Chapter 231 Slaughter

The entire room disappeared from Greem's vision when he activated the array.

It was as if the war tower had become completely transparent. Greem's sight and senses could extend undeterred to any corner of the battlefield.

This was a unique angle, looking down at the battlefield from high above in the air. It was like Greem had suddenly become an invisible man floating forty meters above the sky, silently observing the dense crowd and rain of runic arrows below.

A muffled boom rang out, and a massive stone crashed somewhere close above Greem's head. A large dragon with fine green scales all over its body flew from the skies not far away. It opened its mouth and unleashed a terrifying dragon's breath onto the tower.

Meanwhile, the Third Grade dragon knight standing firmly on its back was waving his radiant longsword. One after another, extremely concentrated energy blades slashed onto the tower's structure from a distance.

A large crack appeared on the transparent body of the tower before him. However, it was quickly repaired under the circulation of elementium energies. Still, a fine crack was left on the surface. It was clear that the tower that had just been activated would not be able to bear much more if the opponents were allowed to continue their ferocious attacks.

Greem let out a deep growl, and his Spirit seeped into the array beneath him. Almost immediately, massive amounts of fire elementium flowed into his body through the tower.

Without an adept’s control, such an offensive array might only be able to just keep shooting out magic fireballs at the enemies. However, with someone like Greem at the controls, the might of its attacks instantly increased by several levels.


A Magma Fireball as large as a plate whistled as it flew out of the tower, crashing towards the green dragon flying in the sky and the dragon knight on its back.

This sudden attack clearly shocked the two. The green dragon's massive body turned slightly to avoid the fireball attack.

However, just as the Magma Fireball was about to pass by the green dragon's neck, it suddenly exploded.

The next second, a violent sea of lava and magma shards devoured the two. The scattered flames from the explosion also brought about death to the knights below.

A tragic and deafening dragon's roar rang out throughout the battlefield. The green dragon, engulfed in red lava, beat its wings and flew even higher into the sky, finally succeeding in escaping the Magma Fireball’s area of effect. On the other hand, the dragon knight on its back had a radiant life forcefield about him. It was obvious that he had not received any damage.

The dragon and rider were not wounded, but the witcher-knights did not have such outstanding ability themselves.

The knights, still drawing their bows and shooting runic arrows at the tower gates, had been showered by the rain of fire from above. An area of nearly 50 square meters had been set ablaze. They knights could only raise their energy shields and escape the area.

Some who were slower at running even had their clothes lit on fire and were frantically scrambling to put it out.

Yet this Magma Fireball only appeared to be a starting gun. Another four or five spells of various colors shot out from within the war tower in the next few seconds. All of them landed right in the areas that the witcher-knights were most concentrated in.

A strange, dirt-yellow halo landed on the ground, and the six witcher-knights within the halo suddenly felt their bodies become heavier. They kneeled on the ground with muffled grunts. Two witcher-knights at the edge of the halo were able to struggle and escape. The three in the center of the halo had been completely flattened against the ground. Blood flowed incessantly from under their thick armor. It was obvious that all the flesh and bones in their bodies had been crushed by the terrifying gravity.

A gray halo flashed somewhere not far off. Countless strange shadows suddenly surfaced in the air. These shapes were like shadow creatures with no physical forms. They continuously rushed into the bodies of the witcher-knights within the halo. Every time a shadow entered their bodies, the witcher-knights would let out a pained grunt.

Those that were able to escape were still saved; they only took some shadow damage. That said, those that weren't able to make it out of the halo were kneeling on the ground, coughing up black blood everywhere. Ruptured fragments of their organs could be seen in their blood.

What was more terrifying was a crackling blast of Chain Lightning.

When the terrifying electric serpent weaved about the crowd, every witcher-knight that came into contact with it would instantly be burnt to char and fall to the ground. Just a single attack, and nine witcher-knights fell to the effects of the frightening electric spell.

The devastating Chain Lightning gradually dispersed after exhausting all of its energy. All it left on the battlefield were large numbers of black corpses and a pungent charred smell.

Greem's face also betrayed an expression of shock at the continuous bombardment of spells.

The terrifying might of the war tower on this battlefield was stunning!

If he was on the battlefield, a First Grade adept like himself would have to find a way to stop the enemies' progress while killing them. Moreover, he would have had to do a fine analysis and estimation of the rate at which he was burning through his Spirit in order to reserve some strength to deal with unexpected situations.

In all of the previous battles, Greem had only been using sixty percent of his strength when attacking the enemy. Another twenty percent was used to maintain and control the situation on the battlefield, while the last twenty was reserved for emergencies. This was a high efficiency that he managed to achieve with the golems as his helpers. If it had been any other adept, even using forty percent of their strength on killing enemies would be a remarkable result!

