Chapter 569 Freedom and Death

Greem nodded at the adepts around him when the magic generator furnace finally landed on the ground.

The next second, all the adepts started chanting. The channeling array that had been carved beneath their feet ahead of time began to light up, layer by layer, as they connected and synchronized with another mysterious array a thousand meters underground.

Greem floated above the channeling arrays and made a waving motion with his hand. The massive and heavy magic generator furnace slowly floated before him.

"Let's go in!"

Greem placed his hand below the magic generator furnace and kept it suspended in the air as he brought it with him into the channeling array.

The next second, they appeared a thousand meters underground.

What floated before them was the magic spring that had now almost concentrated into a stone ball.

After two months of 'nourishment,' the magic energy within the magic spring had reached such density that it was almost solid. A light magic mist lingered around the stone ball, allowing all nearby magical lifeforms to feel the plentiful aura of energy that pressed against their faces.

Brain Monster Gazlowe no longer hid his existence once they reached here.

The magic generator furnace trembled slightly as Gazlowe's Spirit poured out from within like a tsunami. His Spirit quickly scattered the stone ball like a whale swallowing the world itself. It then extended into the slowly spinning space vortex of the magic spring.

Brain Monster Gazlowe was a mysterious lifeform that had undergone mutation, after all. It had no combat ability apart from some simple mental powers. The magic generator furnace and the space vortex started trembling intensely at the same time when his Spirit started to tangle with the energy.

"It's done. You can start now." Gazlow had projected most of his mental powers into resisting the energy space. He barely managed to split off a trace of his mind to maintain a mental connection with Greem.

Gazlowe would never have been able to move this energy space a single inch with only his own knowledge and ability. One could even say that most native creatures of the various planar worlds could not move these wild magic springs. Only the powerful World of Adepts possessed the necessary magical knowledge and technique from their countless invasions and conquering of lower planes.

That was why Brain Monster Gazlowe had to ask for help from Second Grade Greem when he wanted to transfer the magic spring into his new body, even though he possessed Third Grade power himself.

As such, Brain Monster Greem tried his best to seep his Spirit into the energy space while silently waiting for Greem to make his move.

As the strange mumbling of chants completed, a massive and mysterious array appeared on the ground beneath the magic spring. Countless magical lines and magical runes appeared one after another. In almost a single instant, they had turned this massive pit into a sea of light and radiance.

The singularity fixed at the core of the energy space suddenly spurted out numerous energy particles under the effects of the runic array. These particles turned into a violent stream that corroded everything in their path, causing the already large cave to become even broader.

Gazlowe was hiding within the magic generator furnace. He was protected on the outside by a special magical alloy with tremendous toughness and magical malleability. Naturally, he wouldn't be damaged at all. Greem had also propped up layers of Fire Shields. It was like a fireworks performance when the energy particles crashed against his shields.

Singularities had no substance. They were only a mysterious spatial node that connected the plane space with the outer space. Ordinary creatures couldn't even touch them, much less pluck them away as if they were gemstones.

However, as an adept, Greem was able to purchase an expensively priced mysterious array related to magic springs from the Silver Union. The magic principles and techniques within the array were too difficult to properly analyze, even with Greem's current reserve of knowledge. He could only act according to the instructions and use his Spirit to push the mysterious array into functioning.

Still, this expensive array had an effect.

The unmoving singularity started to slowly float toward the magic generator furnace under the guidance of the array, as the energy particles continued to spew out of it.

As expected! It worked!

Both Greem and Gazlowe let out a silent sigh of relief.

Greem's Spirit suddenly spiked when he saw the singularity close in on the furnace. He instantly transformed into the Flame Fiend.

A fearsome Flame Fiend seven meters in height and forged of fire and magma appeared in the cave.

The next second, a fire rune that concentrated part of Greem's soul brand suddenly appeared. It floated toward Gazlowe's central brain along with the singularity.

"What…what are you doing?"

Gazlowe couldn't help but start shouting when he saw Greem do this at this crucial moment of the assimilation of the furnace and the singularity.

"You are Third Grade. I am Second Grade. You will have assimilated both the magic generator furnace and the singularity by the time this is over. Your power is sure to rise exponentially. I can't guarantee that the soul contract I've placed within you before this can still bind you. So," The transformed Greem bent his body and put on a 'gentle' smile on his blazing face, "Either you accept this new soul brand, or you die here; you choose!"

