My hand slips under the hem of the skirt she’s wearing. If she knew my dark thoughts right now, she wouldn’t have worn this in my presence. But she seems blissfully unaware that I want to fuck her hard and fast until she’s sore and bowlegged from my cock repeatedly impaling her.

The man she’s come to know exercises restraint and control at every turn, but that man is nowhere to be found. Unable to hold back from touching her, I slide my hand up the outside of her thigh and feel her tremble, but she doesn’t pull away. She doesn’t move a single muscle.

Curving my hand around, I palm one rounded ass cheek that’s soft and warm in my hand and knead the succulent flesh. She drives me fucking crazy with desire. I want her ass. I want every part of her.

Feeling bold, I slip one finger under the elastic of her panties and feel her draw a shuddering breath. That’s right baby. Let me touch you.

"You want this, don’t you?" I whisper against her collarbone.

She shakes her head.

"Don’t lie to me, sweetness."

I caress a finger along her silken folds. She’s already damp with desire. I drag my finger up her slit, parting her lips and find her clit. Using the pad of my index finger, I circle the little bundle of nerves and feel it swell. Hell yeah. Remembering the first time I got her off, my cock engorges with blood until it's rock hard and almost painful.

Sophie’s hands ball into fists at her sides, and she looks like she’s struggling with something. Her brow is knotted and her breathing is erratic, but she’s not moving away, in fact she’s leaning in to my touch, tilting her hips so I can rub her clit at just the right angle. I realize she’s having some internal battle with herself. Her body wants this, but her head is telling her no. And my guess is that her hands are clenched tight to stop herself from reaching out and touching me. Surely she can feel my raging erection pressing into her hip.

It’s okay, you can touch him, baby.

Please fucking touch him.

I want to feel her little fist curl around my shaft and squeeze. I feel like I’m going to die if she doesn’t touch me soon. I’m two seconds away from pulling my cock out myself and stroking it until I come.

Just as Sophie begins to whimper softly and I can tell she’s building toward release, she takes a step back just out of reach so that my hand slides from her panties. Her eyes are hungry and swimming with unspoken emotion.


Chapter Three


Colton’s gaze skims over my features, like he’s checking to be sure I'm okay before settling on my eyes again. Nothing about this is okay, but I’m powerless to stop it. I’m scared of feeling too much for him, and I'm scared of letting him go, so I do the only thing I can – I turn myself over to the visceral pleasure coursing through me, begging for a sweet release. My body is practically vibrating with need, but I need a moment to process what's happening, so I take a step back.

"Don’t run away from this," he purrs.

Stalking closer, Colt anchors his hands to my waist, his long fingers biting into my hips as he lifts me up. My legs close around his waist, my core seeking friction against the hard ridge in the front of his pants.

I gasp at the crazy mix of emotions and raw sensation overtaking my system. I know I should stop him, push him away, I just don’t want to. I miss this side of him. Suddenly I want to be on my knees before him with his hot, heavy cock in my mouth. Memories of our weeks spent together flood my senses, making it impossible to turn away.

"Colt…" I whisper. I have no idea what I’m asking for and his soft eyes plead with mine.

He supports my weight effortlessly with both hands resting under my butt. I want his fingers again…I was so close. And now I’m keyed up and confused.

"I’m tangled up in you. I can’t let you go," he says, placing one more kiss against my mouth. He stares back at me for a moment. I can’t take the broken quality to his voice, the way his warm palm slides against my exposed hip bone. Even though I shouldn’t, I crave his touch. I’ve missed him. I’ve missed this. This growing connection between us. It takes every ounce of strength I have not to give in to him.

Before everything went to hell the afternoon his wife showed up, I felt like we were building toward something real – if not love, then something close. I wasn’t experienced, but given the chance, I knew I could fall in love with Colton Drake. Which meant letting him into my hotel room, letting him kiss me and gaze into my eyes and break down all my walls was a dangerous move. My heart was on the line. But he’d tracked me down and chased me halfway around the world. That has to mean something, right?

"Sweetness," he murmurs in the husky tone that I’ve come to recognize means he’s aroused.

My voice disappears as any words of protest die in my throat. I have to tell him no. I need to make him leave. He’s done something that can’t be undone. He led me to believe he was unattached and concealed the truth from me for weeks. I now wonder if he would have ever told me if Stella hadn't shown up. Despite my suspicions, I’d ignored my womanly instincts and turned myself over to him completely. I’d been ready to give him my virginity.

His fingertips edging under my skirt pull me from my thoughts. My core heats with the knowledge that his skilled fingers are just inches from where I want them. Yes, yes yes. My panties are soaking wet and I rock against him, but my raspy voice breaks the silence and contradicts everything my body is screaming for. "No…I can’t…" I untangle my legs from his waist and drop to the floor. Copyright 2016 - 2023