But now that he was within the war tower, his safety was guaranteed. Moreover, with the endless amount of energy surging into his body from the tower, along with the enhancement provided by the array beneath him, he could almost bring out 100% of his powers.

The Flame Demon! A master of flame manipulation!

As a powerful elementium adept with fire mastery, the abilities Greem had chosen for himself were in fact most suited for a battlefield. Once he no longer needed to worry about his safety, and could exhibit all the might of his fire spells, the battlefield turned into an apocalyptic hell of magma.

A large and wide Inferno Wall sealed the tower gates. The witcher-knights that wanted to continue to hack away at the elementium barrier could only grit their teeth and endure the burning of the magical flames.

A massive Meteor Shower instantly covered the area before the gates. Meteor after meteor crashed from the skies, smashing gigantic craters into the ground. Terrifying flame waves spread out again and again, leaving no place for the knights to escape to.

As long as a group of witcher-knights larger than five appeared in Greem's vision, a Magma Fireball would instantly whistle through the sky and land squarely on their heads. It didn't matter whether the Magma Fireball exploded on its own or was intercepted by the knights. The horrifying magma rain would still pour down without exception.

Only those perceptive spellbreaker knights and radiant knights were able to dodge the continuous bombardment of Explosive Fireballs. The only thing they could do was shift from one field of fire to another field of fire. They were constantly surrounded by exploding magic fireballs and seas of fire that rose to the sky.

Although most of the spells directed at them were intercepted, the unique continuous burning effect of fire spells gave them no place they could stand still on around the adepts' tower.

It hadn't even been fifteen minutes since the offensive arrays were activated, and already two spellbreaker knights had failed to defend against the endless storm of Explosive Fireballs and Magma Fireballs, dying amidst the towering sea of flames.

It was the same even in the sky.

There were two Third Grade green dragons amongst the dragons circling the tower. However, the moment they tried to close in on the tower, they would be chased away by the flurry of spells. None of them dared to fly within five hundred meters of the tower.

No matter how powerful their magic resistances were, they still had to avoid a dozen powerful spells blasting towards their faces.

The tragic scene of the witcher-knights being tortured by the endless wave of spells below the tower caused the dragon knights to be extremely upset. Regardless of how much they tried to get the dragons closer to the tower, they would be forced away by the storm of spells.

They were able to send debris flying and make rocks crumble with every knight battle technique they launched before the tower had been activated. But now, their violent energy blades would be stopped by a shining elementium barrier outside of the tower. They couldn't inflict any damage whatsoever.

This translucent elementium barrier completely angered the dragon knights. All the battle techniques they fired out would be blocked by the barrier, but the spells fired from within the tower could still blast towards them.

This annoyed feeling of having to endure attacks while being unable to return them caused the two dragon knights to yell in anger. Still, there was nothing they could do.

Moreover, their companion, the Third Grade Dragon Knight Kalyk, was still sealed behind those tower gates by that translucent elementium barrier. They didn't dare to imagine what he might be going through!

The army was in utter chaos. No one had any idea on how to continue their attack against the tower. Just then, the space above the tip of the tower distorted and two silhouettes mysteriously appeared.

A female adept in a green robe, wrapped in a cloud of green smoke, and a male adept in a purple robe with strange purple eyes all over his body. Intense mental flux radiated from both of their bodies. It was two terrifying Third Grade adepts!

"Kalyk! It's Kalyk!" Dragon Knight Jefferson's mournful voice rang out in midair.

They saw very clearly. The head that the purple-robed adept held in his hand belonged to Dragon Knight Kalyk.

The armor that dragon knights always wore had disappeared. His messy hair fell haphazardly across his face. The expression on his obscured face was hideous, and blood could be seen at the corners of his wide-open eyes. The exposed injury on his severed neck was not neat at all, with blood still dripping downwards.

From the looks of it, the head had been forcefully twisted off of his body!

The grisly death of their companion sent the dragon knights into a rage. Blood instantly rushed into their eyes as they drove their green dragons forward. The other two green dragons looked at each other. They let out a long and mournful dragon's roar and followed after their companions.

Four green dragons. Two of them were Third Grade while the other two were Second Grade. Along with two Third Grade dragon knights riding on their backs, this was an absolutely terrifying formation in the knights' plane. Yet at this moment, there was an odd sense of solemness and tragedy about them, as if they were about to go to their deaths!

A dragon's roar rang out from the forest in the distance. The green dragon Aufreyr took to the skies and rushed towards the battlefield with the silhouette of a mighty knight on his back.

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