I shouldn’t want this. I promised not to do this. I promised not to fuck Beck.

It’s not fucking though. Not what we’re doing. This is so much more.

Reaching for him, I pull Beck’s mouth back up to mine, and somewhere in my kiss is my apology to Tasha. I need Beck too badly to stop this.

His fingers move up my thigh, rubbing small circles on each inch as he exposes it. “I’ve wanted you, too, Lia.” Beck admits his desire for me as his fingers reach my panties, and we’re both holding our breath from the words and the line we’re about to cross.

We stare at each other, and I nod in encouragement. Hotter than my own flesh, his fingertip parts my folds, entering me with a finger before either of us can change our minds. The pressure, the delicious stretch as a second one joins… I clench down around his fingers, grinning as he moans.

“You’re so wet.” Beck seems surprised. He withdraws his hand, holding it up between our faces. I watch him as his tongue licks his fingers clean. “So sweet.”

That short moment with his fingers inside me is enough to have me bereft at the loss. “So empty. Fill me. Please,” I beg.

My words spur him to action, and his pants and our underwear are on the floor beside us before I have a chance to miss his body weight on top of me. He’s even larger than I imagined, and I reach for his cock.

He shakes his head, jaw tense. “Not now. It’s been so long since anyone else has touched me, and when I come, it will be inside you, not on your thighs and in your hand.” Beck grasps my leg that is between him and the back of the couch, lifting it so that it is bent up. Despite the dim glow of the heaters’ flames, I know Beck can see all of me clearly. The knowledge sets off butterflies in my stomach; I feel more exposed than I have with any other partner. I’ve never been this turned on.

Beck’s cock nudges me, and I lift my other leg up around his hip, raising my pelvis to his with the motion. We join together effortlessly. He pants against my neck, clinging to my hips with bruising fingers. I’m going to bear his marks for at least a few days.

I feel stretched, full, and it’s so much better than my daydreams. Then, he moves. The withdraw is torture, but the glide as he reseats himself in me is better than anything I’ve ever felt. The slam of his hips on mine, the force of his thrusts, all the muscles moving beneath my hands… He’s Adonis.

Sweat glistens on his shoulders, making my grip slip. I pull on him, hands going lower to feel the flexing muscles of his back as he thrusts into me.

We kiss, noses bumping and teeth catching on lips, and we’re both smiling when I open my eyes. Looking at him is torture. He’s so handsome.

Beck snaps his hips, and the motion hits something… I jerk in his arms, gasping at the electric pleasure.

“Oh? You liked that?” He does it again, holding himself up over me, thrusting so fast I can hardly move. Pressure is building, and I know somewhere in the back of my head that no one has ever done this for me. It’s always taken a mouth on my clit or at least fingers to get me off.

Beck’s mouth moves to my ear, and he tugs my earlobe before whispering. “I’m going to make you come, Lia. I can feel your pussy throbbing around me.” I can feel it too. He’s hitting all the right spots on each thrust, and I can’t focus on where it feels the best. He’s somehow getting pressure on my clit even as his cock reaches my g-spot and something else that I’ve never felt before.

“So beautiful, Lia.” He kisses my forehead, and there’s a tenderness in the act that is at odds with the near manic thrusts.

Panting and moaning, I lose myself to the pleasure of it all. Moving together, faltering as sweat makes hands slip, and finding our rhythm again. “Beck!” I cry out his name as the spiraling pressure tightens in my stomach.

Tingles spread out, and I can’t get close enough to him as the knot goes deeper. It’s too much and not enough. I want… Another thrust, another conquering stretch as my body welcomes Beck in as deep as we can join, and I’m certain I’m screaming before I even register the orgasm.

Shaking, powerful, the pleasure crests, and I’m so tight around him that I can feel Beck’s cock swelling even more. When he grunts something that could be my name, I swear I could come again from the sound. Then I feel it: the pulsing heat of him coming inside me.

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