She was naked, and something was going on. If someone did this wrong, she could get shot.


Temperance started to scream at the top of her lungs. Time passed. It could have been seconds, but to her it felt like years.

“I’ve got you, Temperance,” Richard said.

His voice soothed the pain that she was suddenly feeling.

“Richard?” she asked, sobbing his name.

“It’s me, baby. I’m here.”

“You came. I knew you would.”

“I’m here now, and I’m not going to let you go.”

“I hurt,” she said.

“I know. No one is going to hurt you again. I’ve got you.”

Chapter Eleven

Jay sat in the wheelchair. He was bandaged up, and the hospital had done everything to care for him. The moment he saw Richard and he got the update on Temperance, he’d been able to calm down. He couldn’t relax though. Not until he saw her. Jackson, one of the club guys, wheeled him around. He didn’t mind seeing as Richard was with her.

“You can’t go any faster?” Jay asked.

“You’ve had surgery to remove a bullet. Doctor’s orders you’re to take it easy.”

“So? Get me to my woman. Move, man!” He was trying to cover up the fact he was frightened. Temperance was a strong woman, but what she had just faced, it scared him.

Jackson didn’t move faster, and as they rounded the corner, he saw the rest of the billionaires outside in the corridor, waiting.

“Damn, is it that bad?”

“One of our own is hurting, and we’re here to offer him support. It’s the way of the club.”

Jackson wheeled him into the room, and the first thing he saw was the fact Temperance was on her front, with her head turned to the side. Dressings had been applied to her back, and Richard was knelt beside her head, kissing her.

“Jay’s here, baby,” Richard said.

“Jay?” Temperance’s voice broke, which only served to upset him.

“I’m here, baby.” Jackson wheeled him so that he was able to look at her.

Tears were spilling from her eyes, and seeing her sad and broken, tore him apart. “You’re safe.”

“Yes, I’m safe. Damn bullet had to be taken out, but I’m doing good. It didn’t hit anything vital, and I’ll be out tomorrow. You know the health service.” He tried to make light of everything.

“Always cracking jokes.”

“It’s my method.” He reached out, taking hold of her hand. “Forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Jay. Neither of us could do anything.”

“You got to her in time before anything worse happened?” Jay asked.

“I got to her, but I don’t—” Richard stopped, stepping away from the bed.

“Don’t let him blame himself. I wasn’t raped, and I wasn’t hurt too badly. The wounds, they will fade, and in time, I’ll be safe and happy once again. Don’t let him go making it about himself. He’s a billionaire, and he has enough attention as it is.”

Jay laughed. “Come on, man. What happened, it was fucked up, but we’re all here now.”

Richard nodded and took a step toward them.

He and Richard moved in close, pressing their heads against Temperance’s. “I love you, Temperance. I can’t live without you, and I don’t want to. I can’t live without you either, Jay. I’ll never want to fuck you, but don’t ever fucking scare me like that.”

“Wow, I feel all bro-manced up. Love you, too.”

“I love you both, and I don’t want to spend another moment without either of you,” Temperance said.

“This is it for me,” Jay said. “I want you both, and I’m happy to share my life with you, Richard.”

“I want my kids with you, Tempe, and I don’t care who gives them to you. We’re both in this together.” Richard kissed her cheek, and once he pulled away, Jay did the same.


Mandy stared into the hospital room with tears in her eyes. Jay, Richard, and Temperance were great together. They didn’t deserve this kind of pain. She was thankful that they had only gotten stronger together, not weaker.

Lewis was stood within the room as were the other BBMC They were a bunch of good men who didn’t deserve the crap that had been handed to them. What they were up against, it wasn’t an easy fight, nor was it one where anyone would be a victor. It was going to be hard, dangerous, and scary as fuck.

She remembered everything.

That very morning she had woken up, and it was like coming out of a daze. At first, she had wanted to break down, cry, scream, and at the same time be happy. Her life for so long had been a nightmare with no sign of getting out. The beatings, the rapes, the manipulation, all of it had finally taken its toll. She was ready to die, so she had decided to reach out to someone in the hope of trying to do something good before she ended her miserable life. Copyright 2016 - 2024