doesn’t skip a beat. He pushes my legs even further apart, holding them there while his mouth plunders my pussy. His tongue is everywhere and I’m already coming. I can’t help it, the shuddering pleasure rumbling through me like an earthquake, and I’m moaning for him to please not stop. Please keep going.

He obliges me, and I’m gripping the sheets, trying to keep still as he licks into me again and again, bringing me back to the edge with confidence and certainty. The pleasure builds faster this time, already there and waiting, and I cry out as I climax, my whole body arching off the bed with it. Chance seals his mouth over me as I come, sucking me like he would die if he didn’t and the orgasm just keeps going. I’m blind with it, spent, heaving breaths.

Chance climbs up my body again, straddling my hips and leaning over me. I can taste myself in his kiss which is strange and intimate and erotic, and I like it. He smiles against my lips. “Should we keep track of the number of times I make you come today?”

“Are you going for some kind of record?”

“Pride, mostly.”

“Ooh,” I say, reaching between us and stroking my fingers against his cock. “I see. You want to be able to say ‘I made my girlfriend come this many times in one day.’”

“I also imagine it might be a good bargaining tool if we ever fight. I can tell you ‘remember the day I made you come ten times?’”

“Ten? That’s a little ambitious.”

He nips my lips, teasing me into a kiss. “I just made you come twice, and I have you for the rest of the day. You don’t think I can make the other eight?”

I have no doubt that he can, but I’m going to make him prove it anyway. “I’m really going to enjoy you trying either way,” I say with a laugh.

Chance rolls off me and retrieves a condom from this bedside drawer. “Let’s start now.” He rolls the condom on, and he’s back between my legs, guiding his cock to my entrance. Even though I know he’ll fit, and that I’ll love it, I’m not sure I’ll get over the split-second panic when I see how big he is. But right now, after the work his talented mouth did, I’m so wet that he eases in without any trouble at all. I’m already relaxed and I’m not afraid of his size anymore. Every time it’s been easier, and he slips into the hilt without having to stop.

The way he fills me still makes me short of breath in the best way. Already, my body is primed for orgasm, and I groan, because Chance is determined, and it’s entirely possible that he’s going to make me come more than ten times. When this day is over, I’m going to be nothing but a puddle of pleasure on his floor.

He sits back, settled between my legs, and he looks at me. He idly draws a finger down my chest, tracing down between my breasts and circling around my belly button to rest against my clit. “I love that you can take all of me,” he says.

“I love that too,” I say, back arching as he pulls back and thrusts in. That little added push from his piercing when he’s this deep inside me is everything. He continues with little thrusts, circling his hips and making me wetter, letting him slide in an out easier. Those fingers tease my clit and I’m squirming again and I want him to make me come again. I want him to move. I want him to fuck me.

I catch his hand as it moves and pull him down to me again. “Fuck me,” I say to him. “Now.”

“I’ve been teasing you for a reason,” he says. “I’ve been holding back.”

“What do you mean?” He’s still moving his hips in ways that are sparking of pleasure in my body and my brain is blurry with it.

“I mean that when you’re as…well-endowed as I am, you have to be careful. But you can take all of me, and now that you’re in my bed, I want to fuck you. Really fuck you. I’m going to have you screaming my name so loudly that the entire building will hear it.”

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