There’s so much of Chance inside me that I can barely breathe. I can’t squeeze him, I’m so stretched. I’m on the roof of a New York City skyscraper, and it’s like I’m on top of the world and full of the world and I’ve never felt anything like this. I’m frozen in place, bound and impaled on him, unable to get used to the feeling of being so full. It feels good. Impossibly good, and we’re not even moving.

There’s just the tiniest movement, Chance lifting his hips, but I feel that movement for what seems like miles. Because I’m so full, there’s friction everywhere and even the smallest movement sets all those nerves on fire and has me shaking. He pulls me down to kiss him, a soft kiss that has me melting, relaxing, leaning into the feeling of being connected like this.

Oh my God, we’re really doing this. A light snaps on in my mind, and I remember where we are. On the roof, entirely naked, and Chance is inside me. If my mouth weren’t already occupied by his tongue, I’d have a stupidly happy grin on my face.

Chance’s fingers find my clit again, and I moan with the pleasure of it. I can feel myself grow wetter around his cock, and those tiny movements of his hips are amplified. Damn it, he wasn’t wrong. He does know how to use it. I’m overloaded with the feeling of him and I think I might come again. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex and I’ve never felt anything like this. I’ve heard of people who will only date people with giant cocks, and now…I think I can understand why. I don’t ever want it to end.

He moves his hands to my hips, fingers gripping me and holding me in place as he moves a little more. And then more. He’s steadily increasing his speed, pulling out a little further each time, and every stroke is delicious pleasure on top of pleasure. I lean back, feeling the setting sun on my face while he fucks me, and I think I could stay in this place, right here, forever. When the orgasm comes, I let it take me.

I’m too overwhelmed by it to say anything, to make any noise. He’s literally fucked the voice right out of me and I couldn’t care less. Chance’s hands land on my ass, and he grips hard. “Don’t move.”

I open my eyes when I feel our balance shift. He stands, holding me to him, never letting us separate as he reverses our positions and places me in the chair. “Oh, fuck.” The words are pulled out of me because this is so much tighter. Every line of him is pressed up against me and it’s worse and better as he presses my knees closer to my chest.

I can look down and see the way our bodies are connected and a rush of pure heat floods my system. I’m so wet and ready and I don’t know what to feel because I’m feeling too much. “Caroline,” Chance says, and I look up to meet his eyes. “How do you feel?”

“Good,” I say right away. “Good. I feel good. Really good.” There’s got to be more words than ‘good,’ but I can’t seem to find them right now.

He smiles a wicked smile that makes me shudder with anticipation. “That’s good,” he says. “Because I’m going to fuck you now.”

I have to close my eyes because he thrusts in and pleasure bursts behind my eyes like fireworks. “You weren’t fucking me yet?”

Chance chuckles and captures my lips for a kiss. “Not even close.” And then he thoroughly proves his words to be true. Plunging in and pulling back, I can feel every inch of him. I don’t think I’ve appreciated the concept of friction in my life until now. I’m coming apart around him, not quite there but so close, almost drawing in the pleasure of it, and now my voice is back. I can’t stop the moans that are coming out of my mouth, and they’re only getting louder.

I can feel the studs of his piercing, brushing against that spot deep inside me that I don’t think any other guy has been able to hit. Every stroke taps against that spot, a bright pop of fizzy pleasure that spreads through the rest of me, heightening, honing, and drawing me toward the edge.

Looking down, I watch him fuck me. I see that massive cock disappearing inside me, and I’m taking almost all of him. I can’t look away, and watching is the thing I need that sends me over. I cry out, my pussy trying to squeeze him, trying to get more pleasure from him. And he doesn’t stop thrusting through the orgasm; he’s taking me straight into the next one. Copyright 2016 - 2024