His eyes went to molten gold at her haughty tone of voice. Sarah wanted to groan. She wanted Jake the way a man in the desert desperately needs water. She was damn close to going down on her knees to beg him to take her back.

After another long moment, Jake turned. “Let’s go.”


Sarah was curious about the new building. She’d driven past it, noted that it was located in a better area, but hadn’t been brave enough to go inside. It wouldn’t be her office building. In less than a week she’d no longer have any reason to step through those doors. She should outright refuse to go, should tell Jake she was done. She desperately needed to cut the emotional ties.

But she was a lovesick fool who wanted to be with him. Even if it caused more pain in the end. She followed him out of her office and past Lainey’s desk. Behind Jake’s back Lainey was fanning herself. Sarah rolled her eyes then hurried to catch up with Jake who remained coldly silent.

Two could play that game. The ride down the elevator and across the lobby was made in silence. Outside, a limo waited. Jake slid in beside her, loosened his tie, and then turned to study her.

“You’re looking tired, Sarah.”

Surprised by the personal comment, the first he’d made since he’d returned, Sarah shrugged. “I’m fine.”

“Liar. Did you miss me?”

Caught off guard by his sudden attention, Sarah gripped her fingers in her lap, sitting tall and stiff, her gaze fixed on the back of the chauffeur’s head. “I see you every day, Mr. Anders…when you’re not in New York.”

Jake turned her head with a finger to her chin. He was smiling, his first true smile since she’d left him at the hotel. “Jake. We’re alone,” he said.

Sarah closed her heart to the pain the familiar banter brought. “You didn’t call.”

“No. You wanted time. I gave it to you.”

“I asked for one night. Not three weeks.” She turned her head to stare outside, unable to look at him, afraid he’d see just how much she loved him and wanted him. But she wanted forever and she wanted equal status. Not a boss and employee relationship or just a Dom and sub relationship. She wanted a true partnership.

“I need you to be sure, Sarah.”

“Sure of what?” Hurt and anger shattered her control. “I don’t know what we have, Jake. I don’t know what you want? Is it sex a few times a week? Weekends?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t call. I had things to arrange.”

She shrugged. “Your business. I’m not your keeper.” He still hadn’t answered what he wanted and she was too much of a coward to press.

“Have you found a job yet?”

“No.” Truthfully, she hadn’t even looked.

“Have you looked?” His voice was easy conversational as though they were the best of friends.

“None of your business, Jake.” What game was he playing? He was up to something because Jake didn’t do anything without a reason.

“How’s Cory?”

Sarah whipped her head around. Jake touched his cheek. The bruise was gone. He looked amused.

“What the hell are you doing, Jake?” She didn’t want to think about Cory or why the man had given Jake a black eye. She didn’t want to remember that first wonderful and exciting encounter in the elevator and her introduction to the world of Doms and subs.

Jake lifted a brow. “Making conversation. Getting to know you. Didn’t you say we didn’t know one another?”

Sarah’s jaw dropped and her head spun with confusion. “That was before!”

“Before what, Sarah?”

“Before you dropped off the face of the earth. Before you left me without a word.” Shaking her head, Sarah hardened her voice. “Jake…”

“What’s your favorite color?”

The interruption made her want to kick him. “Blue.” She touched the diamond and blue sapphire pendant beneath her blouse. She hadn’t been able to make herself give it back. “Listen…”

“Favorite food.”

“Stop it,” Sarah cried out. She’d accepted that things between them were over and that her life would be back to dull and uninspiring. Just her and her goldfish. Wouldn’t he find it amusing if he knew she’d been so lonely that she’d gone out and bought a couple of fish?

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