She screamed his name when he drove her over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy.

He yelled her name, went stiff, and shuddered with his own release.

Sarah groaned, tightening her legs around him to hold him inside her as long as possible. She loved his huge cock and the feel of his strong arms around her. She loved Jake with everything she had.

He lowered them to the ground, her sitting on him with his arms tight around her as though he couldn’t bear to let her go yet.

“That was incredible.” She buried her face in his neck and drew in a deep breath.

“Which side of the Rockies?” he asked, his voice closer to a groan.

Sarah giggled. “That might be the best sex on either side of the Rockies.”

Jake laughed and pulled back. His eyes were soft, his features relaxed. Mr. Sex himself, Sarah thought. Her Mr. Sexy New York.

“You are truly amazing, Sarah.” He traced the curve of her spine to the gentle swell of her ass. He kissed her tenderly, allowing her to kiss him back.

Sarah smiled shyly. “You’re the one who is amazing, Jake. No one has ever made me feel like this.”

Jake pulled her hair over her breasts then parted the strands until her nipples peeked through. “Tonight, will you ride me and be my very own Lady Godiva?”

Sarah giggled. “I could ride you right now.” Don’t let him take her up on that. She wasn’t sure she could stand and walk, let alone come again.

“Nope. Gotta save myself for desert.” He sobered. “You will have dinner with me? And stay with me after?”

Resting her forehead against his, Sarah nodded. “Yes, Jake. I’ll stay with you.”

“Not just tonight, Sarah. Every night. I want to go to sleep with you in my arms and wake up and have you be the first thing I see every morning.”

Sarah grinned. “Yes, Jake.” She had her answer.

“Good. Now, let’s get dressed. I want you to see the offices.”

Sarah nodded. Inside, she felt a twinge of sadness. She wanted to share everything with Jake but seeing his office and Lainey’s would hurt and leave an ache of regret in her heart. But it was too late for her to reclaim her job. Truthfully, she didn’t want it. She just wanted to be with Jake.

Dressed, Jake let the elevator resume its ascent. The doors slid open. Jake stepped out and held out his hand. Sarah took it and followed. The elevator had opened up in one corner of an office instead of into a corridor.

The interior spoke of quiet elegance. The furniture was gleaming wood and looked expensive. She had no trouble visualizing Jake behind the dark cherry wood desk.

A corner window allowed light to spill into the room and the leather seating area invited her to sit and make herself at home. There was even a small conference table and chairs.

“Wow, this is pretty fancy,” she said, turning to eye the elevator. “You even have your own private elevator?” Okay, that made her jealous. Maybe she could come to his office at the end of the workday.

Jake smiled. “I had it added. Special. Don’t you think the CEO should have a private elevator?”

Sarah kept her smile in place. “Absolutely.” She wandered around the large, spacious, and airy room that was nearly the square feet of her entire apartment. “It’s a nice office, Jake.”

“Just nice?” He leaned on the desk, arms crossed over his chest. He lifted a brow.

“Okay, it’s sumptuous. It’d be a dream come true if it was mine but I suppose you’re used to this kind of opulence.” She tried to keep the wistfulness from her voice when she peeked into the private bathroom, complete with shower.

“Would you say it’s fitting for a CEO?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Good god, Jake. This office would do the president of the United States proud.” Or the billionaire owner of a company she wouldn’t be around to see grow and thrive under Jake’s capable hands.

Jake snagged an arm around her waist. “Do you believe in dreams coming true, Sarah?”

Sarah wrinkled her nose and thought about it. Maybe not all her dreams would come true but one had. “You are my dream come true, Jake.”

He lifted a brow. “And I’m dinner and desert?”

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