“Give me my phone, Sed,” Brian said in the living area. “I need to call Myrna.”

“She’s sleeping,” Sed told him. “Jessica said she looked wiped.”

“Is she okay?”

“She’s fine. Just tired. Relax, Sinclair.”

Brian slapped the cell phone out of Sed’s hand. “You relax.”

Trey offered Reagan a weary smile and then slid from the bench. He picked Brian’s phone off the floor and yanked Sed’s phone out of his hand.

“Hey, I was talking—” Sed protested.

Trey handed Brian his cell phone. “Don’t call her if she’s sleeping. She needs rest,” he said to Brian. “Go show Jace and Dave your pictures. They haven’t seen them yet.”

Brian’s angry glare softened when his phone’s screen saver caught his eye. He squeezed himself in between Jace and Dave, who immediately stopped what they were doing to distract Brian before he throat-chopped Sed.

Trey lifted Sed’s phone to his ear and winced when Jessica’s healthy tirade greeted his eardrum, “… if you expect me to have eight kids, then you’d better be prepared—”

“Jess, it’s Trey.”

“Oh what, is he hiding now? Coward. Knock him upside the head for me, will you?”

Trey smacked Sed in the forehead and received a punch in the thigh for his efforts. “Done. Listen, can you have Myrna call Brian as soon as she wakes up? Doesn’t matter what time it is or if he’s onstage, tell her to call him.”

“How’s he doing?” Jessica asked.

“Worse than you can imagine. You know that greenish hue he gets before he goes on stage?”


“Multiply that by a thousand. I’m going to give him the phone. You be sure to tell him how great Myrna and Malcolm are doing.”

“She’s been crying on and off all day. She’s having a hard time with this separation too. Aggie finally got her to lay down for a while.” If Brian heard that, Trey knew Brian would commandeer the bus and head back to L.A. Not that Trey blamed him. Trey didn’t like to hear that Myrna was upset either. The woman was Brian’s rock.

“Didn’t you go to law school to learn how to say exactly the right thing?” Trey said to Jessica. “Work your magic.”

Trey turned and thrust the phone in Brian’s direction. Brian was having a bit too much fun making Jace look uncomfortable by describing the entire birthing process. “Jess wants to talk to you,” Trey said.

“Is something wrong?” Brian asked.

“Nope. Everything’s great.”

Jace offered Trey an accusatory glare. Aggie had probably been texting him about the entire situation. The band needed to sit down and come up with a game plan to get Brian through this. He’d already scheduled a red-eye flight back to L.A. for the next morning. When would the man sleep?

“Thanks for getting me off the hook with Jess,” Sed said. He rose from his seat and stretched his arms over his head.

“I don’t think you’re off the hook,” Trey said. “Are you ever going to learn to think before you start saying stupid shit to her?”

Sed lowered his arms and shrugged. “Probably not.” He went to the fridge and found himself a beer. He turned to Reagan sitting in the booth at the dining table and said, “Do you drink beer, Trey’s Girlfriend?”

Reagan’s frosty expression made Trey grin. Most girls went limp when Sed so much as entered a room.

“Sorry, I forgot your name,” Sed said and scratched the back of his neck as he inspected the ceiling.

“It’s Reagan, and yes, I like beer.”

Sed grabbed two beers and slid into the booth across from Reagan. He twisted off a bottle cap and extended his peace offering to her. She hesitantly accepted it and took a swig. Deciding Brian had been temporarily placated, Trey slid into the booth beside her. “I could put in my tongue piercing now, if you’d like,” he whispered in her ear.

“Why wouldn’t I like that?” she said with a grin.

“Depends on if you want to talk or make out. It makes me talk funny.”

“And he clicks it against his teeth and drives us all nuts,” Sed added.

“I can’t sing with it in either, so I only wear it for special occasions.”

“And he has enough special occasions to keep the hole from growing shut.” Sed laughed and flipped his bottle cap at Trey. It pinged off his shoulder.

Trey glanced sidelong at Reagan. In all of his “conquests,” he’d never once considered what it would be like to have to answer to them once he settled on a more permanent relationship. It had never even entered his thoughts. He kept waiting for Reagan to get upset and tell his man-whore self to get lost, but she brushed it off with no problem.

“He keeps hinting that he has some talent with the thing but hasn’t proven it yet.” Reagan stifled a yawn. “I’m currently unimpressed.”

Sed laughed. “Sounds like a challenge. Are you up for it, Mills?” He took another swig of his beer, his eyes fixed on Trey as he tilted his head back and swallowed.

Reagan slid her hand up Trey’s thigh and brushed her knuckles over his fly. “Nope. He’s not up at all.”

The sudden stirring in his groin was about to brand her a liar.

“Eric and Rebekah already claimed the bedroom,” Trey reminded her. “Not enough room in my bunk to do a good job.”

“You better put your name on the bedroom sign-up sheet for tonight. And put your tongue where your mouth is.”

He tilted his head to one side as if perplexed. “Isn’t my tongue always where my mouth is?”

She grinned and took a drink of her beer. “You know what I meant. Back your claims with some evidence.”

“Sed,” Brian called from the adjacent living area. “Jess says you owe her five orgasms for that comment about her getting fat. She also claims to love you for some reason and says she will talk to you later.”

Sed grinned. “She still hasn’t figured out that I sometimes say shit to piss her off so she’ll ‘punish’ me.” He finger quoted punish. “Making that woman come is a privilege, not a punishment.”

“When’s the wedding?” Reagan asked.

Sed lifted his brows and stared at the ceiling as he made a mental calculation. “Eighty-seven days.”

“Are you doing anything special?”

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