“It’s more of a gentlemen’s club, don’t you think?”

Temperance kicked off her shoes, laughing at Jay’s assessment of Richard’s clubhouse. It had been a long day. The O’Brian deal was already underway, and to start on marketing they were looking for the right face to go with the product. She was tired of looking at women’s bodies and faces. O’Brian was determined to have it all about sex.

What was sexy about makeup?

If you even thought of kissing, it all got mussed up.

It was gross if your eyeliner ran.

“Has it been a long day for you?” Jay asked.

“Yes, my feet hurt. I spent the whole day getting coffee and doughnuts. I’m so damn tired. This account is going to kill me.”

“The O’Brian account.”

Richard had been talking with Jay about everything.

“Yes. He’s such an asshole. He judges everything on beauty, and those that don’t match up, it’s bad news. They just get completely cut from the whole thing. It’s sad, and horrible.”

Jay moved in beside her, lifting her feet up, and placing them in his lap. He started to massage her feet, and each touch made her moan even louder.

“That feels so good.”

“I’ll take care of you. O’Brian is an asshole. Richard doesn’t like him either.”

“There’s nothing to like. He’s a total asshole. One girl got cut from the callbacks because she had freckles. She was a hot woman, and he wanted us to go through slides of women in the adult business as well.” Temperance cringed. She really did hate some men.

There was nothing to it. O’Brian wasn’t the first man she hated just because he was a sexist pig. There had been a lot during her time in the corporate world. This was just another element.

“How was work for you today?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“You do not want to know about my shit. It’s all numbers, and shit. Very boring, you know that.”

“You’ve always been good with numbers. You’re so clever.”

“Two plus two equals … four. Did I make you hot?”

“Totally.” She laughed, then jumped as someone placed down a large glass on the counter.

“Wow, I’m going to need some points from you,” the woman said.

Temperance recognized her from the visits she used to go to Richard. Ever since he’d started seeing her, this woman hadn’t made an appearance not once. From the looks of fire coming her way, Temperance knew that the other woman was totally pissed.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yeah, do you have a pussy of gold? Is that what keeps them coming back to you?”

“Tina, don’t cause trouble,” another woman said, approaching the table.

“Back off, Luna. You may get off fucking these men and being nothing but a whore, but I don’t.”

“I’m not a damn whore,” Luna said. “These men, they’re my family, and you’re the one making more of it. This is what we agreed to. This is all I want.”

“Is it being fat? Is that it?”

“Hey,” Jay said. “You better back off.”

“Oh, so now you have two men. Well, he’s not a club brother, but he’s someone that is way above your league. On the scale of one to ten, you’re like a four, if that.”

Temperance sighed. “What makes you think you’re a ten?”

“I’m really sorry,” Luna said.

She liked Luna. Temperance had learned that Luna had a young girl of five who suffered with asthma. She wasn’t looking for love, and the club gave her enough money to live a lifestyle that was more than comfortable, but also meant she could afford the necessary medical care for her baby girl.

“You better leave.”

“I’m a ten because I’m beautiful, hot, and I know how to suck cock.”

Temperance chuckled. “Is that it? Is that all you think guys want?”

“That’s all they need.”

Jay smirked. “Wow, you’ve totally got it wrong. We need a hell of a lot more than a good little cock sucker.”

“You’re fat, and Richard should walk away.”

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Richard asked, storming out.

Temperance cringed. Richard had a temper, and especially when people were not treating her right.

Tina went from super bitch to syrup within a second. It even made Temperance want to gag. She had never seen a woman change so fast. She was like one of those creatures in the desert that changed its color when a predator was about.

“I did try to warn her,” Luna said, stepping away. Her hands were up in the air in surrender. “I don’t want any trouble. I love the club.”

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