Chapter 511 Night Attack against the Flying Ship

Targeted teleportation with explosive chicken?

Greem had never even thought of such an amazing combo. The main reason for that was due to the difficulty of mastering targeted teleportation!

In all the years he had lived, only Alice had possessed that ability. However, Alice relied on her spatial talent and didn't know much about spatial principles.

Grem had never expected a bunch of foolish and noisy goblins to be able to use targeted teleportation with such accuracy.

Boom! A fiery explosion.

Greem immediately used Fire Teleportation and moved away.

A magic energy battery was clearly hidden inside the explosive chicken. The violent energy ripples triggered by the explosion had almost ravaged every inch of space within a radius of ten meters. If Greem had stayed on the spot, he wouldn't have died, but the magic energy that would have surged through him would have easily destroyed the elementium energy within his body.

If one were to speak in more familiar terms used in his previous life, this sort of attack wouldn't have taken away any of his hit points, but it would have burned a lot of his mana.

Before he could even get himself together, an even larger spatial hole appeared in the air. A flood of explosive chickens poured down from within.

It seemed like they were sent here by the goblins just to blow themselves up. All the chickens immediately activated their goblin rockets when they saw Greem and the others. Their bodies were propelled by a burst of fire and crashed towards the adepts as if they were flying.

How many explosive chickens was this!?

A hundred, or a thousand?

Greem, Sabrina, and Endor were terrified. They swiftly used every trick they had to escape outwards. Behind them; Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of perpetual explosions. Moreover, the violent magic energy was still chasing them and keeping at their heels, not allowing them a single moment's rest.

The explosive chickens were not living beings. Endor's Poison Halo did not affect them. On the other hand, Sabrina was a mechanical adept that focused on mid to close-range melee. However, even Sabrina had to run when faced with a swarm of fearless explosive chickens that self-destructed the moment they caught up with the enemy. She spent all her magical abilities in keeping herself alive.

Only Greem seemed to have some energy to spare. After teleportation, he would always throw some fire spells back behind him to clear up the explosive chickens chasing behind them.

However, the goblin raid boss mastermind behind this attack became infuriated after Greem repeated this two or three more times. Another batch of explosive chickens teleported over once again.

Even Greem's scalp buzzed when he saw the sea of chickens behind him. He had no choice but to leap to Sabrina and Endor's side and bring them away with him.

This pursuit lasted a good fifteen minutes and only ended after Greem and the others had managed to exhaust the energy of the rockets inside the explosive chickens. Yet, at this moment, the massive hull of a flying ship once again emerged on the distant horizon.

"Go!" Greem turned back and glared at the flying ship. He coldly spat out, "If that's how they want to play, then we will go and meet them at their home tonight."

Having said that, a blaze of fire emerged, and Greem disappeared from the scene with Sabrina and Endor.


As night fell, the riotous day on the Goblin Continent turned peaceful and silent once again.

The massive body of the flying ship was like that of a colossal monster under the silver light of the moon. Its sharp metallic features seemed to have been draped in a layer of silvery radiance as it slowly glided in the skies a thousand meters above the ground.

The enemies were still running.

The magical machine squad in the distance occasionally sent them the position of the enemy. It was sometimes in the west, and sometimes the coordinates would be in the east. The direction in which the enemy was heading was always changing. Based on this, it was evident that the explosive chickens from the day had been a massive problem for the enemies. They made it such that the adepts no longer dared to stay in a single place for too long.

From an outsider's point of view, the flying ship was too slow and cumbersome. However, it wasn't until when you stood upon the decks of the ship and looked down upon the hills, mountains, rivers, and lakes zooming past you that you truly understood the speed of the vessel.

One could see plenty of scattered sparks of light set against the pitch-black backdrop of the ground from high up here. The dense gathering of lights were the goblin cities, while the scattered firefly-like lights were the goblin villages.

Every light that lit up represented the continuation of the goblin civilization!

Tigule stood high upon a small platform at the bow of the ship. He silently looked down upon everything below as he allowed the cold air at this altitude to pierce his leather jacket and through his chilled body. His two large ears, unique to the green goblins, had blown to the back of his head. They shivered slightly in the wind.

The heavy thumping of boots rang out just as Tigule was caught in his daze.

"Sir Tigule, Commander Toltoy requests your presence at the combat meeting!" A goblin messenger wearing a thick windbreaker and goggles saluted and shouted loudly.

