“Oh, I get it now,” Trey said and laughed. “The arrow is pointing to your box. Lunch box.”

“A little slow on the uptake today,” Dare said. “Too little blood in your brain, bro?”

“Shut up. What kind of ass would make a woman get that tattooed on her hip?”

“Same kind of ass that would make you and Brian get matching girlie tattoos on your asses,” Dare said.

“I got off easy,” Reagan said. “Our bassist lost the same bet. He has a tat on his ass that says Emergency Entrance with an arrow that points to his… I’m sure you can guess.”

“I refuse to ever introduce you to Eric,” Trey said. “If he hears that, I know what tattoo I’ll be forced to get the next time I lose a bet.”

Dare massaged the bridge of his nose. “I’m so glad my bandmates aren’t douche bags.”

“Me too,” Reagan said. “Should I come back tomorrow? I should probably practice for the tour on decent equipment. My guitar is a piece.”

“Yeah, you should do that. Do you need me to send the car for you?”

Hmm, let me see… Ride in the limo back to Dare Mills’ fabulous mansion or take the city bus and hoof it from the nearest stop? Hard decision.

“That would be appreciated. I don’t have a car.”

“Just tell the driver what time he should pick you up in the morning.”

“Will do. Thanks again for giving me the chance to even audition.” Oh no, the gushy fangirlness was returning. “I can’t believe I’m going on tour with Exodus End. This is so freaking amazing!”

“We’re lucky to have you,” Dare said, obviously just being a nice guy. Reagan was the lucky one.

“Thanks,” she managed to say. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Later, Dare,” Trey said.

Trey waited for her outside the dressing room. She removed her wet panties and tucked them in her pocket before slipping into her cargo pants and combat boots. Trey led her back through the maze that was his brother’s house and out the front door to the portico over the driveway. A sleek, midnight-blue limousine sat waiting for them. Reagan squeaked excitedly and gave Trey a crushing hug before diving through the open door into the backseat. The white leather seats were arranged in a u-shape around a console in the middle of the floor. Fluorescent blue tube lights circled the perimeter of the ceiling giving everything a sultry blue glow. Before Trey even settled into the seat beside her, she was already fiddling with the console in front of her shins.

“Is this a wet bar?” she asked.

Trey reached for a remote control and started pushing buttons. Music blared from the speakers.

“Oh, I love this song!”

He pressed another button and the center of the console slowly rose to eye-level. “Do you want something to drink?”

“I’m drunk on life. And two inhaled sex on the beach cocktails, but you can have something, if you’d like.”

“I’m hungry for lunch, actually,” he said.

Her face flamed. She never should have shown him that tattoo. “I like you and all, Trey, but I’m not ready to spread my legs and offer you lunch.” Okay, that was a total lie, but he didn’t need to know that. She had to play a little hard to get. Very little.

“I meant food. I haven’t eaten all day.”

Her face fell. “Oh.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, sure. Can we stop by my work first? I need to quit my job.”

He lifted a phone receiver and handed it to her.

“I don’t want to call them. I want to do it in person. From a limo. I might even moon them.”

“Where to?” a deep voice came from the phone receiver.

“That’s the driver,” Trey informed her with a grin.

“Oh. Right. I’ve never been in a limo before.” She hugged Trey again before lifting the phone to her ear. “Hi, can you fit this long thing through a coffee shop’s drive-thru?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, madam.”

She giggled and covered the receiver with her hand. “He called me madam,” she told Trey.

He grinned at her crookedly, his head tilted just so, and she melted.

“I will need the address,” the driver said in her ear, drawing her out of happy-Trey-land.

“Right.” She gave the driver the address and hung the phone back in its cradle. “Lunch is on me,” she said. “Where are we going?”

“How about Spago Beverly Hills?”

Her jaw dropped. She couldn’t afford that place. She hadn’t gotten her huge signing bonus from Exodus End yet. “Lunch is on you.”

“I would very much like lunch to be on me.” He lifted an eyebrow at her, his gaze flicking toward her crotch and then back to her eyes.

She swatted his shoulder. “You’re so naughty.”

“Usually works pretty well for me. Not so much with you.”

He was so wrong. She was utterly seduced. She had no idea why she wasn’t making out with him right now.

In a limo.

That belonged to Exodus End.

Her band.

She covered her mouth with one hand to hide her cheese-eating grin. She didn’t resist the urge to hug Trey again. He was entirely huggable. Entirely lickable. Entirely f**kable. They’d get to that eventually. She was too distracted to give him the undivided attention he deserved.

“What do you want to do after lunch?” he asked.

Was she seriously going to lunch at Spago with Trey Mills? When had her life become a dream? Oh yeah, about three hours ago. “Don’t you have important rock star stuff to do?” She tilted her head and shook it at him. He grinned. Again, she melted.

“I’ll have to head back to the Midwest tomorrow for the next Sinners show, but I’m free tonight.”

If she spent the entire day with him, she’d be flat on her back with his tight body above her by dusk. She felt the flush of desire creep up her throat. “I’m in,” she said without hesitation.

The phone in the console rang. Trey picked it up and listened to the driver speak on the other end. “Did you want to order any coffee?” he asked Reagan.

She shook her head. “The coffee here sucks. Guys come for the scenery. Just pull through and stop at the window.”

She took the remote and started pushing random buttons. A TV came out of the ceiling. The song switched to something very hard and heavy. The window that separated them from the driver slid down. At last, the moonroof in the ceiling opened. She climbed up on the console and popped up through the moonroof. The driver eased the limo forward until she was even with the drive-thru window. She waved her arms but no one noticed her. “Tell him to honk,” she called down to Trey.

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