Bloodline Transformation?

He was a Pseudo-Adept who had taken the path of a Bloodline Adept!

It would have been a lie if he said that he wasn’t nervous at this moment. After all, in the eyes of all apprentices, the overall strength of a Bloodline Apprentice was considered the strongest among all other similarly ranked apprentices.

Take the guy in front of him as an example! According to the records of history, the Giant Raging Ape was a powerful Grade Five demon beast. This also meant that as long as this guy kept purifying the bloodline of Giant Raging Ape in his body, then he would have the potential to become a Fifth Grade Adept.

If he really was fortunate enough to reach Grade Five Adept, perhaps he would have to worry about his future development. But as for now, he could enjoy the tremendous benefits that were brought to him by the bloodline body transformation. The intrepid physique, strong strength, tall and masculine body, and a fighting style that would that let him fight continuously, only stopping once he was killed, without any fear of death…

Stimulated by the bloodline of the Giant Raging Ape, the consciousness of the green armor guy had become rather disordered and confused. He kept slamming into his chest with both of his huge hands, while letting out a series of furious roars at Greem.

Alright, perhaps this was the only weakness that was brought upon by the path of the Bloodlines. The person could rather easily be immersed into a restless state by his bloodline, causing him to lose the proper sense and calm sober mind. Of course, there was some bloodline fanatics that didn’t regard this as a weakness. In their minds, the raging inner state could further stimulate their desire for a fight and would allow them to unleash an even more powerful combative strength. When compared to that, losing a little bit of sense didn’t mean anything!

“Don’t you need to prepare yourself? Be careful, once this guy transforms, he will attack anyone he sees!” Mary chuckled and left the hill, while saying, “I am looking forward to your great performance!”

Greem raised his head upwards to look at the Giant Raging Ape who stood tall in front of him and shook his head, letting out a wry smile on his face. Finally, he took out a small leather pouch from his waist and tossed it onto the ground. Once it hit the ground, the neck of the pouch opened up, as a dazzling magical glow shot out from inside the pouch.

Five crystal clear Advanced Apprentice level Wind element cores flew out from inside the pouch and gradually hovered in midair. When they revealed themselves in the air, shrill sounds of wind suddenly rung through the air on this small hill. Drawn in by a mysterious force, a huge amount of Wind Elementiums started to swarm into the hovering Elementium cores crazily, surrounding them as they started to revolve around the cores while continuing to produce shrill noises.

Wind was invisible.

And Wind Elementiums couldn’t be seen with naked eyes as well.

But when such a massive amount of Wind Elementiums gathered together, a green vortex had become visible to the naked eye.

These Wind Elementiums came at an incredible speed, causing the night sky to be sliced into thousands of tiny threads. Soon, with the five Wind element cores as the center, the gathered Wind Elementium formed into a human-like body with four limbs.

A green body, green hands, and green legs.

When the body of this green giant was successfully formed, a new element core flew out from inside the pouch and threw itself into the broad chest of the giant. In next second, a green head struggled out from the top of this burly giant. Nevertheless, it didn’t have a vivid facial appearance – no eyes, no ears, no mouth, and no nose.

If the previous five Advanced Apprentice level Wind element cores had been used to construct the body, then this Pseudo-Adept level Wind element core was used to support the entire body, as the bone of this green giant.

But, this was not yet the end.

A mini sun gradually rose up from the pouch.

The Elementium let out a dazzling glow, while the lightning barrier let out crackling noises. When this last primary core merged into the body of this green giant, it brought about an incredible and mystical transformation to the Golem.

The giant which had looked rather lifeless previously, in this moment, had become alive!

It had a massive body that stood five meters tall and brilliant green skin, covered by a layer of golden armor. Though its limbs didn’t look as slim and agile as a human’s, it had arms, palms and fingers. Even so, when the two mini golden suns on its face lit up, a magical shield entirely constructed by static electricity emerged on its giant left hand, while a dazzling lightning spear had appeared on its right palm.

Counting the Wind Vortex Shield and Lightning Armor outside of this giant’s body, the personal defense mechanism of this Golem could make anyone’s jaw drop.

The Lightning element was in fact, a branch of the Wind element. Thus, there weren’t any obstacles stopping the both of them from merging with each other. The five Wind element cores that scattered across the body and limbs of the giant kept drawing Wind Elementium to the body. Besides using some to form the physical Wind body, all the other Wind Elementiums had been used by the primary core to strengthen and temper. The core turned them into lightning energy to supply the bottomless energy demanded by the Lightning Giant.

On one side was the Giant Raging Ape who stood four-meter-tall and on the other side was the Lighting Giant who stood five meters tall. Two massive objects stood facing each other with a distance of nearly forty meters in between.

Though the green armor guy who had transformed into the Giant Raging Ape had appeared to be savage, when it came to facing a formidable opponent whom he had no idea of the true overall strength of, he showed a rather dignified and good control of himself. Nevertheless, the tremendous pressure that the Lightning Giant brought to him had also further stimulated him and made him even more maniacally. White gas could be seen spraying out from his nostrils, as he kept slamming the ground with both giant arms and making loud noises.

