My fingers move down to her stomach. “I’ll have you downstairs and ready to walk down the aisle before then,” I promise her. “You already know how sexy I think you are, Lia. Anytime I look at you, even when you’re asleep in my sweatpants and a t-shirt, you make my stomach clench with desire. I love knowing that I made you pregnant, that this little girl growing inside you is mine, is ours. That we made this.” I grind my cock against her ass to emphasize my words. “Do you remember when we were fucking out by the pool and I pulled out and came all over your beautiful belly?” She whimpers and nods, watching our reflection. “I could do that now, rubbing it into your skin so that all through our wedding you know that my come is coating you…” I start to pull up her skirt showing me her gorgeous legs.

“And your pussy, love… How I love your gorgeous pussy. And with you pregnant, everything is that much more sensitive.” I stroke her once through the satiny shorts style underwear she has on beneath the dress. They stretch across her ass and hips like they were made just for her. “Are you wet for me, Lia? Do you want me to fuck you and remind you that you are the most desirable woman I have ever seen?” We’re both panting as I shove her panties down and slip my middle finger between her pussy lips. I groan as my finger finds the wetness near her entrance, and I rub it over her cleft.

I drop down to my knees and worship her the best way I can. “Keep watching yourself, Lia. I want you to see how beautiful you are when I make you come.” Pulling her hands down so that she can keep her skirt up out of my way, I press my lips above her mound and kiss her there. She is satiny smooth, and I am amused that she used her time at the salon yesterday to get waxed instead of having something relaxing done.

My tongue goes into her; I know exactly what she likes. Flicks across her clit change into teasing thrusts into her cunt, and between those I lick her as if my life depends on it. Over and over again I lick, sucking on her pussy lips before seeking out the nubbin. Her knees buckle, and I catch Lia around her thighs with my hands, holding her up.

I chance looking up at her and see her watching through barely open eyes. “Beck!” she begs. The way she’s holding up her skirt looks so wanton, delicious, and I almost come in my pants from how she’s looking at me. I fuck her with my tongue, fluttering it until she cries out, and her hands grab my hair, flailing for purchase. The world goes dark as her skirt falls over my face, but she won’t let go of my head. I continue to lick her through the climax, even as her pussy juices coat my face. I could die a happy man suffocating on her cunt.

She relaxes at last, trembling on shaking legs. “Bed, now.”

I know better than to hesitate, and I scramble to obey her request. Denying the very pregnant bride is a bad idea…

My four-poster bed dominates the room, and I walk backwards to it until the mattress bumps into the back of my thighs. My fingers unthread my belt from the loops and toss it aside, and my pants follow just as quickly, landing on the chair where they won’t wrinkle too badly, I hope. Tented out by my erection, my briefs hide nothing of my reaction to her. I lift my underwear’s waistband out and around my cock before pulling them down my legs, not wanting to catch myself on it. I pull up the back of my jacket as I sit, glad Lia didn’t want me in one with tails, and I lean back as my cock points up and toward my stomach. The head is darker with the blood pumping through it, the shaft veined and heavy.

Lia’s on me before I can get settled, hands pushing up my shirt and cummerbund. Her body is above me, weight holding me down as her hips straddle mine, and then she’s got a hold of me by the cock, and then there is only heat. She’s so warm and tight around me it is my whole focus.

She lifts and drops onto me, using her knees to control my movements. I buck my hips, wanting to be even deeper. This, I could do this—being inside her—forever. Lia rolls her body against mine, maximizing the thrusts. Her stomach rests on my abs, and her wedding gown hides everything from my chin to the floor. I can’t see anything but her beautiful smile as she lifts and lowers herself onto me. Copyright 2016 - 2024