I closed my briefcase and got up, headed for the door. He followed me, grabbing me by the elbow and swinging me around. “Just a sec. Why are you always running away from me?”

“I’m not running! Don’t be ridiculous!” Damn shame he was so right! “I just know you have things to do.” Ipointed to the canvas on the easel. “Like painting the governor and awesome things like that.”

“Hmm, well, you know, you’re not the first person who has asked me to do this whole business thing.”

I had never thought of it that way. A man as talented as he was must have received offers on a daily basis. I looked him in his sexy, mesmerizing eyes and asked, “Then why did you tell me yes?”

He started pressing up against me, and I backed up until I ran out of space and my ass was pinned against the door. “Zoe, I was hoping you would do something for me as well.”

Talk about being a nervous fucking wreck! I wasn’t sure whether to ask what he wanted or not. I was afraid I might like the request a little too much. “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

I could feel his breath on my cheek. “What might that be?”

“Let me paint you.”

For a moment, my mind registered him saying, “Let me fuck you.” Wishful thinking, I suppose.

“Paint me?”

“Yes, paint you.” He took his hand and removed a piece of lint off my black tweed business suit. “You’re so beautiful. I want to paint you. Free of charge, of course, and I want to hang the portrait of you over my bed.”

I started stuttering when his bare chest pressed up against my hard nipples through my blouse. “What, umm, I mean, why do you want to do that?”

As long as there is a breath in my body, I’ll never forget-the next words he spoke to me. “I want to paint you and hang it over my bed so when you are here, we can make love underneath your splendor, and when we areapart, I can behold your beauty and satisfy myself just by the mere thought of you.”

My lips started trembling, and I began to feel lightheaded. Maybe all of the blood rushed to my throbbing pussy like it does to a man’s dick when he becomes aroused. Hell if I know. All I did know was my ass was about to be in a world of trouble. I had never thought about fucking another man before I laid eyes on Quinton, and I should’ve run. I should’ve never been there in the first place, but I was there, and he was real, and the desire to be with him was hypnotizing.

When he kissed me, I tried to push him away. Okay, I tried to push him away with just a teeny bit of effort. His kiss was soft and deep all at the same time. It reminded me of the way Jason used to kiss me way back in the beginning. He reached down, picked me up, and pressed my back against the door. I straddled my legs around his back. My pussy was so freakin’ wet.

Our kisses got more profound, and I should’ve stopped him. Looking back, I realize there are so many things I should’ve done differently. I’m so ashamed about what happened next.

He carried me over to the sofa, laid me down on it, and traced a path down my body with his mouth, pausing to gently nibble on my covered nipples. He pulled on them, one at a time, with his teeth, and I could see my breasts expand through my silk blouse as he moved his head back and forth.

I sat up and tried to put my feet on the floor so I could get up. “We can’t do this! I’m married!”

“Not happily. If you were happily married, you wouldn’t have kissed me.”

“Yes, I’mveryhappily married, and I have to go. This just isn’t right.”

“Nothing has ever felt so right. You know it and I know it. You want me just as much as I want you.” He started rubbing my thighs and pulling off my lace-top thigh-high silk stockings. “Just lie back and relax, baby. I would never hurt you.”

That was it! The moment I realized I was fighting a lost cause. My mind was saying no, but my body was saying yes, and my body won by a landslide. I lifted up my hips so he could pull my black lace panties down over my legs and off.

I made one last attempt at salvaging my cheatless marriage record by whispering, “Please.”

Then I buried my head into one of the toss pillows on his sofa, drowning my moans in it while I had my pussy eaten for the very first time.


Damn shame I did that! I let that man feast on me for a good hour, and unfortunately, I loved every minute of it. I had done extensive reading on cunnilingus, but of course, Jason didn’t do anything but go downtown and window-shop. He never actually purchased


I couldn’t imagine cumming as many times back to back as I did. I lost count somewhere after twenty. Every time I tried to pull away, he would pull me back down toward him, whispering things like, “Give me my pussy!” and “Damn, you taste delicious!”

He was fingering me and pulling some of my juice out with his fingers so he could suck it off. Scared the living daylights out of me. When he finally came up for air and starting pulling down his silk pajama pants, I jumped up. I took a good look at him. His face and chest and hands were all smothered with my essence.

I started grabbing for my belongings, shoving mystockings and panties into the side pocket of my large purse. “I really have to go!”

“Before you taste me, baby?” I looked up from the sofa, and his dick was all up in my face. I was so nervous! Lawd knows I had never sucked a dick!

I scooted down on the sofa to an available section where I could get up. “I can’t do that! Sorry! I’m a married woman, and I love my husband very much! What we just did was wrong! Dead wrong!”

He followed me to the door. I could feel the sticky substance rubbing between my upper thighs as I walked. “It may have been wrong, but we both wanted to do it.”

I wasn’t going to try to deny it. I did want him to eat me out so there was no point in even faking the funk. I looked Quinton dead in the eyes and admitted, “Yes, I did want it, but it can never happen again.”

I opened the door and walked out in the hallway, finally feeling a bit out of danger of doing something else freaky with him. His pants were still down in the front, and I didn’t even notice his dick bouncing around in the air until he reached down and covered it back up. “So, when will I see you again? To talk business, of course.”

“Yeah, right! Business!”

I pushed the button on the elevator, which was one of those service elevators all warehouses have, with the gate you have to pull up and down. It arrived at the floor, and he came rushing up behind me to lift it. “Let me get that for you.”

“Thanks. I’ll be in touch.”

I got on, and he pulled the gate back down while I pushed the button for the garage level. As he was disappearing out of view headfirst, I heard him yell, “I’m sure you will be!”

Driving the few blocks to my building, I broke out in a cold sweat. I parked my car and went up to my suite,informed my secretary, Shane, to hold all my calls, and retreated to the sanctuary of my private office. Once I locked the door, I pulled the chain to close the vertical blinds. Even though I was on the tenth floor, you never know who may be watching.

I took one of the wooden African figures that a fellow arts dealer shipped me from Africa off my desk. It was a small head sitting on a wooden base, it was carved in the image of an African tribesman.

The head was round like a dildo, and I didn’t hesitate to throw my leg up on my desk and stick it in my pussy headfirst. The cold, hard wood felt strange inside my pussy walls, but I figured fucking it was better than fucking Quinton, and lawd knows, I wanted to fuck him so bad right at the moment.

After I came all over my desk chair, I started thinking about the way he ate me out and how much I enjoyed it. If only Jason was open enough to experiment with sex, our love life would’ve been so much better.

It was after ten when Jason and I finally got all the kids bathed and put to bed. He was lying on our king-size sleigh bed watching the news when I came up from checking to make sure the stove was off and all the doors were locked.As fine as Quinton was, he couldn’t compare to my husband. Jason has always been, and will always be, the finest man in the world to me. He was wearing a pair of white cotton pajama pants, and as usual, he had left the matching shirt of the set on the bed for me. We often did that, split a pair of pajamas. I grabbed the shirt off the bed and headed toward the master bath. “I’m about to grab a quick shower, Boo. Wanna join me?”

I knew what his answer would be before he replied.“No, baby. Go ahead. I’m going to catch the rest of the news.”

Jason never wanted to shower or bathe together. It seemed like anything that would have brought us closer together physically was a taboo to him. I got in the shower. The warm water felt great hitting up against my skin. I thought about Quinton, all the things he had said and done to me. I realized no matter what, I had to avoid seeing him again at all costs, even if that meant forgetting about the business deal. It was inevitable what would happen between us, and I couldn’t allow it.

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