Sarah shrugged. “It never breaks down twice in a row. Only about once a month or so. Should be safe.”

“If you say so.” Jake stepped in and stood on the other side of the elevator.

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief when the elevator began descending. “See, I told you…” She was cut off by a loud grinding sound.

Really? “Damn. Maybe we should have taken the stairs,” she said aloud. Sarah ran one damp palm down the side of her black hip-and-ass hugging skirt. The memory of that brief but heart-stopping kiss she and Jake shared had her body singing for more. Once again, she thought of Lainey and her night of sex. The woman swore she’d had the best sex this side of the Rockies that night.

“Looks like we might be stuck here after all.” Jake had his hands on his hips. He glared at Sarah. “You were second in command. How could you allow this elevator to go unfixed?”

Sarah lifted a brow. “You’re making assumptions you know nothing about, Mr. Anders. I can show you invoices for each time we’ve had the service people out and all the scheduled maintenance as well.” She shrugged. “As you said, it’s old.”

When Jake just stared at her, Sarah grinned. “There are stories that this place is haunted. Maybe we have a ghost playing pranks tonight. Maybe even Mr. Joe.” Her boss had been famous for his romantic nature and matchmaking.

“Get real,” Jake snapped as he poked and jabbed buttons.

Jake had long, slender fingers and Sarah had no trouble imagining them skimming over her naked flesh. She hid her groan with a cough. Too bad she wasn’t the type to jump a man in an elevator, no matter how fantastically handsome he might be. The fact that they worked together dashed all her fantasies. That was rule number one for her.

So what about that kiss? She sighed. The kiss was a mistake. A big one. Work. She needed to think about work, not kisses, and certainly not sex in a decrepit elevator. Fate was a cruel, cruel bitch tonight.

“Not much else to do so we might as well go over those reports I printed out.”

With her back to Jake, Sarah knelt to open her brief case. Reports instead of sex. Pretty sad and pathetic. Her panties were getting damp again just from thinking about kissing Jake. Hell, she wanted more than a kiss or two. And that proved that she’d gone too long without sex. Her body was in hyper-drive!


She whipped her head around to stare at Jake. Sarah. Not Ms. Sweeney and where had that deep, throaty baritone come from? She’d worked with Mr. Dull all week and when he deemed to speak, his voice was cool business and to the point. No wasted words, no smiles, no chatting. Except for that brief but soul-shattering kiss earlier, he was Mr. No Personality.

“Come here.” He pointed to a spot in front of him.

Jake’s commanding voice sent shivers through her. Her nipples puckered as though he’d just run his tongue across them. She crossed her arms across her breasts. Who was he to order her around? “We’re not on the clock, Mr. Anders,” she said. Damn, she wanted to go to him and kneel right where he pointed, reach up, unzip his pants, and free his dick. She bit her lower lip to keep from licking her lips. Yep, totally sex-starved. All Lainey’s fault for telling her about her night of wild elevator sex.

Jake shrugged out of his expensive suit jacket then crossed the elevator. He pulled her up and framed her face in his hands then kissed her until she moaned. “You want me?” His voice was a low, sexy croon against her mouth.

Hell yes! Mesmerized by his intense stare, Sarah licked her lips, totally aroused by his sudden and unexpected frankness. And that voice! Nothing dull or boring about that sexy voice or those soft and slumberous golden eyes. Good god, he had bedroom eyes and a voice that could melt any woman’s heart. Her panties were suddenly drenched and she was throbbing between her legs. Jake lowered his head and brushed his lips over hers again.

Her lips parted and she gasped when he boldly thrust his tongue inside. She moaned when Jake pulled her close and proceeded to kiss the hell out of her. Again. She kissed him back.

As sudden as he’d begun the kiss, Jake pulled back. Sarah gripped his shoulders to keep from falling. Had she ever had a kiss that hot? She didn’t think so. Wow, this man was a total surprise! Copyright 2016 - 2023