Chapter 512 The Ship Crashes

Enemy assault!

As the ear-piercing siren went off, Greem revealed his most potent form without any hesitation.

Ferocious elementium flames surged out of his body and wrapped around him, instantly turning Greem into a massive and mighty elementium flame humanoid. The sweltering heatwave pushed out in every direction. The temperature of the air in a twenty-meter radius around him shot up to a terrifying four thousand degrees in a matter of two or three seconds.

This temperature was extremely high. Even the deck made of a ghostly blue alloy couldn't endure such heat, let alone an ordinary living being. The patterns of the metallic deck started to blur, and a set of clear footprints remained wherever Greem walked.

The sound of goblin firearms crackled in every direction like popcorn.

However, as two Lava Shields and five Fire Shields started orbiting Greem's body, the goblin guards could no longer freely fire as they had been before. Any attack on a Fire Shield triggered a corresponding backlash burst of fire. The goblin guards dealt negligible damage to Greem, but the backlash from the Fire Shields was too much for the goblin guards to deal with.

Several goblin guards ran out from their hiding spots after firing their guns, their bodies completely aflame. The fire elementium was so stubborn and obstinate that it was hard for the goblins to put it out, no matter how much they rolled on the ground and beat it with their clothes.

As Greem continued forward, the burning goblin guards ran out. After one last futile struggle, they burned into a heap of ashes and despair.

These ordinary goblin guards might be considered strong and tough among the goblins, but they were as frail as paper-people before a Second Grade adept from a different plane.

Without magical machines and magic resistant equipment, even the passive fifteen-point fire backlash of the Fire Shield was too much for them to bear. There was no need to even mention Greem and his Ring of Fire's forty-five points of power.

The Greem of the moment was like an overbearing demon that had climbed out of hell. Flames surged, and fires flowed wherever he went.

The entire flying ship was over five hundred meters in length. Greem had stepped on the first half of the vessel, approximately one hundred meters away from the entrance to the cabins that was right in the middle of the ship. Ordinary goblin guards were powerless to stop his advance. However, the seven magical machines guarding before the entrance could.

Some of the more impulsive goblin mechanics wanted to charge forward immediately, but their captain stopped them.

Their mission was to guard the cabin entrance and stop the evil adept from breaking through. If they went up to engage the enemy, there was a risk that a new enemy would slip into the cabin. That would directly threaten the safety of Prince Lord Gazlowe.

The squad captain held back his squad members and had them stand out in a row before the entrance of the cabin. They got into defensive formation and silently waited for reinforcements.

Commander Toltoy had already received a report when the enemy set foot on the flying ship. At the moment, people were scrambling inside the vessel. In another three to five minutes, a large group of magical machines would be able to swarm out and drown this evil adept with their terrifying numbers.

Greem stopped advancing after reaching the middle of the front deck. Instead, he looked around him. An intimidating smile appeared on his flame-shrouded face.

"Gas masks? Your reaction speed is pretty fast, isn't it!?"

Greem could see leather masks covering the faces of all the burned goblin corpses on the ground. He was smart enough to figure out their purpose without too much thought.

It seemed the Poison Halo that Endor had cast during the day had utterly terrified the goblins. They only dared to teleport explosive chickens to bombard the adepts until they could equip all their soldiers with gas masks. Sending actual combatants to the adepts was entirely out of the question.

After a little bit of banter, Greem waved the Blaze of Destruction in his hand. A massive Meteor Shower and Demonic Wall of Fire exploded with the cabin entrance at the center!

Spells with such vast reach were impossible to intercept. Thus, the seven magical machines started burning. They screamed, yelled, and struggled to escape the radius of the spell, after which they finally managed to extinguish the flames on them.

What they hadn't expected was the terrifying Flame Demon not taking advantage of the opportunity to rush into the cabin. Instead, the adept took a few steps backward and shouted at the skies, "Hold back that goblin for me!"

The intensity of the flames around the Flame Demon increased even further. The crimson flames turned a golden yellow as extreme elementium flames gathered in the hands of the Flame Demon. He pressed his hands into the metal deck beneath his feet.

Initially, a layer of colorful lights appeared on the surface of the metal deck, barely resisting the effects of the blazing fire. However, as a surge of strange runic powers corroded the insides of the metal, the metal deck could no longer hold together. It shattered.

The second layer of the metallic deck was exposed after the first layer had shattered. It was an alchemical alloy creation with entirely different traits and hardness.

Unfortunately, much like the first layer, the metallic deck had an exceptional performance in everything except magic resistance. Soon, the second metal deck eroded as well.

The third layer was revealed.

The magical machines guarding the cabin entrance flew into a frenzy when they saw the flame demon attacking the metal deck with all he had. It seemed the monster wanted to burn an opening into the interior of the ship.

