Within the spacious field shrouded in darkness and silence, two giants were fighting each other restlessly; it was a fantasy that had never appeared in Greem’s memory before.

But today, in this mysterious and bizarre outworld, such a fantasy had become reality.

Like a bulldozer that never got tired, the Giant Raging Ape forcefully leveled the forest surrounding this small hill; even the ground was completely filled with deep footprints and cracks, making the ground look like spider webs.

Meanwhile, the Lightning Giant with a green body and golden armor was like a nimble spirit. It kept dashing around the perimeter of this giant ape, luring its opponent into launching attack after attack, while continuously throwing Lightning Spears and Wind Blades at the giant ape.

As the battle progressed, the data gathered by Green’s eyes had become more vivid and direct. Though the Lightning Giant was personally crafted by him, throughout the entire process, he was working like a human spirit energy projector, as he knew nearly nothing about all the theories and knowledge in crafting it. Therefore, with regards to the fighting abilities and body attributes of the Lightning Giant, the Chip had only given him a vague estimation. In comparison, the data he had gathered in the battlefield, which was much more direct and detail.

The Lightning Giant with the overall strength of peak Pseudo-Adept, had the combined element characteristic of both Lightning and Wind. Body attributes: Strength – 12, Physique – 18, Agility – 18, Spirit – 20. Skills: Wind Vortex (Passive), Thunder Armor (Passive), Lightning Shield (Active), Lightning Spear (Active), Lightning Whip (Active), Wind Blade (Active), Thunder Storm (Active), Chain Lightning (Active), Lightning Jump (Active).

It was a long-range Golem focused on agility. Though it was rather weak in Strength and Physique, its dazzling array of offensive skills made up for these weaknesses, making it the strongest Elementium Golem that Greem owned currently.

Also, its overall strength had not disappointed Greem’s expectations. In the second half of the battle, relying on its nimble movement, the Lightning Giant kept moving around the giant ape and attacked it by throwing Lightning Spears and Winds Blades. No matter how the Giant Raging Ape leapt at it furiously, there was no way it could catch up to the Lightning Giant.

Nevertheless, after failing to catch up with the enemy several times, the Giant Raging Ape quickly showed its frightening innate combat ability, as it started to attack using ‘Soul Crunching Roar’ and ‘Rock Throwing’. The former attack consisted of a raging roar that instantly stunned the surrounding enemies, causing the enemies to be struck into a soulless state for three to five seconds. Of course, this skill could also instantly kill those ordinary humans who had no magical protection. This skill covered an area of fifty meters.

The second skill allowed the Giant Raging Ape to form an irregular shaped rock with a diameter of two meters between its palms and then throw it at the enemy. The rock was enchanted with a raging force, which could easily smash into the gigantic body of the Lightning Giant.

Though the Giant Raging Ape only possessed a few bloodline abilities, they were all perfectly matched with its incredible Physique and Strength. Once any enemy was struck by its Soul Crunching Roar, as a result of the brief moment of soullessness, the enemy wouldn’t be able to escape from the brutal melee attack from this Giant Ape.

But too bad, such kind of offensive Spirit skill was useless against an Elementium Golem.

Therefore, the Giant Raging Ape could only futilely chase behind the Lightning Giant. Although the Giant Ape continued leaping and charging forward, knocking down countless trees in its stead like a crazy monkey, it still failed to even touch the shadow of the enemy.

Right when Greem thought that he could win today’s battle with such a method, the Giant Raging Ape transformed from the green armored man, Toril, who suddenly ditched the tough to catch Lightning Giant, roaring furiously and leaping into Greem’s direction.

Greem silently sighed.

Not any idiot could become an Apprentice Adept. This guy had just been unable to control his anger because of the enticement from the Lightning Giant and his mind was further disturbed by the force of bloodline. Now, having yielded no results for such a long time, Toril’s consciousness had once again obtained control of the Giant Raging Ape’s body. Thus, he had given up chasing behind the Lightning Giant like an idiot and switched his target to Greem, the mastermind behind all this.

As long as he could defeat Greem, the bastard who kept escaping him would vanish into thin air. Even if his attack couldn’t reach Greem, at least he could lure that bastard to Greem’s side and with that, he could finally put his raging force into use.

With such a simple thought in his mind, the Giant Raging Ape’s eyes turned bloodshot, as he slammed into the ground with both hands and jumped towards Greem.

Greem was easily able to tell the petty thoughts his opponent had in his mind.

Indeed, the Lightning Giant had an excellent fighting ability, but it also had a deadly weakness – the person who controlled it was too weak! Thus, Greem was the weak link that anyone could use to defeat the Lightning Giant!

Relying on the Lightning Giant to block off the assault was no doubt the worst decision. With the melee offensive ability of the Giant Raging Ape, perhaps it would only take it a few dozen of seconds to smash the Lightning Giant completely, which would eventually damage to the Elementium cores hiding inside of its body.

Greem checked his own body attributes, the summon of Lightning Giant had consumed seven Spirit points, which left him with less than six. Staring at the Giant Raging Ape who had lept at him with tremendous momentum and feeling the violent shakes on the ground, Greem once again tossed out a crystal clear Elementium core.

“Show yourself, my Rock Snake!”

Following Greem’s loud roar, a wide, bottomless trench suddenly broke out in the ground in front of him and a frightening giant snake made up entirely of rock slithered out from the cracks.

The place where the Rock Snake had come out from was right in the charging path of the Giant Raging Ape. With a coiling movement from its massive body, the Rock Snake climbed up and entangled itself with the Giant Raging Ape’s body.

