She shifted, embarrassed, and started gathering up the scattered reports. “I’ve never…”

The jerk of the elevator as it suddenly began its descent stopped whatever Sarah had been about to say.

Burning Attraction Book 2


Sarah was off Jake in a flash. She fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and had just bent over to grab her panty hose, thong, and bra when the elevator stopped and the doors whooshed open.

Sarah whirled around then wished with all her might for the doors to swish shut when she saw her best friend Lainey, and Cory, her on-again-off-again boyfriend. Lainey’s gaze took in the scene and her jaw dropped.

“Sarah!” Cory rushed in and grabbed her by the arm. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Better than fine, except for being embarrassed! She couldn’t bear to look at Jake.

“I was so worried when you didn’t show up at the restaurant for dinner so I called Lainey…”

His voice trailed off. He was staring at her hand. “What the hell?” he said. He grabbed the clothing out of her hand and stared in open-mouthed disbelief at her red and very wet thong. His face turned the same shade. He dropped it, glanced from her to Jake and back. He reached out and grabbed her shoulders, his fingers biting into her flesh. “What the fuck were you doing?”

Lainey’s lips twisted with humor. “I’d say you just nailed what they were doing, Cory. It’s a tad bit obvious.” Her eyes sparkled with amusement as she met Sarah’s mortified glance.

“How could you?” Cory shouted. “What the hell got into you?”

Sarah winced. “Cory…” Before she could tell him it was none of his business who she fucked, that they were currently in one of their ‘off’ cycles, Jake stepped between them.

“Take your hands off her,” he warned.

”You fucked my girlfriend.” Cory balled up his fist and slammed it into Jake’s face.

“Cory!” Horrified and furious, Sarah shoved Cory out of the elevator. “That’s my boss!” Shit, she was fired for sure now.

Jake strode past without a word, his steps loud as he made his way across the lobby and out the doors. Sarah wanted to run after him to see if he was okay but Cory grabbed her arm.

“You owe me an explanation,” he demanded. “We had a date.”

Sarah cringed as Cory’s voice turned whinny. She whirled around and jabbed a finger into his chest. “Like hell! I owe you nothing. We aren’t together anymore!”

Cory stumbled back and shoved his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched. “You know perfectly well that I asked you to dinner to take you back.” He glared at her discarded clothing then kicked the garments at her.

Crossing her arms across her chest, Sarah glared at Cory. “I never asked to come back and I had no intention of going back to you. I made that perfectly clear.” Her voice was low, barely controlled. “Dinner was supposed to be friends enjoying a meal after a long work day, nothing more.”

She glanced at Lainey. “I assume you called maintenance?”

Lainey grimaced. “Yeah. Got here and found that the elevator was broken down. Figured you were stuck inside. Tried to call.”

Sarah nodded. “No cell service. Thanks Lainey.” Sarah grabbed her clothing and her briefcase and left the office building, ignoring the maintenance worker who was pretending that he wasn’t there.

Cory ran after her. “Come on, Sarah. You know I love you. We’ll talk at home.” He put his hand on her arm.

Sarah pulled away. “Go away, Cory.”

Lainey hurried forward. “I’ll ride with you, Sarah. I came in Cory’s car.”

“What about me?” Cory asked.

“Go home, Cory,” Sarah retorted.

In the car, Sarah buried her head in her hands. “Oh my god! He hit Jake. I’m doomed. I’m so fired!” Her job was all she had.

“I can’t believe you and Mr. Anders had sex in the elevator!” Lainey was practically squealing with excitement. “Couldn’t have been as good as my night with Paul. We were stuck all night!”

“Oh my god. I can’t believe I did that.” Sarah groaned. Copyright 2016 - 2023