I didn’t think I was capable of just chilling, not when I could feel him and I was a little surprised that I was so ready to go again. And I was ready. I was drenched and he had to know that.

My heart was thumping fast once more as I lowered my lashes. “I want to.”

His cock jumped. “Syd…”

Turning my head, I felt his thumb slide over my lower lip again and, in a move of boldness I didn’t know I was capable of, I sucked the tip of his thumb into my mouth.

Kyler’s entire body jerked and he made the sexiest sound ever. “Damn, baby…”

Fueled by his response, I took his thumb deep into my mouth as I leaned into him. His chest was smooth against my sensitive skin and I moaned around his thumb, my eyes drifting shut as my body quaked.

“Fuck,” he grunted, clenching my hip as he pushed up. “God. I can’t get enough of you.”

“You have me.” I lowered his hand to my chest, moaning the moment his fingers covered my breast. “All of me.”

He rose up, kissing me. Slow. Deep. An ache pulsed between my thighs, in tune with my racing heartbeat. Sliding his hands down my sides, he moved my legs so I was straddling him, and he prodded at my entrance. I may have started this, but he took complete control. He palmed my breasts and my head fell back, body arching.

His mouth closed over a rosy tip, and I lost the ability to breathe. What he did with his lips, his tongue and his teeth sent stinging jolts of pleasure through me, and in that instant, I knew Kyler could be a lot more raw than he was. And that excited me even more.

I reached between us, gripping his throbbing cock. His answering groan sent a wave of shivers through me. Stroking him slowly, I pressed my forehead against his. “Please,” I whispered, eyes closed.

“Baby, you don’t have to beg me.” He caught my lower lip and nipped. “Just tell me what you want and you’ll have it.”

My grip tightened and I forced the words out. “I want you. I want you to make love to me.” My eyes flew open at the last three words. I wanted to take back those words. Oh God, I shouldn’t have—

Kyler moved so fast it felt like the world was spinning. He snaked an arm around my waist, lifted me up and then laid me on my back. The moment my head hit the cushions, he was on me.

I jerked as he parted me and dove in like a man starving. One hand dug into the blanket and my other threaded through his silky hair, holding on as his tongue plunged in. I thought I’d come apart right that instant. I was close, but his caresses were too breathtakingly soft.

“You taste so good,” he said, working a finger inside. “And you’re so fucking tight. You’re perfect, you know.” His lashes swept up, eyes locking with mine. “And I love when you look at me like that when I’m doing this.” To punctuate this, he hooked his finger, finding a spot I didn’t even know existed, and I cried out. “And I seriously fucking love that sound.”

Beyond words, my head thrashed from one side to other as he licked, swirled and thrust. Then his lips clamped down on that bundle of nerves, wringing a moan from me. Kyler moaned against me as my body started to shake. He worked another finger inside, and I flew apart, shattering into oblivion.

Kyler had a condom on by the time the last cry left my swollen lips. Things seemed to blur around the edges as our eyes locked. His searing stare lit me up all over again. An array of emotions flickered over his striking face as he gripped my hips and pulled me onto my knees. Boneless, I placed my hands on his chest. It moved with each ragged breath.

Holding me to him, he sat back and pulled me above his lap, his legs stretched out behind me. “Ride me,” he said, his gaze on fire.

I moved my hands to his shoulders as I spread my thighs wider. “Another first?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, holding himself ready. “It’s another first.”

That made me all kinds of insanely happy, and as our gazes collided again, I was unprepared for the feral, possessive stare in them. Gripping my hip with his free hand, he guided me down. The initial bite of pain as he slid into me quickly dissipated into a wondrous feeling of pressure and fullness.

It took a couple of moments to catch a rhythm, but soon he was pushing up as I was sliding down, our bodies moving together in perfect sync. He caught my mouth as he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me flush against his chest as his tongue matched the thrusts of our hips.

“Sydney,” he growled, his big body trembling.

I twisted atop him, writhing, but it wasn’t enough. A whimper escaped me, and in one fluid motion Kyler had me on my back, his hips slamming into mine. He gripped my hips, lifting me up as he went deeper and deeper. He got an arm under my waist and placed a hand on my lower belly, holding me in place. I couldn’t get enough leverage to move at all.

It was what he wanted. “Damn, I don’t want this to end. I want to feel this—this right here—” He grounded his hips, and my whole buddy shuddered. “I want to feel this forever.”

“Yes. Oh, my God…” The tension built so rapidly I couldn’t breathe. I tossed my head back, eyes wide and unseeing. Words tumbled out of my mouth. “Faster. Please. Kyler, please. I love—”

He slammed into me, cutting my words off, and I blew apart, shattering so deeply that he shouted and came immediately, his body spasming. The things that came out of his mouth almost tumbled me over again. They were prayers. Curses. Incoherent words that somehow all made sense to me. When he collapsed on top of me, he buried his face in my hair and managed to keep most of his weight on his arms. I wouldn’t have minded if he’d fallen on me.

