He wasn’t in the bedroom. Good. She tossed her clothes and makeup into her overnight bag then stared at the bed, the faux-fur cuffs, and the large feather on the floor and wanted to cry. Last night had been the best sex she’d ever had and knew she’d never have sex that incredible again with anyone else. Taking a deep breath, she left the bedroom.

Jake was waiting for her. He was dressed. Juliana was settled on the couch and they were arguing.

“Sarah, we need to talk. You need to hear me out.” Jake hurried over to her.

Sarah dropped her bag, and stood, toe to toe with him. She jabbed her finger into his chest. “No, Jake, Aaron, whoever you are, I don’t have to do anything. I’m done.” She stalked past him, grabbed her briefcase from the table where they’d worked last night in between rounds of sex. She pulled out reports and financials and tossed them onto the table along with her keys to the building.

“I quit.”

“Sarah, you can’t quit…”

“Just did.” She stalked past him, opened the door and left.

Jake ran his hands through his hair. He had to go after her. She couldn’t quit. He needed her, in the office, in his bed and in his life.

“Quite touching,” Juliana drawled.

He whirled around. “What the hell are you doing here, Juliana?” He stared at the woman he’d known since childhood. As always, she was dressed to perfection: immaculate hair and makeup, and adorned with the right jewelry and accessories. He thought of the cheap, bad suits Sarah wore and found he preferred Sarah’s honest appearance.

Sarah was real. While she always dressed appropriately and was beautiful no matter what she wore, she didn’t have that false, untouchable look as though she’d walked off a page of a glamour mag.

Sarah was touchable whereas Juliana didn’t even like to kiss in public in case her hair got mussed or her lipstick smeared.

Juliana pouted. “That’s not any way to talk to your fiancé, Darling.”

“We’re not engaged. Remember? You’re the one who broke it off.” Jake thanked his lucky stars that she’d changed her mind right before his uncle had died. He wanted more than an empty-headed trophy wife.

“Jake, you know I didn’t mean those awful things I said to you. Then your uncle died and I thought to give you time to get things settled.”

“Things were settled between us before I left New York. We are not engaged and we are not going to ever get married.”

Juliana studied her nails. “I changed my mind. I want you back.”

Jake shrugged into his leather jacket. “I have not changed my mind. You need to leave.” He tried to imagine her in the elevator, giving herself over to him. The image didn’t come because Juliana was a cold fish in bed. She endured “the mess” as she’d once put it, because pleasing Jake in bed was her duty.

“You’ll come around, Darling. You always do.” Juliana said, standing and glancing around. “Why are you staying here when you have a suite at Hotel Nikko? This place is beneath you, Darling.” She grinned maliciously. “I’m guessing you didn’t want your little playmate to see just how rich you are by taking her to your other hotel.”

“None of your business, Juliana.” Jake frowned. She was right in that he hadn’t wanted Sarah to see his suite. Someone as astute as Sarah would have immediately guessed the truth so he’d booked a smaller, less opulent suite for when he and Sarah were together. “How did you know I was here?” he asked.

Juliana pulled out her phone and flashed it at him. “I used the find your phone feature. Wasn’t too hard to get the staff to tell me what your room number was. Too bad I interrupted your fun and games. But don’t worry. I forgive you.”

Jake pulled open the door. “Get out, Juliana and you can bet that I’m changing my password.”

“By the way, Jake. Your mother and I met right before I left to discuss wedding plans. She’s so happy we’re back together. You really don’t want to upset her. We’ll talk when you get back home,” Juliana said.

Furious with her for ruining his time with Sarah and manipulating his family into believing they were still engaged, Jake held out his hand. “My ring, Juliana.” He should have taken it back when he broke off the engagement but he hadn’t thought about it.

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