Chapter 570 Metal Giant

A terrifying cluster of energy storms rose from underground before the eyes of everyone.

Even though the adepts already knew Gazlowe was hiding within that storm, they couldn't sense his exact position through that layer of chaotic and violent energy, even after using all the means at their disposal.

While the adepts were silently marveling at the wonder of Gazlowe after assimilating with the magic generator furnace, the goblins on the outside were watching this former greatest goblin of the world with a zealous fervor.

He was the smartest goblin in the world and the 'god' of the goblins!

He had stepped past the grade threshold that no goblin had ever succeeded overcoming, becoming the first Third Grade 'goblin' of the multiverse. It was true that Gazlowe looked far too different from a goblin now, but he had still been a goblin once upon a time, hadn't he?

All the goblins kneeled on the ground with complicated emotions in their hearts. They kowtowed and paid their respects to this God of the Goblins that had brought them both endless suffering and endless hope!

The power of 'god' continued to increase, and the god's will was starting to move.

Hopefully, the strengthened Goblin God could come back and protect the poor goblins from the cruel enslavement of the adepts.

Gazlowe could accurately sense the spiritual and emotional change in every lifeform present with his enhanced mental powers, except for the adepts, who were shielded by their life forcefield.

The anger in Gazlowe's heart started burning intensely when he remembered that his power had been obtained at the price of forever losing his freedom.

His mental consciousness was attached to the stream of energy particles and started to corrupt every inch of space and every piece of land in this world along with it. His mental consciousness could practically pierce through all substance, both tangible and intangible, thanks to the highly penetrative effect of the energy particles.

Neither dirt, stone, wood, or metal could stop Gazlowe's mental consciousness from infiltrating and sensing.

At this moment, everything in this world was transparent before his eyes. No secret in the world could hide from his spiritual senses.

The violent energy that the magic generator furnace continually extracted from outer space became his greatest weapon, as well as the best carrier for his mental consciousness.

A blindingly bright light shone in the eye of the energy storm that was continuing to spread outwards. The next moment, tens of thousands of energy particles with Gazlowe's will attached to them shot out in every direction like gusts of violent winds.

They pierced through earth, stone, metal, and wood; no substance could stop their furious advance, and no lifeform could stop the particles from penetrating through their body.

Even the Crimson adepts felt an unknown pressure on their souls. They had no choice but to gather together and prop up layers of strange spells that defended against soul and mental attacks.

The spirit was supposed to be intangible, and the soul had no fixed shape.

Yet individuals like Gazlowe, who could merge their intangible mental consciousness with the tangible energy particles, could create their own unique Spirit Light.

The Spirit Lights were like beams of pure white radiance. They freely turned and twisted about in the air, constantly seeping into every metal ingot and every machine in the excavation site. Gazlowe's mental consciousness started to become omnipresent and omnipotent as the energy particle streams continued to bombard and infiltrate into various substances.

These formerly dead and inorganic metal ingots became as soft and moldable as clay when controlled by a powerful force. The giant hills of metal by the side of the camp were mostly bits of the Steel Capital that had been dug out from underground. Some of them were also metal ingots that had been transported here from the outside.

It didn't matter where the metal came from now. All of it started to distort and twist into a metal dough. The pieces twisted into each other and blended, forming into multiple larger and heavier pieces of shapeable metal. Strange components that resembled tentacles and robotic legs started to extend from within the masses of metal. These metal pieces slowly closed in and became stuck to each other.

Like a drop of liquid merging into a more substantial drop of liquid, these balls of metal started to meet with each other, joining together to form an even more humongous and fearsome metallic creation.

It wasn't just the mountain of metal that was being affected. Even the construction machines and magical machines of the excavation site were starting to activate under the control of Gazlowe's mental consciousness. Plenty of goblin technicians also suddenly ran out of the alchemy factories, the engineering factories, and the magical machine assembly lines at the edge of the camp.

Those massive metal factories abruptly grew robotic legs and climbed towards the pit like giant beasts.

For a moment, the twisted and morphing bodies of metallic creations could be seen all over the camp.

They twisted and morphed as they slowly gathered together using all sorts of strange means. They pieced together to form even more bizarre and unique metal creations.

Metal spiders, metal beetles, metal wolves, metal slimes, and many other strange creations whose actual forms couldn't be identified.

The lifeless metal pieces would bend and shift into odd objects that no one recognized. However, the construction machines and combat machines, as well as the large factories, all had fixed shapes already. They couldn't be wasted in such a manner. They kept their original form as, bit by bit, the other metal creations started to merge with them.

