"That is not funny Soph," he admonishes.

"What? I thought it was my incredible sense of humor that got your attention."

"No. It was your courage," he says, the conversation turning from playful to serious.

He gazes down at me adoringly and I can feel every bit of his love burning so intensely. I wonder if it will always be like this between us. Choosing to live in the moment, I give his hand a tug. "Come with me, sir. I need to give you a test drive before I decide how suitable a husband you'll make."

His mouth curves up in a lazy smile. "I will be the best damn husband in the world. Now get your sexy ass down those stairs before I spank you and fuck you right here in front of my brothers."

I turn and head obediently below deck, my body humming with all kinds of approval. I love all the sides to this man, but my favorite is when he lets his inner alpha male out to play. Today is going to be a very good day.

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