"Come here," he commands, his voice low and gravelly.

I practically swim across the tub to reach him and Colton grins as he watches me. I climb into his lap, settling against him. I open my legs and place one on either side of his hips, resting my arms on his shoulders. He cups my cheeks and brings his mouth to mine in a sweet kiss.

"Thank you for tonight. For believing in me. For giving yourself to me."

I nod slowly, letting the weight of this moment, and the deep meaning behind his words sink in.

"You were so trusting to come home with me that night. So strong," he says, nuzzling his mouth against my throat.

"I knew out of all those men there that night that I was meant to go with you," I say.

"You belong with me. Always."


There are no games, no playing coy or denying our feelings and I fucking love it.

As we kiss and cuddle in the warm water, I can feel Colton's manhood lengthen and grow.

I slide up and down on him, teasing us both with the thought that he could so easily sink into me with the aid of the water.

Letting his hands drift down, he squeezes my breasts, caressing them with light touches.

"I'll never tire of this," he says.

"Of what?"

"Touching you, knowing you're mine."

I feel the exact same way and I never want this moment to end.


The first time we made love we were a tangle of limbs, desperate and fighting to get closer. This time, I'm holding her in my arms, both of us stretched out on my bed laying side by side, and I vow to take my time.

I sweep her hair back from her eyes and peer down at her. "I shouldn’t have taken your virginity like that." I felt badly that our first time was a quick hard fuck against the wall. I'd never felt so out of control with lust before like I did with her.

"Like what?"

"Pressing you against the wall with my cock buried inside you. I should have been more romantic. Gentler with you."

She shakes her head. "I needed it that way," she says, disagreeing with me.

"But why?"

"Because all these weeks spent abstinent, I was starting to think there was something undesirable about me. I needed you to lose all control and take me like that," she admits softly.

"There is nothing undesirable about you," I assure her, bringing my hand to her face and rubbing my thumb along her lips.

"Show me…" she murmurs.

I reach down and stroke my cock that is hard again and lays extended against my belly. "This is what you do to me. You get me so hard and aching."

Her cheeks flush and she sinks her teeth into her plump lower lip.

"Think you can handle this again?" I ask.

Without exchanging a word, Sophie moves on top of me, straddling my hips and rubbing her wet pussy lips up and down my shaft.

Her confidence and sexual comfort level continues to surprise me. She knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to take it.

"Come here, sweetness. Take my cock."

She lifts herself up, positioning me at her opening and slowly begins to lower herself down. This time I enter her more easily, her silken heat enveloping me beautifully.

Unaccustomed to feeling so out of control, I bring my useless hands to her hips and settle them there, but allowing her to control the motion.

Watching her eyes as she takes me, something in my chest squeezes like it might explode. I'd never experienced a sense of trust so complete. It's overwhelming. She'd come back to me, believed in me to do the right thing and then gave herself to me fully.

"What do I do?" she asks, balancing above me.

"Ride it, baby. Take me deep."

She flattens her hands against my abs and wiggles her ass, tossing me a sexy grin. "Like that?"

"Fuck yeah. Like that."

She giggles. "It doesn't hurt as bad this time."

I knew she was lying to me before about not being sore. When I'd washed her in the bath, the cloth I used between her legs came away with a tinge of pink, sending the primal side of me into a fit of rage. I hated knowing I'd hurt her, but I fucking marveled in the fact that I'd been the first man to penetrate her sweet pussy.

I frown. "You should have told me it hurt before."

"No way," she shakes her head, still concentrating above me on moving slowly up and down.

"Why no way?" I grunt. It's extremely fucking difficult to concentrate on our conversation with her tight heat strangling my cock.

"I wanted it, Colton. I wanted this and you right from the very beginning."

"Me too," I admit. "I'm glad we waited though."

"So am I," she says.

We hadn't even discussed protection this time, and the amount of trust that took between us felt incredible. Despite only knowing Sophie for a short time, we shared an intense, deep connection. One like I'd never felt before. We were both on the same page with not wanting anything between us. I was vaguely aware that I needed to be careful about coming inside of her, but my mind didn’t work all that clearly where she was concerned.

Gazing down at me with burning blue eyes, Sophie takes me deeper and lets out a happy little sigh. "I love you, Colton."

As good as her snug body feels around me, it is nothing compared to the way its feels when she says those words. Love and acceptance and raw emotion rush over me. This isn’t just a physical act. It is so much more than sex. Locking my eyes on hers, I rise from the mattress, until we're face to face. "I love you with everything that I am. I am yours, and you are mine, sweet Sophie."

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