A small drop of water became a large drop of water, which turned into a stream, and the stream ultimately became a towering metal giant. It had a head, a body, and four limbs. The surface of its body was uneven, and one could see the signs of the metal spliced into its body.

Still, this two hundred and seventeen-meter tall metal giant finally appeared before everyone.

Once the metal giant had formed, Gazlowe drove the magic generator furnace toward its broad chest. As the furnace got closer, a black hole appeared in the chest that drew the furnace into the metal giant.

A short moment later, the magic generator furnace had been connected to the internal energy circulation system of the metal giant. The dead colossus promptly sprang to life.

Violent magic energy coursed through the body of the metal giant, activating one goblin factory after another located within it. COnstruction and combat machines repeatedly lit up. The entire surface of the giant gleamed with a ghostly light unique to magical metals and an intangible soul forcefield formed around it.

As that immense energy flowed through the metal giant, its rough body that had been cobbled together from pieces of metal started to turn even finer. Bumps began to appear on its rough round head. Distinct facial features could now be seen on it.

Even though these things were only appearances and had no impact on the metal giant's functions or powers, it made it looked a lot better on the eyes.

One couldn't be certain if it were an intentional or unintentional act, but the face of the metal giant was fairly similar to Greem's.

However, the metal giant was just too big. Even Greem was no taller than its lips if the two were compared.

The Crimson adepts gathered together and started talking amongst themselves.

The giant before them was large enough. The question was– how were its defense and offense?

Greem had also flown out of the ground now. He slowly landed by the other adepts.

"Deserra, you try attacking it!" Greem gave an order.

As the disciple of Meryl and the grand-disciple of Greem, Deserra was an elementium adept with wind affinity. It had been no more than seven years since he had advanced to adept level.

Deserra was a quiet person that didn't enjoy too much social interaction. As such, he didn't stand out amongst Greem's faction and didn't have too much of a presence. However, his existence represented the legacy of the Crimson Clan. That was why Greem had also started paying attention to him recently.

"Understood, Clan Leader."

Deserra was a conservative adept that liked to do things by the rules. He always wore a formulaic smile on his pale face, and his body revealed a trace of sickliness. His behavior was elegant, but not superficial. One look and anyone could tell he was the classic noble adept that came from a noble family.

Deserra's entire body glowed with light when Greem looked at him with his elementium sight. Not a single equipment slot where Deserra could equip something was empty. It was apparent that he was a reasonably wealthy adept.

Deserra took off of the ground after being called by Greem. He hovered in midair, the magical equipment on his body lighting up in order, providing him with plenty of enhancing and amplifying status effects.

He extended both of his hands, and several wind vortices started to gather between his palms before forming into a single sharp wind blade.

The lack of elementium in the Goblin Plane caused Deserra to require seven entire seconds to bring the wind blade to its strongest level.

Deserra then let out a battle cry as the sharp wind vortex shot out of his hand. It traversed a hundred meters in an instant and crashed upon the soul forcefield of the metal giant.

Some slight ripples appeared on the intangible soul forcefield, and Deserra's attack was quickly neutralized.

Eighty-five points!

The Chip immediately provided Greem with the strength of that attack.

Considering this was the Goblin Plane, and Deserra was a newly-advanced adept, an attack of this strength was already commendable. If this were the World of Adepts, that attack would probably have reached over a hundred points of damage!

Even back in the past, with all the optimization from the Chip and the explosiveness of his fire spells, Greem's spells had only reached a peak of one hundred and five points.

As such, Deserra's research into wind spells was still fairly decent in contrast!

Deserra's attack might not have broken through the metal giant's soul forcefield, but it had attracted Gazlowe's attention.

The metal giant bent its body slightly and turned its head toward Deserra. The pair of eyes that gleamed like searchlights shone toward Deserra.

A First Grade adept could hardly break through the defense of the metal giant controlled by Gazlowe, but what about a Second Grade?

Greem waved his hand, and a Magma Fireball the size of a human head instantly appeared in his palm. It continued to increase in strength as it absorbed the fire elementium around them.

The fireball immediately drew the metal giant's gaze.

"Gazlowe, don't move. I want to try this out."

Greem communicated with Gazlowe and then proceeded to push with his hand. The Magma Fireball in his palm cut across the sky like a streaking meteor and crashed against the soul forcefield.

Sparks flew everywhere, and lava splashed across the place!

One half of the metal giant was engulfed in that massive blast of fire. Copyright 2016 - 2024