“Just dinner?” she asked.

Jake smiled. “Dinner, dancing and maybe desert.”

“Are you ready?” Jake picked up Sarah’s overnight bag.

Sarah nodded. “Yes. You know we could stay here. We don’t have to go to the hotel.”

Jake let his eyes roam over Sarah. She was wearing a silky blue dress that hugged her curves and matched her sparkling eyes. The low neckline teased him with lots of creamy flesh. He reached out and traced the fabric, his finger sliding beneath the neckline. “I like the hotel. Room service means we don’t have to leave to go eat or stop to fix food.” Sarah’s place, while nice, was too domesticated.

“All right.” Sarah picked up her briefcase and purse and left her apartment with Jake following. He snagged her by the waist and bent his head to her ear. “Are you wearing panties?”

Sarah grinned. “You told me not to.”

Jake groaned. He might be the Dom but he had the feeling that it was Sarah, in her role as sub, who held the controls of their relationship. For the last two weeks they’d fallen into a satisfying routine. They kept their relationship strictly business during the work day…no more sex in his office…with dinner and a round or two of sex a couple nights a week. But the weekends were theirs. Dinner and dancing Friday night followed by desert that continued all day Sat and Sun, in between work sessions.

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a velvet case and handed it to her.

“What is it, Jake?”

“Open it,” he said.

Sarah opened the case and gasped. “Jake! I can’t take this!”

Jake pulled out the sapphire and diamond pendant. “You can. A good Dom rewards his sub.” He slid his hands around her neck and fastened the catch.

“Jake, you reward me every time we have sex.” Sarah reached up to finger the pendant then reached back to take it off.

“Don’t. I like the way it lays against your skin. Please accept it. It gives me great pleasure to do this.”

Sarah sighed. “No more gifts, Jake. Promise.”

Jake sighed. “For now.” He leaned down and kissed her, ran his hands over her ass then grinned. “We’d better go now before we have desert before dinner.”

Laughing, Sarah swatted his hand away. “You mean, desert again before dinner!”

An hour later they were seated in a candle-lit corner of the La Folie. “I can’t believe you got reservations here. It’s one of the best restaurants in San Francisco,” Sarah said, impressed.

“Guess I was lucky.”

Sarah frowned. “Jake, you don’t have to spend money on me. I’m happy with a diner or take out or room service.”

Jake slid his arm around Sarah’s shoulders. “I have an expense account,” he said.

Sarah tipped her head back to look at him. “They must pay you really well.”

“Who?” Jake’s attention was on her mouth, remembering how she’d looked sucking his cock with those red lips before they’d showered and dressed for dinner out on the town.

She jabbed him in the ribs. “The Board of Directors.”

“Oh, yeah.” Sometimes he forgot that he was playing a role. Soon, he’d have to confess the truth to Sarah. He had all the information he needed and could return to New York anytime. But he didn’t want to leave. Not yet, even though his other businesses needed his attention.

“I’m good at what I do and am paid accordingly,” he said. That, at least, was the truth!

“And when you’re done here, what’s next?” she asked.

Jake shrugged. “There’s always a business that needs taking care of.”

Sarah tipped her head to the side. “I couldn’t do it.”

“Couldn’t do what?”

“Go from company to company, hotel to hotel.”

Jake shrugged. “You get used to it.”

“Not me.” She sighed. “I’m the type who needs roots. You know, this is the only company I’ve worked for since I graduated high school.”

Jake nodded. “You worked your way up. I read your file.”

Sarah nodded. “Joe Martinez gave me a chance. He insisted I go to college and get my degree. The company even paid for most of my college fees.”

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