Finally, unable to contain the near boiling fighting spirit in his body, the Giant Raging Ape let out a furious roar that echoed throughout the forest and moved its gigantic body, charging towards the opponent while roaring violently.

Greem kept backing away from the battlefield. While he was doing so, he continued staring at the Giant Raging Ape, with his eyes flickering with bright blue light. Rows of numbers were pouring down in front of his eyes, flooding his vision with a vast amount of data.

Soon, most of the irrelevant data had been removed, leaving behind only the data that was provided by the Chip after having scanned the Giant Raging Ape.

“Target: Toril. Gender: Male. Adept path: Bloodline. Body attributes: Strength – 20 (+2), Physique – 20 (+2), Agility – 11, Spirit – 17(-3)”

Upon reading Toril’s body statistics, Greem was struck with awe inspiring envy.

20 points of Strength! A Strength like that could probably defeat every single demon beast who was well-known for its Strength in this Kerala mountain range!

20 points of Physique! With such Physique, even if this Toril didn’t wear any armor, just the strength of his muscle alone, he could defend himself from all the common weapons used by normal humans in this world. Those common weapons that don’t possess any supernatural force could no longer inflict any damage on him.

Greem even speculated that with 20 points of Physique, even if there was really someone who could chop off one of Toril’s arms, he would probably be able to regrow it in just a few days, because it seemed as though all creatures who had their Physique reach the level 20 would possess the passive ability to regrow their limbs.

Analyzing the data provided by the Chip, the normal body attributes for Toril should be: Strength – 18, Physique – 18, Agility – 11, Spirit – 20. Once he had completed his bloodline body transform, then his Strength and Physique would be boosted to 20, however, it was surprising that his Spirit had dropped to 17.

Perhaps, this was one of the weaknesses of the bloodline of Giant Raging Ape!

Though it seemed as if Greem had spent a long time in thinking all this, in reality, it had all happened within a split second.

While Greem was backing off, the Lighting Giant chose to charge at the Giant Raging Ape.

With a wave of its hand, the Lightning Spear held in the right hand of this Lightning Golem had disappeared, flying out with a speed that no naked eye could detect and nailed into the broad chest of the Giant Raging Ape. The spear suddenly exploded and the mini Lighting Storm instantly flooded the body of the Giant Raging Ape.

From the projection of Greem’s vision, the basic strength of this mini Lightning Storm was 21 points.

However, a lightning damage of this level was insufficient to stop a powerful magical creature who had both its Strength and Physique reach level 20. Through the body transformation, Toril was temporarily given the intrepid body and magic resistance of the Giant Raging Ape. Besides bringing him intense pain, these crackling electric arcs would never be able to halt his movements.

A loud boom rung in the air, as the massive body of the giant ape pierced through the Lightning Storm, spread out its large palm and forcefully waved toward the Lightning Giant. Compared to the savage and brutal manner of a giant ape, though Lightning Giant had a bigger body, its movements were rather nimble.

With just a slight dodging movement, the Lightning Giant avoided the large palm of the Giant Raging Ape and reappeared behind its opponent within the blink of an eye. It then shook its right arm and unleashed a lightning whip that coiled around the Giant Raging Ape’s waist. Through the lightning whip, streaks of brutal and violent high voltage electricity instantly transmitted over to every single corner of the giant ape’s body, causing it to continuously let out a furious roar into the sky. Soon, the smell of burning flesh emitted from the point of contact.

The failure in executing its first strike and the severe pain coming from its body both greatly agitated the Giant Ape, causing it to become even more maniacal. It stretched out its hand, grabbed the long whip on its waist and with just some light force from its hand, it simply shattered the whip into pieces. Having freed itself from the trap, the Giant Ape turned around and punched out both fists at the same time that came crushing towards the Lighting Giant, while producing two loud booms that pierced through the air.

Though it had a double the defense from the Wind Vortex Shield and the Lightning Shield that carried in its left hand, under the heavy blow of the extreme raging force of the Giant Ape, the outer defense of the Lightning Giant was shattered in an instant.

A loud boom rang through the air.

The Lightning Giant sailed through the air and drew out a pale green trail in the sky, flying away nearly hundred meters before it could stabilize its body once again. At this very moment, the end of its left arm had disappeared, while a huge dent could be seen on the chest part of its golden armor.

Greem, who had back off to the edge of the forest in the far distance, knitted his brows with a tight frown.

Compared to the bloodline transformation which possessed a physical body, the body of Lightning Giant formed by pure Wind Elementium was rather fragile. Therefore, during the a melee battle with a big guy like this whose body emphasized Strength and muscles, obviously it was at a disadvantage.

But because of the two-layer defenses, the iron fists of Giant Raging Ape couldn’t penetrate the basic defense of the Lightning Giant, or else, it would have been too troublesome for it to recover.

Within a few blinks of an eye, followed by the golden flashes on the huge dent on the Lightning Giant’s chest, it was once again restored to its original shape.

And right at this moment, the raging and furious Giant Ape had once again charged towards it with tremendous momentum.

“Don’t fight it in such a close range, keep a distance of thirty to fifty meters and attack it with lightning!”

From the far distance, Greem transmitted his thoughts to the primary core of the Lightning Giant. Copyright 2016 - 2024