Chapter 232 Mutated Bloodline

The War Tower.

Due to rushed work, the facilities here was extremely rudimentary.

With the exception of an elementium pool that spanned five entire levels, there were no other magical facilities in the two underground levels.

Moreover, even the currently functioning elementium pool looked extremely crude and clumsily crafted. The walls of the pool were uneven, with plenty of plant roots and rotting leaves that could be seen from cracks in the walls. It was clear that the dirt used for construction had not been properly filtered.

Eleven adepts floated above the elementium pool, continuously retrieving magic crystals from their storage spaces and tossing them into the pool. Yet the magic crystals piling up below their feet were vanishing into the elementium pool at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

A standard adept tower would constantly absorb drifting elementium particles from its surroundings and gather them in its elementium pool once it was activated. In doing so, the tower would be able form a stable source of elementium energy. Part of these energies would be used for the tower’s upkeep and daily energy use. The rest of the energies would accumulate within the elementium pool, serving as a reserve.

The longer an adepts' tower was functioning, the more shocking the amount of magical energies it would have in reserve.

Under normal circumstances, attacking an adepts' tower such as this one would not be worth the effort. Without a way to exhaust the massive reserves of energy, it was virtually impossible to break into the tower.

However, the war tower had just been activated. What energy reserves could it possibly have? As such, the Sarubo Clan adepts could only throw in large numbers of magic crystals to maintain its functioning and to sustain the tower's energy consumption.

Moreover, the tower was currently in the middle of a terrifying planar war. The tower’s elementium barrier had to endure up hundreds of ferocious attacks every second. All of this naturally burned away at the magic crystals within the elementium pool!

The energy consumption was extremely high, especially when you considered the bombardment of spells every five seconds and the dozens of large-scale spells that blasted towards the witcher-knights outside, sending them into disarray.

All of this consumed the magic crystals in the elementium pool!

Even with eleven adepts frantically tossing magic crystals into the pool, the energy reserves still seemed to be slowly running out. This was undoubtedly a cause for concern.

With the rapid circulation of destructive magical energy within the tower’s defensive system, there would occasionally be minor explosions and damage here and there. Every time the Tower Spirit's monotone voice rang out in the room, one of the adepts would have to rush to the damaged spot to fix the array.

There was no choice. The construction had been too rushed and the tower’s defense system had barely been completed in the nick of time. They were already extremely lucky that the tower could function properly! At least they hadn't been blown into the skies by a major mistake in the arrays. The slight errors, on the other hand, would have to wait until this war was over!

However, with the start of the fight between the Third Grade adepts and the green dragon squad, the energy consumption quickly skyrocketed.

Each clan adept held in their hands a magic spatial tool with massive storage. They all opened the tools to their limits and tilted them downwards at the pool. Crystalline and transparent magic crystals fell like rain from the sky, building up yet another small hill in the middle of the elementium pool.

Mysterious and profound runic arrays floated about the walls of the pool. The arrays flashed with radiant light, and the magic crystals were crushed to powder by magical energies, turning into pure elementium energy that flowed into the arrays. These energies were then sent to every corner of the tower through the circuits on the walls.

Every time the adepts' tower shook intensely, a layer of the magic crystals would be consumed. And when the adepts in the tower launched yet another wave of magic bombardment, the magic crystals in the pool would rapidly melt, like snowflakes left under the hot sun.

The clan adepts responsible for maintaining the energy supply held their emptied spatial tools with bitter expressions. They took out another storage tool from under their robes. They opened the tools by chanting their passwords, grit their teeth, and continued to pour crystals into the pool.

It was important to note that these were from the exhausting accumulation of the Sarubo Clan over the past hundred years!

Every magic crystal could be be traded for 150 gold adept coins back in the World of Adepts. Even a conservative estimate would put the number of crystals they had just emptied into the pool at thirty thousand crystals. Yet this was just the start of the battle! The consumption of magic crystals would undoubtedly increase to a frightening degree as the battle continued to intensify.

This battle was most definitely burning away at mountains of gold with every moment that passed by!

Of course, outsiders would not be able to understand the pain and troubles of a clan adept.

High in the upper levels of the tower, a dozen adepts happily steed in their offensive arrays, using the best of their abilities to turn the continuous supply of magical energy into terrifyingly powerful spells and blasting them at the witcher-knights in front of the tower.

A bunch of knights with only arrows and longswords? Trying to attack a fully activated war tower with no siege machines or effective organization?

Today, the adepts used their most destructive spells to educate these arrogant frogs in their wells. And their tuition fee would be… their own flesh and blood!