I realized at that point that my legs were wrapped tightly around his waist still. I eased them down, moaning as it triggered an aftershock.

He mumbled something, and then said, “I don’t want to move.”

I smiled into the sweat-slick skin of his chest. “Don’t.”

His deep chuckle rumbled through me. “How are you feeling?”


“Same here, baby, same here.”


We went a step up from chips and raw veggies, settling on cheese and crackers for a late lunch/early dinner.

“We’re in the big time, baby.” I placed the platter between us.

She giggled, arranging her crackers in a row of five. “Aren’t we sophisticated?”

Loving the sound of her laugh, I pulled my eyes away from her crackers to her and nearly tossed the food aside and tackled her like an animal. I’d slipped my hoodie over Syd’s head, and she looked so damn edible sitting with her legs tucked under her with the edges of my U of M sweatshirt skimming the soft skin of her thighs, wearing nothing else.

Truth be told? I just liked her in my clothes…and half-naked. Easy access and all—access I’d be using in no time.

And I also loved how her gaze kept dropping to where my sweats hung low on my waist. Every time her eyes fastened on the area between my hips, she’d flush and bite down on her lip or press her thighs together.

I couldn’t believe what Nate had said about her. I wanted to break his jaw all over again, and maybe some ribs. Frigid? This girl was the opposite of frigid—a hot little minx who blew my mind.

She took the paring knife I was using to cut the cheese and carved out mickey ears. Giggling, she plopped them on a cracker and fed it to me.

Yeah, I could get used to this.

After feeding ourselves, she brought the guitar over to me. Stretched out beside me, with her bare legs near the fire, she listened to me play and I played for hours, stopping every so often to just touch her, kiss her, stroke her.

I couldn’t get enough of her.

She was like a drug I wanted to keep going back to. I was addicted to the way she felt and the sounds she made. I thought maybe, just for a few seconds, that things would be awkward between us after having brain-cell-destroying sex, and there had been a moment or two when neither of us seemed to know what to say. Or maybe both of us wanted to say something but couldn’t. Either way, that had passed quickly. Everything was like it normally was, except it seemed brighter and better. Yeah, that sounded completely lame, but it was true.

Every look, every touch, and every word meant something deeper now.

Syd fell asleep as I played the guitar and though I was hesitant to leave her, I checked the doors and windows again. Nothing was amiss. No one was peering in our windows or trying to break through the doors. If it weren’t for the cut wires on the generator, I wouldn’t have been so damn paranoid. Good news was the snow had almost tapered off. Tomorrow I’d dig out the snowmobile and head to the main lodge to find out what kind of condition the roads were in. The plows had to be out on the main roads by now, and I really would need to check my cell to see if I had service, but right now? I just didn’t want to.

I returned to the room and felt my heart do some kind of damn flutter when my gaze landed on Syd. Lying on her back, with the quilt spread across her legs and her rose-colored lips parted, she was the most fucking beautiful and seductive creature I’d ever seen.

Yeah, I didn’t want to think beyond Syd.

Because I had no idea how things would be for us once we got back to the real world and were surrounded by friends and family. Was this the beginning of a relationship, or some fling? I honestly didn’t know. I’d heard what she’d been so close to saying when she came, but I’d been known to spew some crazy shit in the heat of the moment. Whispering sweet nothings during sex could never, ever be taken seriously. You loved just about everyone, including your bio professor, when an orgasm was barreling through you.

And Syd—innocent, lovely Syd—didn’t have a lot of experience when it came to sex. A fact that turned me the hell on, but in reality, it was always hard to decipher feelings once sex was added to the equation.

I knew she cared for me deeply. Obviously, but did she really love me? The kind of love my parents had shared before my dad had passed? The kind of love I felt—


Kneeling down beside her, I closed my eyes. Funny how you think if you don’t finish a sentence in your thoughts, it somehow doesn’t make it true. So fucking stupid because the brain might take a lala-land vacay, but it didn’t change a damn thing.

I was in love with Syd.

Like totally, madly, irrevocably in love with her—had been for years. I thought about the tattoo I’d gotten after high school, the one on my back, and shook my head. Maybe I hadn’t wanted to acknowledge it before, and maybe I was a total shitbag for being with those other girls, but I couldn’t ignore how I felt for her any longer.

Reaching over, I brushed a strand of hair off her cheek and my hand lingered as my gaze traveled across her face. Would we’ve gotten to this point if we hadn’t been snowed in together? I didn’t think so. I would’ve kept fucking girls and she would’ve found someone who didn’t parade other chicks in front of her. The guy would have been good to her. He’d have had his shit together. He’d have treated her like she was the most cherished thing in this world. He’d have been one lucky son of a bitch.

I wanted to be that man.

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