Her buttocks clenched with every stroke of his fingers.

“Watch, Sarah, see what I see.”

Sarah found it hard to obey, harder still to watch a woman she didn’t recognize in the mirror. That wild, needy woman couldn’t be her, yet it was. She was on fire and on edge, ready to give in, but knew she had to wait. Had to wait until Jake gave permission. She wanted her reward more than fast satisfaction and her reward would be a soul-shattering orgasm.

“Are you ready?” His finger on her clit paused.

Sarah cried out and bucked against his hand. “Yes, Sir. Yes, Jake. Please Jake.”

“Are you going to scream?”

His fingers resumed stroking and teasing her clit. She groaned. If he didn’t give her permission now, she was going to lose control. “Yes,” she screamed.

In the mirror, Jakes eyes were dark pools of gold. He held her gaze. “Now Sarah. Come now.”

Sarah let him push her over the edge and screamed his name. Before the last tremor left her body, Jake had freed his cock. He quickly sheathed himself. “Take me, Sarah, take me deep,” he cried.

Sarah held on to the bar and pushed herself back at the same time that Jake thrust his hips forward. She cried out when his cock slammed deep into her.

“Watch, Sarah.”

Sarah couldn’t have torn her eyes away had she wanted to. She watched Jake pull all the way out. Her juices coated his cock. His hands spread her ass cheeks and he thrust back into her, hard and quick. Her hips bucked, the walls of her pussy tightened around him but over and over he pulled out and, with them both watching, plunged back inside.

“You are so tight, so wet, and so hot, Sarah.” Jake began stroking his cock inside her, his pace quickening.

“Tell me you want me to come, Sarah.”

Sarah watched his face, saw the pain etched around his mouth as he struggled to hold onto his control. “I want you to come, Sir.”

“With me, Sarah. Together.”

“Yes…” She broke off when he touched her clit, circling his finger, keeping the same pace as his cock.

Sarah whimpered and, when he gave the order, she let the orgasm take her. She was still shuddering and trembling when Jake turned her, pulled her up into his arms and back down onto his cock.

He jabbed a button on the elevator then stepped out into a plush entryway.

Holding on to Jake, her head resting on his shoulder, Sarah cried out, “My clothes!”

“Elevator’s not going anywhere.” Jake shouldered a door open. “I want you in bed. My bed.” He strolled through a large living area and through a set of double doors. He set her down on a huge bed then stepped back and undressed.

Sarah had eyes only for Jake and when he climbed on top of her, she sighed. “What do you want me to do, Jake?”

Jake smiled. “Let me love you. No roles. Just you. Me. And this.” He parted her legs and slid into her, then covered her body with his.

Sarah ran her fingers through his hair and sighed when he kissed her. Her body throbbed around his cock but he didn’t move. Instead, he took his time exploring her mouth, his tongue dipping in and out.

“Tell me you want me, Sarah. Tell me you want this.” He slid out then slowly reentered.

“I want you, Jake. I want this.” She arched her hips up, letting him know she was ready and eager.

Jake rose above her. “Together, Sarah. Together, again.”

Sarah gripped his forearms when he suddenly quickened the pace, each thrust going in deep and hard. Her hips rose to meet his, taking his cock as deep inside as she could.

Sarah felt his desperate control, knew he was on the verge of coming. “Jake!”

Her cry snapped his last thread of control. His hips pumped hard and fast.

“Sarah!” He bent his head, his lips closing over one taut nipple.

Arching her back, Sarah met each thrust, her body tightening around him, seeking to hold him inside.

Jake’s mouth closed over hers. “Now,” he groaned. “Now, Sarah!”

“Yes, Jake. Yes!” And Sarah screamed his name.

Sarah woke in Jake’s arms. A glance out the window showed that it was still light. Jake’s deep, even breathing told her he was sleeping soundly. If his nights had been as restless and sleepless as hers had been, she couldn't blame him. She should get up and leave but couldn’t. She wanted this time with Jake.

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