Richard seemed like the right kind of guy. Sure, he was a rich man, but there was something about him that meant the money didn’t define him. Temperance had told him a great deal over the years about Richard, even saying she believed both of them would get along great. They would have to see how that worked out.


Turning to assess the dress, Temperance wrinkled her nose. The olive green made her ass look too big. It had been a long time since she actually went out dancing in a nightclub. The last time was just after college. She and Jay had been celebrating getting jobs, and he ended up taking some girl home, and she’d been left alone.

There was no way this idea of theirs was ever going to work. Richard wasn’t the sharing kind, and Jay, he’d grow bored. She was playing along, going on some dates, and waiting for both men coming to their senses.

Removing the dress, she stared at her body, turning left and right. The black lace underwear was one of the most expensive sets she owned. She did love having sexy underwear on underneath.

She looked at her thighs, with the few hints of cellulite that made her cringe. Her stomach, it was rounded, and she hated exercise. She was a healthy woman, and she rather liked her body.

She grabbed the black cocktail dress that ended at the knee, with enough cleavage on display to make it tasteful and yet teasing.

Once she was happy with the dress, she did her hair next. She’d never spend that much time, and so she twirled several strands, and left the rest to do its thing.

Her makeup was minimal. She didn’t like wearing it, and within the hour she was finished. She had shaved, waxed, and buffed to the point of boredom on her part. Staring at her reflection in the mirror she let out a sigh. “This is the best it’s going to get.”

“Tempe, Richard’s here. Are you ready?” Jay asked, knocking on the door.

“I’ll be right out.”

Clasping her hands together in front of her, she counted to ten, and even as she was shaking with nerves, she made herself open the door, and walk out to the two waiting men. They both turned to greet her, and she offered them both a smile.

Richard moved toward her, and her heart started to pound at the intense look he was giving her. She’d never seen him react like that.

“You’re fucking beautiful.” He wrapped a hand around her waist, gripping the flesh of her ass, and tugging her close.

She gasped at the press of his dick, and then his lips as he claimed her mouth. With the possession of his kiss, she was pleased she hadn’t put any lipstick on. It would have been a waste of time, anyway.

He’d have wiped it off the first chance he got.

Arousal flooded her pussy, and she gasped as Jay moved up behind her. His cock ground against her ass as he caught her waist. He sucked on her neck.

Both men surrounded her, and she loved it.

Closing her eyes, she tilted her head, still kissing Richard even as she gave Jay easy access to her neck.

Richard let go, stroking her cheek. “I love the dress.”

“Thank you.”

“I want to stay in, and remove it from your body.” Jay laid his hand flat on her stomach, moving down.

Sneaking out from between them, she shook her head. “Not going to happen. We’re supposed to be going dancing.”

“Tonight is going to be torture, and you’re doing it on purpose.” Jay groaned, reaching toward her, and she dodged his touch.

“Everything is staying in our pants tonight.” She made her way toward the door. “Who is driving?” she asked.

“I am,” Richard said. “I may as well. I know where we’re going.” He held up a set of keys, and she couldn’t help but shiver, recalling how good his hands were caressing over her body. “Your eyes give away your thoughts, baby.”

They didn’t linger in her apartment for long. She sat in the passenger seat, much to Jay’s obvious disappointment.

Richard drove them toward the club, and she listened as both men talked. They actually got along really well, and she found it funny, watching them. Both men couldn’t be more different, and yet they were talking as if they had been friends a long time ago.

“How’s Mandy?” she asked, when conversation took a silent turn.

“She’s in therapy. She needs to be in a white room.”

“You can’t tell us what happened to her?”

“No. I really can’t. It was fucked up.”

“Is this about that your club does, the BBMC?” she asked. She had done a great deal of research, and even though a lot of it was speculation, she read between the lines. Mandy was clearly one of the many victims they had saved over the years.

“BBMC? What does that stand for?” Jay asked. Copyright 2016 - 2024