In next second, the frightening scene of ‘King Kong’ fighting a giant snake unveiled in front of Greem’s eyes. Too bad, the violence and savageness brought him no interest in watching this cool battle unfold at a close distance. Instead, he crazily fled from the center of the frightening battle.

Sand flew into clouds, pebbles swept along the ground, debris of grass flew in the air and huge clouds of dust dispersed quickly in all directions, while countless rock fragments shot out from the battlefield like bullets and smashed into the surrounding forest.

When the dust cloud had settled down a little bit, Greem finally stopped running further away. The green glow on the his Quicken Boots gradually faded away, as he had ran to a place half a mile away from the battlefield.

Throwing a glance over his shoulder and staring into the shaking battlefield, Greem saw that the Lightning Giant was hovering in midair and had lifted both arms in the air. Over its tall body, a funnel shape, slow revolving Thunder Storm was forming at an incredible speed, while the tail of the Thunder Storm was pointing directly at the Giant Raging Ape who had been violently fighting on the battlefield.

Though it was in the middle of a violent battle, the Giant Raging Ape had quickly noticed the abnormality over its head. With great efforts, it tried to move away from the location the Thunder Storm had locked down on. However, the Rock Snake, who had had its body nearly broken into pieces by the Giant Ape’s earlier attack, had tightly tangled with the giant ape’s feet. No matter how the giant ape tried to attack it, it showed no signs of letting go.

Soon, after over twenty seconds of brewing, the Thunder Storm had been finally completed.

A sudden streak of huge lightning strike sliced the dark night sky into two and filled the entire place with undying flashes of radiance.

The raging, violent, and scorching hot electricity wantonly slithered around the body of Giant Raging Ape and Rock Snake. The tremendous lightning energy instantly broke through the crimson colored life barrier outside of the Giant Raging Ape’s body and had penetrated straight away into its huge body.

In next second, the raging energy exploded inside of the Giant Raging Ape’s body and burst a huge bloody hole in its broad back. Blood sprayed out like a waterfall, but before it could touch the ground, it had been simply evaporated by the violent lightning energy that was wreaking havoc in the air.

It was a brutal attack, one the Giant Raging Ape couldn’t withstand even with its tough Physique.

Under the uninterrupted attack from the Thunder Storm, it threw its head back and let out a furious roar into the sky. The Giant Raging Ape finally fell down to the ground and the masculine body starting to shrink slowly until the original look of the green armor guy was revealed.

“Quick, quick… ask your Golem to gather some of his blood for me!” Not knowing when, Mary suddenly appeared beside Greem. She looked at the scene where the dust had finally settled, actually showing a more joyful expression than Greem.


Greem turned around and looked at Mary whose face had turned red from excitement and finally realized that he had been used by her. Nevertheless, an ending like this was not bad either – she got the blood she had wanted and Greem had obtained the most satisfying data from the battle. It was a win-win situation! Perhaps, the only one who suffered from all this was that Pseudo-Adept Toril who had possessed a powerful bloodline!

Greem totally had no intention of killing Toril.

This place was within the coverage of Adept Tower’s power. Since Toril was able to have his secluded cultivation here, he must have had some kind of connection with those Adepts in the Adept Tower. It was a little bit over to severely wound this guy for no reason. However, if Greem had taken the opportunity to kill him, perhaps before Greem could even return to the Adept Tower, he would be greeted by someone on his way back.

Secretly giving out his order to the Lightning Giant, Greem turned around and dragged Mary before running from the scene.

He had very sensitive senses. While two monsters were fighting, he had detected seven to eight indistinct, yet powerful Spirit waves hiding around the battlefield. Out of all these Spirit waves, one had actually belonged to someone whom Greem was rather familiar with – Adept Angus.

Hence, the Lighting Giant hovering in the air waved its arm and dispersed the Thunder Storm, before transforming into a dazzling lighting streak and following Greem. As for the Rock Snake who had been left behind on the battlefield, after struggling and freeing itself from the fainted green armor guy, it dragged its broken body and slithered through the grass and also chasing Greem and left this place.

Without anyone’s knowledge, before the Rock Snake left, it had secretly swallowed a mouthful of dirt underneath the body of the guy, dirt which was mixed with a huge amount of his blood.

When peace had once again returned to the place, two dark figures suddenly emerged beside the green armor guy.

Leaning forward and giving the guy a look, one of the dark shadows shook his head, sighing.

“Toril is a junior from your clan. So, are you going to let that kid leave just like that?”

Another dark shadow was seen hiding behind a dense black cloud, only showing two bizarre looking flames in his eyes. With a cold voice, he said, “Hmph, if not for the fact that Angus had stopped me, do you think anyone can leave this place alive even after bullying a member of the Wharton family?”

“Angus? Oh right! It is his turn on duty at the Adept Tower now. Could this kid be a new junior from his family?” The first dark figure asked wonderingly. “Why would he just let his junior to cause trouble freely like this? Don’t tell me he is not afraid of stirring up a war between Adept families?”

“Hmph, that kid is not from his family. I think he was sent by the Zhentarim Association. He is just a little guy who is training here.”

“Eh, there is such a good seed among the newcomers? Once I finish with my magical experiment, I’ll thoroughly examine him.”

After a short conversation, both men nodded their heads and departed.

The first dark figure quickly dissolved into the forest, while the other leaned down to pick up Toril into his arms. Following the spread of the dark cloud, they too vanished into thin air.

At last, the forest had truly become quiet, leaving behind only the messy battlefield, which quietly showed the miserable experience it had just went through!

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