The cavewoman in me responds to his dominance, and I spread my legs as wide as they can go, giving my beloved all that he desires. I’m his, and nothing will ever change that. And that’s what this is right now. It’s a reminder to him that no one will ever take me from him, and he needs this from me. For me to submit and let him declare that my body is his claimed land. I’ll give him this and anything else he wants as another climax thunders through my body.

When I feel his warm seed fill me, it’s as if he’s sated the beast inside him. I cling to his big body as he gently lets go of my wrists and starts to tenderly kiss me everywhere. It’s completely contrary to what happened just moments ago, but I’ll never get tired of his attention to my body.

“All better?” I ask as his mouth trails down my neck.

“We need a new gardener,” he says lazily.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking of hiring Ben back if this is what happens every time he hits on me.” Calder growls again, and I laugh, clenching my pussy around him at the same time.

My laugh turns into a plea as he shows me all over again what a jealous caveman he can be. Life is very, very good.


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