Brain Monster Gazlowe fell silent.

The Second Grade fire adept wasn't just threatening him here. Gazlowe could sense a few 'guests' forcibly boarding the flying vessel above. Included among them was that Second Grade Dragonborn Zacha.

Given the circumstances, it was obvious that both sides would start attacking him if he didn't agree to Greem's request. The adepts would try to exterminate him.

He might have a become a high grade when he turned into the Third Grade brain monster. However, he possessed no combat ability. He needed to rely on an assimilated metal body and magical machines to fight with anyone.

The fire adept had instilled continuously within him the various benefits of possessing the magic generator furnace before this. He had even advised Gazlowe to maintain his mental powers at their peak state before assimilating the magic generator furnace and the singularity, and avoid owning too many magical machine bodies.

It was only at this moment that Gazlow understood the opponent's intentions.

Even if he wanted to resist at this moment, he didn't pose much of a threat with that flying ship outside. That ship had been stripped of most of its magic energy weapons.

Moreso, the opponent had wholly understood all of his weakness and strengths during this period of interaction. They would exterminate him with a blitzing strike if they ever needed to. They wouldn't leave him with any chance of splitting his brain and escaping.

Gazlowe felt even more furious and humiliated when he understood all this.

He was a Third Grade lifeform, yet he had so utterly fallen into the scheme of a group of small Second Grade adepts. He could only close his eyes and wait to be enslaved now. This…this upsetting feeling made him want to go berserk!

Gazlowe's feelings became even more complicated as he saw the quickly approaching singularity and fire rune.

One was something that he couldn't wait to possess, and another was something he couldn't want even more to destroy.

He could instantly destroy a magic rune like this that imprinted directly upon the soul. All he needed was a beam of mental power. Yet, he could only watch as the rune slowly floated toward him and merged with the soul consciousness of his central brain.

Every time Gazlowe mustered the courage to resist his fate of enslavement and started to gather his mental powers, the thought of his own body being torn to pieces by the violent spells of the adept would appear in his mind.

He might be a true Third Grade brain monster now, but in the end, he still inherited the origin of his soul from a cowardly and weak goblin.

Neither of the two choices of extreme power and the loss of freedom could compete with Gazlowe's fear of death, even when they had arrived before him.

He had tried countless times to gather the courage and had imagined many plans of escape. However, the 93% death rate made Gazlowe only capable of watching time pass by until the fire rune and the singularity completely merged with himself.

When the singularity merged with his mental consciousness, and the core area of the magic generator furnace finally started to stabilize, a surge of space energy more violent and more powerful than the last blasted outward, repeatedly eroding the rock walls of the underground cave.

Countless specks of energy particles corrupted and turned everything around the cave into glowing energy crystals. The thickness and density of these energy crystal layers were quickly increasing as the particle stream intensified.

Greem scanned with his Spirit, and the notifications from the Chip shocked him.

The massive cave had only been affected by the magic generator furnace for a single minute, yet the rock layers and earth around it had started to show signs of turning into magical stones. According to the Chip's calculations, this magic generator furnace could produce three hundred magical crystals on a daily basis, even if it wasn't used for any other purpose.

That meant three thousand magical stones!

In comparison, Greem's Fire Throne could only manage eight magical crystals or fifteen fire crystals a day, even if most of the magical facilities had been shut down. The elementium altar in the energy room of Fire Throne was disposable trash when compared to the magic generator furnace. Its returns were so meager they were hardly worth mentioning.

Gazlow could feel the boundless energy coursing through his 'body'. However, he couldn't feel happy when he sensed the contract of slavery that had utterly assimilated with his soul.

"Go up!" Greem's attitude toward Gazlowe improved tremendously when he saw how obedient the brain monster was being, "There's still plenty of food left up there for you."

Perhaps because Gazlowe wanted to vent the anger growing within him with a violent and forceful act, the magic generator furnace trembled and shot upward without Greem's help.

It continued to shoot out energy as it floated up.

After all, Gazlowe only had a magic generator furnace heart right now. He didn't have a body that belonged to him yet. As such, 99% of the energy had nowhere to go and could only shoot outward in a disorderly fashion in the form of energy particle streams.

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