There was no choice. It was hard to hear each other without shouting at this altitude.

"Not interested!" Tigule coldly replied without turning his head, "Go back and tell Toltoy to erect the energy barrier and see through tonight if he doesn't want to kill everyone on the ship."

The messenger had no choice but to go back and do as he was told.

A short while later, Toltoy, the captain of the flying ship, appeared where the messenger had been.

"You're saying that those human adepts will attack the ship tonight? Where's your proof?"

"I have no proof!"

"……" Toltoy paused for a moment, "Then you've got to give me at least a reason!"



Toltoy finally left after a sigh.

Even after another hour, the energy forcefield that could surround the ship still hadn't appeared. This time, it was Tigule's turn to sigh.

In truth, Tigule could understand Toltoy to some extent. Toltoy might be the commander of the flying ship, but he was entirely at the behest of Prince Gazlowe, who hid deep within the vessel. Activating the energy forcefield generator and sustaining a complete forcefield might keep the flying ship safe from all enemies, but it would also take up over forty percent of the space furnace's energy output.

In doing so, the flight speed of the ship would be reduced by seventy percent. It would only be able to float through the skies at a rate of fifteen kilometers per hour.

Trying to catch up to the escaping human adepts at that speed was an absolute joke. That was why it was impossible for Commander Toltoy to slow down the ship over the random ramblings and so-called 'instincts' of a goblin that had failed at his task, especially when the frontline was continually sending back the vague locations of the human adepts!

Even though he had already expected this, Tigule still felt his heart ache tremendously when he faced the cold reality in front of him. Vague spots of color appeared before his eyes.

Tigule stumbled backward and crashed into a towering metallic machine.

God of War!

That was the name that Tigule had privately given to his magical machine. He'd never had the guts to reveal this name he had been mulling over, as he had yet to obtain any decent accomplishments.

Yet, in that battle from earlier, all of his mechanic companions had died at the hands of the evil adepts. He, on the other hand, could not avenge them. Even his life had only been spared by the compassion and mercy of the evil adept.

All these things, all these occurrences, bundled together and weighed upon him, pushing him further and further away from his dream!

Tigule's heart felt like it had been sliced open by a knife when he thought of this. He could even smell that distinct odor of blood when he breathed.

"Old friend. Tonight, let us wash the spots off of our bodies with our blood and the blood of the enemies!" Tigule gritted his teeth and entered the cockpit as he caressed the cool, hard surface of the massive Metal Goblin.

As the magic energy battery connected, the various patterns on the surface of the Metal Goblin started to glow with a shining purple light. The light quickly dimmed down, and the Metal Goblin bent down and silently hid in the darkness where none of the ship's lights could reach.

Even though Commander Toltoy didn't believe in Tigule's instinct, he still arranged double the usual scouts and patrols on the deck of the ship out of the caution of a commanding officer. In fact, he even assigned a squad of seven magical machines at the only entrance to the interior of the ship.


The floating ship glided past a tall mountain. It continued to adjust its course, closely trailing behind the three evil adepts that were thirty-five kilometers away.

What the goblins never imagined was two figures wrapped in thick black robes raising their heads on the mountain below them. They were taking a good look at the flying ship moving past their heads.

From beneath, one could perfectly see the white metal hull of the flying ship as well as the rows of windows and metal plates on its sides.

"Let's go up! It's time to teach these goblins a good lesson." The voice of the taller figure on the left was deep and held within it an aura of might that wouldn't take no for an answer.

Judging from the voice, it was Greem.

The black shadow to the right cast off their robe, revealing a strange body that was half-human and half-machine. It was Sabrina, who had just updated her weaponry systems.

"Let's meet up there!"

Sabrina nodded. Six clusters of red light simultaneously lit up beneath her feet, by her waist, and under her armpits. She shot into the sky like a rocket. She became as agile as a fish in water as the six propellers adjusted, and her speed also increased over time.

Greem's body paused for a second. A cluster of fire burst forth as he appeared in the sky two hundred meters above. He casually strolled in the empty air with the Boots of Levitation that he wore on his feet. When the cooldown of Fire Teleportation had passed, yet another rumbling explosion rang out. He was now somewhat close to the flying ship.

Greem did not intend to remain subtle. He had no means to hide the commotion from his Fire Teleportation anyway. Instead, he continued to teleport just like this.

Finally, with yet another explosion, Greem's massive body set foot upon the deck of the flying ship! Copyright 2016 - 2023