A barrage of metal bullets crashed against Greem's Magma Shield like an unrelenting storm. Magma scattered and lava splashed, but the rounds did absolutely nothing to the heavily-defended adept.

Three of the magical machines stormed forward.

Just as they were midway to the Flame Demon, three rockets blazing with a trail of spiraling fire shot down from the skies and hit them on the backs.

A small magic energy storm appeared, and the three magical machines immediately collapsed to the ground without any warning. It was as if they were toys that had their batteries taken out of them.

Magic Energy Bomb!

The goblin mechanics in the four machines that had stayed by the entrance opened their mouths wide. They couldn't believe their own eyes. That...that was the newest magic energy weapon that the superiors had just handed over to them. How was it that the weapons had become accomplices of the enemy before the goblins had gotten a chance to use them?

The four machines quickly gathered together and raised their black gun barrels. They looked around them cautiously for any commotion. Energy shield, gas mask, energy goggles, energy spectrometer; the goblins activated all their auxiliary equipment, ensuring they were completely protected.

After hiding so long in the darkness, Tigule could no longer hold back. Greem was almost about to break through the metallic decks. Tigule strode forward as his three-meter tall Metallic Goblin charged towards the Flame Demon like a valiant knight. The Metallic Goblin thrust the metal dagger in its hand towards Greem's throat.

The odd laughter of a girl rang out in the air.

Two metallic appendages stabbed out of nowhere, their tips sharp as the finest of daggers.

Mechanical Adept Sabrina finally showed herself entirely. Eight metallic appendages as thick as a thumb waved about her body like the tentacles of a squid. They formed a defensive line of metal and steel, obstructing Tigule's path.

Sabrina couldn't help but grimace in pain after only two or three exchanges.

A Metallic Goblin that had some semblance of Second Grade power was not something a First Grade mechanical adept like herself could stop. Two of her metallic appendages had been severed in a mere three seconds. Her own body might have been damaged if she hadn't activated a Goblin Rocket at close range to scare Tigule away.

At this point, Greem had managed to use his terrifying hand of flames to break through the five layers of the metallic deck. He succeeded in opening up a bowl-sized hole that penetrated straight into the inside of the ship.

Greem didn't just enter the hole thoughtlessly. Instead, he first raised his head and took a deep breath.

The breath he took was so deep and massive that it caused a small natural storm in the air.

He waited until his body of flames had expanded to its limits before bending down and blowing all the fire energy in his body straight into the opening.

Out of nowhere, a hot breeze filled with the smell of sulfur and fire blew across the interior of the ship. An unstoppable stream of fire ravaged every inch of space inside the flying ship.

Such pure fire energy could hardly threaten the goblin mechanics hiding inside their magical machines, especially spread across the massive area inside the ship. However, apart from the almost four hundred goblin mechanics, there were still thousands of ordinary goblin engineers, alchemists, and other technicians aboard the vessel, along with many goblin soldiers.

Those people lacked the protection of a magical machine. What awaited them was death by magical fire if they failed to hide in an enclosed space before the stream of flames reached them.

This move by Greem was savage and sinister!

He had wholly avoided those pesky magical machines and targeted the unprotected ordinary goblins. Moreover, there were plenty of goblin technicians on this ship!

The flying ship trembled slightly and a deafening explosion echoed inside the ship.

It seemed Greem's attack had triggered some equipment at the core of the ship. The entire vessel started to go out of control.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Hidden in his secret room, Gazlowe smashed the monitoring lens in his hand and cursed over and over.

Commander Toltoy's furious voice rang out from the horn in front of Gazlowe, "Lord Gazlowe, this isn't good. External energies have intruded on the space furnace we hastily installed. It's already… it's already gone out of control."

Gazlowe had always treasured his own life. He couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine when he heard Toltoy's words. He calmed down and solemnly said, "Can the space furnace still be saved?"

Toltoy's crying yell rang out from the horn, "We can't save it anymore. The great engineers are trying their best to salvage it right now. They say…they say that the space furnace will only last another three minutes before it explodes."

Gazlowe shivered once more when he heard the word explode. He coldly answered, "Ignore those idiots. You come to secret room B512 immediately. We will teleport and leave this place as soon as possible. Remember, do not tell anyone else. Only five people can teleport away. I will wait two minutes for you. If you don't arrive in two minutes, then hmph! I will just take it that you've died for your country."

"Wait for me, please. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Toltoy's desperate screech rang out from the other end of the horn.

One could hear the shouts of confusion and frantic footsteps in the background.

The flying ship shook once more and slowly fell from the skies! Copyright 2016 - 2024