“It’s not just a coincidence, is it?” Jay asked.

Temperance shook her head.

Wrapping his arms around her, he held her close, inhaling her sweet scent. Tonight had been a dream come true to him, and with this threat, he was scared. He had been waiting for Temperance for so long, the very thought of losing her was just too hard to grasp. There was no way he was going to let anything happen to her.

Richard walked back in the room.

“What is it?” Temperance asked.

“They have found another body.”

“Do you need to leave?”

“No, not tonight. The main investigation is taking place first.”

Temperance moved up, snuggling so that her ass was against his dick. “Jay and I will do what we can to help.”

“Yeah, we will. We’ve got your back, man.”

“All I want is for both of you to be careful. Don’t linger too long in empty streets. Don’t go to places to eat you’ve never been before. I’m going to assign a guard, but you’re not going to know where he is.”

“I’m a guy. I don’t need a guard,” Jay said, trying to lighten the mood.

“You’re an accountant,” Richard said.

“So, we can be badass.”

“You scream at spiders,” Temperance said.

“You’re not helping my case here, baby.”

“Just take the guard, Jay. I know you’ve got a big dick, so you don’t have to act the man. Be the bigger man now, and see that this is upsetting to Richard.”

Looking at the man he was starting to see as a friend, Jay saw the fear Richard was trying to hide. It was serious shit.

“Do I get to pledge to be a member?” Jay asked.

“We’re not some frat house.”

“Technically, you are.”

Temperance laughed. “He’s trying to tease you. Smile, Richard, and move on, otherwise he’ll start calling the club many other names.”

Chapter Nine

They were all gathered in church at the clubhouse the following Sunday. Temperance and Jay were outside in the main bar while Richard finished off this latest club meeting. During the past week, he’d gotten a guard for each of them. One for Jay, two for Temperance, all three men had been employed to keep a careful distance from their respective charges. He didn’t want to hear both of them complaining. They had both moved in with him, and he’d helped to bring their stuff to his place. He liked having both of them around. At first he had thought Jay would be a problem, but now, he was his best friend outside of the club. It was fun to finally have a friend to watch football with, have a beer, and of course, share a woman.

Mirrors had already been put in place in the fourth bedroom, and every single night that was where all three of them slept. He loved having Temperance between them. Some mornings he woke up to her lying across his body. Other mornings, he woke to her ass against his dick, and she was snuggled up against Jay.

No jealousy struck up. She belonged to the both of them, and he liked it that way. During the day, Temperance was the official PA, apart from lunchtimes. Those he had her spread across his desk so that he could lick her pussy out.

He also loved her sucking his dick. Sometimes, Jay would join them for lunch, and it was hard not to turn it into a fuck-fest. Both of them had been taking turns to possess her mouth, her pussy, or her ass. Richard loved her. He truly did, and there was no doubt, this was his future with both of them.

Lewis circled the new link of the dead girls.

“Do we recognize any of them?” Jackson asked.

“Their names have all turned up in the missing person’s database,” Lewis said. “What I’m not liking is each girl is part of different order lists. The order forms where men or women order the kind of girl they want. You know, blonde, brunette, fat, thin, stuff like that. Each of these girls matches a description from different lists.”

Lewis went back to his keyboard, typing something. On the large projector, Richard saw the different order forms, and then there were the three faces of the dead girls. “Here, blonde, roughly five foot, with no blemishes, chunky. This matches Darlene. She was reported missing by her family a week ago. Slim, brunette, no ink, this matches this woman here.”

“What does this mean?” Blake asked.

“One of these women was last seen in one of your nightclubs,” Lewis said.


“Darlene was spotted on footage coming out of your nightclub. She never made it home. It gets worse. Tania, she’s the brunette with no ink, was employed by you, Russ.”

“What?” Russ asked.

“And this woman.” Lewis pointed at the redhead. “She was the cleaner for this club. Sarah, that was her name.”

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