I strip quickly, keeping Megan’s ass hanging off the edge of the bed. Once I’m naked, I push her knees up, opening all of her to me. I line my cock up and thrust home inside her warmth. She’s still virgin tight, and I keep thinking at some point she’ll loosen up. But so far it’s almost as if she gets tighter every time I get in her. Her cunt is primed and my strokes make loud smacking sounds. “Goddamn, Megan. You’re so tight and sweet. Tell me who you belong to, baby. I’ve gotta cum in you again. I need you to tell me who owns this pussy.”

“You do, Coach. You own me.”

I lean down, sucking a fat nipple into my mouth, tasting her cunt juice all over it. I moan around it and thrust hard, bottoming out against her cervix. I know she’s still not on anything, and we are both riding bare. Her unprotected pussy is sucking up my cum, begging to be bred. The thought nearly has me going off. If I get her pregnant, there is no way she wouldn't be mine.

“You want me to breed you, don’t you?” The smacking sounds get louder as she gets wetter. My words are making her leak out honey down her ass and onto her bedroom floor. “Fuck, you just started gushing when I talked about getting you pregnant. Didn’t you? Oh, you want it bad, baby, don’t you? I should probably pull out, though.” I grit out, gauging her reaction.

She moves her legs, locking them around my waist, and pulls me deeper inside her. I look down and she pushes her fat tits together, offering me her nipples, begging me to suck her pussy cream off them. “I’ve heard if I cum while you’re in me, it will open up my cervix and I can take more of your cum.”

“Fuck.” Her words are my undoing, and I lean down, sucking one of her nipples into my mouth, tasting her pussy on it as I thrust hard one final time. It’s enough to throw her over the edge, and I feel her pussy pulsing, milking my cock and sucking my seed into her. I grab her by the waist, scooting us further onto the bed, but not breaking our connection. We don’t have much time, and I want to be inside her for as long as possible.

She holds me to her chest and strokes my hair. I could sleep like this, but I try not to. I want to enjoy the few quiet moments we have together, just being us. No one else to disturb us, and no one else to worry about. I kiss her body and pet her gently. I’m still hard inside her, and I move slowly, lacking the urgency I had before.

Propping up on my elbows, I look down into her clear blue eyes and brush a few blonde strands away.

“Whose are you?”

“Yours, Chris. Always.”

“And who do I belong to?”

She smiles so big both dimples show on her cheeks. “Me.”

“That’s right, baby. It’s just you and me. The rest of this bullshit we can figure out. I know I’ve been distant, but it’s not because I didn't care. I just needed to have a plan for what we need to do. I still don’t know, but staying away from you isn’t the answer. We just need to be careful a little longer. I’ll have my own place and it will make things easier.”

“I’ll be graduating early, so that will help too.”

I nod my head, already knowing that is coming up in December. “We just need to be careful and watch our steps until then.”

She nods her head in agreement, leaning up to take my lips. I kiss her back, deepening it, and thrust inside her. I want her at least once more before her parents get home.

Megan breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes, a blush creeping across her cheeks.

“What’s that look for?”

“Can we do it doggy-style? I hear that’s an easy way to get pregnant too.”

Her words have my already-hard cock getting even harder. He’s twitching inside her, ready to breed my baby into her womb. I hate to leave her warmth, but I pull out and quickly turn her over, pulling her ass up in the air and pushing her head down on the pillow. “Hold it up like this after I cum so it slides down your cervix.”

She nods into the pillow, and I push in, her pussy already coated with my seed. I fuck her hard like this, riding her cunt like a prized mare being bred. I crouch over her, getting on my feet like an animal, and rut into her hard. She moans into the pillow, loving the rough treatment, and I bite her back, leaving my mark on her. I feel her pussy start to squeeze me, and I know she’s cumming. She’s opening up her pussy for me, and I thrust in and hold it, filling her up.

Once we both catch our breath and come down from our peaks, I pull out and lie down beside her. I kiss her face gently and pet her body, showing her how much I care for her. She keeps her ass in the air just how I told her to, letting my cum stay and take root.

If she’s not already bred, she will be soon. I’ll make damn sure she’s bound to me in every way possible.



Sitting across the table from Megan is wonderful. Her parents being at the table with us isn’t so wonderful. I reach for the bowl of salad at the same time as Megan, and our hands touch. We lock eyes and I run my fingers over hers, feeling her softness with my fingertips.

“So, Chris, your place will be ready tomorrow?”

Hearing my name makes Megan jump, and she pulls her hand away from mine. I look up to see Phil and Janet bringing the last of the food to the table as we all sit down for dinner. I clear my throat, trying not to think about how I was just upstairs fucking Megan’s little cunt four times before they got home. It would have been five, but they came home as she was sucking my cock and getting it ready to fill her up again. I got her sweet pussy so full of cum there was hardly room to stuff my cock inside her. She kept her hips tilted up to keep as much as possible inside her, both of us hoping it would result in breeding her.

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