Are you kidding? The words are screaming in my head as I exit the elevator, but I can’t exactly scream it at him in the hallway. He turns and smirks at me when he reaches his office, and I give him a glare that will melt him, because now he’s turned me on and I’m not going to be able to get any work done. I’ll be thinking about how things should have ended in the elevator. Damn it.

I sit down at my desk and there’s already a message from him on the screen. I can practically see the damnable little smirk on his face as I read it.

You said you didn’t want to get caught.

I groan internally. I did say that, but I also didn’t mean that I wanted him to turn me on and then not follow through. I click on his message to respond and I can’t think of anything to say. Damn it. Why is it that I’m only clever when I’m writing a blog post? Speaking of, I flip to the document I started this morning and quickly add a section about carefully and cautiously trying to fool around in public. Because damn. Those couple of minutes were hot, even if I’m not going to admit that to him.

When I’m done adding that section to the article, I open up Chance’s message again.

I don’t like being aroused and on edge either.

The next message come back quickly.

There’s an easy way to change that.

My pussy clenches at the thought. But I want him to say it first.

Oh? How?

There’s a pause for a couple of minutes and I’m left hanging, imagining the different ways he could respond. Does he want us to go back to the roof? Does he want to take the rest of the day off? Get back in the elevator?

Come to my office and find out.

Oh God. A second later a smiley face comes through. I can almost see the sparkle in his eyes that’s asking me to come play. I glance at the article, and it’s mostly done. It won’t take me long to add on an ending, and I can still have it finished by the end of the day.

I take a deep breath and leave my office. It’s crazy to me—even though I wrote about my dating life online and managed to make it funny and engaging, I never really took these kinds of risks. I didn’t dare to have sex on a roof just because I could or think about having sex in an office when someone’s secretary is sitting right outside.

The path from my office to Chance’s office is familiar now, and Marcy looks up when I appear. “Mr. Montgomery asked to see me,” I say.

She gives me a tight smile and waves me into his office. I don’t bother knocking. Chance is waiting just inside the door, so close I’m startled. He pushes the door shut and I’m up against it, pinned between his body and the cool wood of the door.

“I didn’t say that I was coming,” I whisper. “How did you know? You could have scared the shit out of someone standing right there.”

“I thought the odds were in my favor,” he says just as softly as he reaches behind me and locks the door with a quiet click. His hand is on my leg again, and then his fingers are back inside me and he’s smiling. “I think this is about where we left off,” he says roughly. “But if I’m not mistaken, Ms. McLean, you’re wetter than I left you.”

“No shit,” I say, a little breathlessly. “You can’t just turn a girl on and then walk away like that.”

“Are you calling me a tease?” He puts on a mockingly horrified face.


He pulls away and I groan at the loss of contact. “Well then,” he pulls me over to his desk, “allow me to prove to you that I’m not a tease. He lifts me onto the desk, and his hands are under my skirt again, pulling my panties down and off, lifting my skirt around my hips.

Chance sinks to his knees in front of me, and my eyes widen. “Are you—”

And then I can’t speak because his mouth is on me and all the words are sucked out of me. I’ve never never had a man voluntarily go down on me. Only as a grudging and quick reciprocation for a blow job, and it was rarely that enjoyable. Chance licks into me like my pussy is his last meal on earth and it’s his favorite thing.

The way his tongue is curling inside my opening, spinning up to circle my clit and back has me gasping. My fingers find his hair and I hold on, pulling him closer to me. Sealing his mouth over me, Chance sucks my clit deep into his mouth, and only the fact that we’re in his office keeps from screaming. His teeth brush across me and I shiver as he moves again, fucking me with his tongue. Copyright 2016 - 2024