Greem freely controlled the offensive array and formed the surging magical energies into one powerful spell after another. Then he used his Spirit to direct the spells and launch them at the most suitable location. With the tower's defense system active, Greem exhausted virtually none of the magical energies within his body while launching a continuous wave of powerful spells.

Countless auxiliary arrays had been crafted around the offensive arrays. These arrays were able to affix special effects onto the launched spells, such as range increase, polarization of attributes, and penetration. With these additional effects in play, even Second Grade radiant knights couldn't endure their insane magical blitz!

However, at this moment, most of Greem's attention was still focused on the Third Grades’ fight happening above his head.

He had to retreat during the Third Grade fight in the hall previously, and was sorely upset that he couldn't see it with his own eyes. But now, two Third Grade adepts battled against a group of green dragons and dragon knights above the tower. Greem's excitement and shock was imaginable.

One had to say that these two Third Grade adepts were absolutely terrifying existences! They were like actual demons!

The purple-robed adept that personally killed the Third Grade dragon knight seemed to be a bloodline adept. He once again turned into a monstrous purple-eyed giant, standing above the air as the purple eyes on his body continuously shot out hundreds of terrifying purple beams. Each individual purple beam might not have been very powerful, but when a hundred of those beams were concentrated on a single person, their might was incomparable.

Greem also suspected that these purple beams had some sort of special magical effect. Otherwise the green dragons wouldn't avoid them as frantically as they were. It was almost as if the dragons themselves couldn't be immune to the effects, even with their amazing physiques.

That green-robed female adept also appeared to be an impressive individual. With a twist of her body, she turned into a terrifying Flying Venom Dragon and forcefully fought with the dragons.

Flying Venom Dragon? Purple-Eyed Giant?

Greem quickly scanned through his mind and found the relevant information.

Flying Venom Dragon. A magical creature of the poison attribute. A hybrid dragon that could go up to the Fifth Grade. If one were to truly trace its roots, it was not a pure-bred dragon. In fact, it was one of the tens of thousands of hybrid dragon races that the dragons had created.

It was rumored that the dragons' unbridled lust and Ultimate Transfiguration, that allowed them to transform into any race, had allowed them to continue undertaking their ambitious plan of ‘seeding’ the worlds, regardless of size or race. Thus, unique hybrid dragons with dragon bloodlines could be found on almost any material plane.

And the Flying Venom Dragon was one of many hybrid dragon races!

They looked just like a green dragon that had been skinned. The surface of their bodies were covered with a layer of pungent and viscous green liquid instead of scales, and their most powerful weapon was their terrifying venom spit. If one were to look at the racial traits of the two dragons, the toxicity of the flying venom dragon's poison was three times that of the green dragon's, while its corrosiveness was five times that of the green dragon's.

Perhaps because they were too ugly, the progenitors of the green dragons, the Emerald Dragons, refused to acknowledge their identity as a branch of the green dragons. This caused a feud between the flying venom dragons and the source of their bloodline– the green dragons.

Also, both of these dragon races had the same progenitor and source of bloodline. This meant that as long as the flying venom dragons continuously devoured their progenitor green dragons, they would be able to rapidly strengthen their bloodline powers. Every time a flying venom dragon met a green dragon, a massive battle to the death would ensue!

The purple-eyed giant seemed to be a branch of the Ancient Giants.

In the period of time when the multiverse had just been born, and the order within the planar worlds had yet to be established, the most powerful race active amongst the worlds were all varieties of giants.

Sand Giants, Evil Giants, Hundred-Eye Giants, Hermit Giants, Forest Giants, Solar Giants, Oceanic Giants, Cloud Giants, Flame Giants, Stone Giants…

These terrifying giants, that easily reached a hundred meters tall, had ruled the material planes for up to a million years. Sadly, with the change of the planar laws, their powerful strength turned into a burden instead, and the giant races quickly retired from the stage of history.

While most of the powerful Ancient Giants had vanished, their bloodline had passed down over the tens of thousands of years, creating powerful bloodline creatures.

Today one could still find Frost Giants, Storm Giants, Hill Giants, Cyclopes, and Hundred-Arm Giants in the material planes. These were all giants with the blood of Ancient Giants.

However, Greem had never heard of the purple-eyed giant that the purple-robed adept had turned into. He had reason to suspect that this was most likely a mutated bloodline that resulted from some sort of magical pollution.

This meant that this was a mutated bloodline that had come out of a magical laboratory!

Greem could see the shadows of the ancient Hundred-Eye Giant and the Beholder in this purple-eyed giant. As for whether there were even more odd bloodlines in the mix, that was not something that Greem could tell. Copyright 2016 - 2024