“Promise me.” I look up at her beautiful face when I part her folds with my thumbs. Slowly, unsure whom I’m teasing more, I lick from her entrance to the firming button of her clit. I know it’s manipulative as fuck to ask such demands of her when she’s aroused and needy, but no one ever said love and lust were fair, nor that I was anything but a caveman when it came to getting what I wanted. “Lia, look at me.” I take her clit between my lips, tugging at the bundle of nerves while my thumbs pry at her, stretching and just barely avoiding entering.

She thrusts forward, hips tilted toward my face. “Beck!” Her pleas make me even harder. I can feel pre-come making a sticky puddle on the tip of my cock. I like hearing her beg.

“Say it,” I demand. “Promise me we’ll be together, or at least try a relationship.” It’s a concession I’m willing to make given our circumstances. Circling my fingertips around her swollen opening, I await her answer. Spiraling around, teasing with the slightest stroke inside before slipping out again, I look up at my personal goddess and wait.

“Yes!” she sobs at last, and echoes it again as I sink three fingers into her hot pussy. I fingerfuck her until she starts to gasp on each thrust. I let her use me for her pleasure, grinding down against the palm of my hand while I unbutton and unzip my pants with the other hand. My fingers and wrist ache before Lia tightens around me, squeezing my fingers.

She quivers, and I get a glimpse of her biting her lip to hold back a cry before her head tips back and hides her expression. Lia pulses around me, body taut and almost vibrating with her climax. I withdraw my fingers, wipe them off on the back of my pants, and hoist Lia up again. She’s glassy-eyed when I get her at my level, and she giggles while trying to wrap her legs around me. “I think I’m drunk on you,” she laughs into my ear.

My fingers are digging into her ass and thighs while I maneuver her into the right position, but she doesn’t seem to mind any of the potential discomfort. Instead, she’s whimpering and begging for more as we work to align ourselves. I feel nothing but the silken welcoming of her body as Lia lowers her body onto my cock, and I thrust up into the heat.

“Yes!” I’m unsure who says it first, but we’re both chanting it in time with our fucking. I kiss her, covering her mouth to swallow the loudening cries. This is not the sort of spectacle I want my employees discovering; Lia is not here for their entertainment.

The gazebo squeaks, and I carry Lia to the brick wall leading to the stairs down to my office, and I lean her against it. “Tell me if you start to get scratched. We can go to the couch or inside,” I murmur between kisses. To be inside her like this, where I’m meant to be… I can withstand the burning muscles in my arms for as long as it takes.

Our bodies rock together, thrusting in tempo with the music blaring through the night air. It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. Her lips are red and parted, swollen from my kisses. Her whole body is flushed with exertion. I want to fuck her all night long, watching her face contort with orgasm after orgasm.

“Beck!” Her teeth clamp down on my neck, just above the collar of my jacket. She moans, making my body vibrate as she bites even harder, her pussy tightening around my cock.

I jerk inside her, the pinpoints of pain in her bite becoming pleasure I didn’t know I liked. It explodes through me, and I’m coming before I realize. Fire and tension spiral through my balls until I feel the come jetting out of me. I grunt, trying to stifle the sounds I long to release.

We stand, or I stand and she clings to me, until I feel myself starting to soften. We’re panting, exhausted and satiated for the first time in a long while, when I hear rhythmic clicking approaching behind us. Lia panics, her eyes going wide as she tries to lift up off my dick. My come leaks out of her as I slip out, and in any other moment, I would want to kneel and watch as it dripped from her.

I lower her to the roof’s floor and use my body to shield her as she scrambles for her dress and picks it up. My balls catch on my pants as I try to tuck them back inside, and pain erupts, making me limp in more ways than one.

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