Chapter 193 Race Against Time

In just fourteen seconds, Greem and Mary had already completed their first round of attacks on the green dragon.

These attacks brought about tremendous damage to the green dragon.

If a similar amount of damage had been inflicted on a radiant knight, it would probably be more than enough to severely wound them. However, when it was inflicted on a green dragon’s massive build, it was barely a light injury.

On the fifteenth second, Keoghan and Ferrier took over and started the second round of attacking the green dragon. Meanwhile, Greem and the Fire Lord had come together to cast a large-scale fire spell in unison.

One after another, screeching bloodsucking bats circled around the surroundings of the square. Every time they saw city guards closing in, they charged down with an ear-piercing screech. Their bodies were still midair, and they were already rapidly transforming into their human forms. They charged recklessly into the mass of city guards, triggering wave after wave of bloody slaughter.

The Fire Deity that Greem had summoned earlier mainly relied on fire spells as its main means of attack. Its threat against the green dragon’s powerful magic resistance was negligible. Therefore, Greem sent it to the outer rim to recklessly bombard the buildings around them and cover the few paths that led to the square with seas of flame.

Greem and Ferrier were able to successfully complete the second round of attacks on the green dragon with the help and cover of these servants.

As a potions master, Ferrier had secret leather pouches hidden all over his adept robe and belt. He flew above the green dragon, and with a light twitch of his fingers, vials and test tubes of all kinds and colors were clenched between his fingers.

Five vials fell in an elegant curve and dropped on the body of the green dragon Rissana. They shattered, and swathes of grey smoke engulfed part of the dragon's body. The grey smoke behaved like a living being. It didn't spread out rapidly, as smoke usually did, and instead closely gathered about the body of the green dragon, squirming and writhing.

The dragon's scales that were enveloped by the smoke quickly became tarnished and corroded.

The emerald scales turned into a lead-grey colour, before once again turning into a colorless white. Without the protection of the scales, the grey smoke came in contact with the flesh beneath, and the sound of sizzling flesh being corroded could be heard everywhere.

Three more test tubes were thrown downwards, shattering on the green dragon's long and curved horns, as well as on its back. Immediately, several rings of maroon curse-halos started to flash over the dragon's body. Even though the dragon’s powerful physique resisted most of the power of the curses, some of their effect still managed to penetrate the green dragon. Even the flames of anger in its large eyes dimmed a little.

Ferrier didn't try to close in on the dragon. Instead, he stayed midair with the wings of wind, incessantly throwing all sorts of potions and drugs onto the green dragon's body. Each vial would create some unique magic effect when it shattered. Perhaps it would be curse halos, or perhaps it would be corrosion spells, or offensive spells…

Ferrier also summoned Bloodsucking Vines and Blood Snakes with his vials, and had them drill their way into the green dragon's body to harmfully attack its flesh.

As for Keoghan, his attacks were even more bizarre.

He charged towards a bloody injury on the green dragon's abdomen. With a shout, he enhanced his right hand with a Spell of Sharpening and a Spell of Puncturing, then thrust it fiercely into the flesh.

Green dragons possessed tough, tense flesh. Even without the protection of dragon scales, it would be as tough as normal enchanted leather armor. Thus, Keoghan could only thrust his right arm in up to his wrist before stopping. Moreover, Keoghan's right arm came into contact with the green dragon's tough muscles and dragon blood, which had powerful acidic properties. His arm was instantly wounded all over.

Keoghan didn’t mind the injuries on his arm. He let out another shout, and completed a unique transformation. The right hand he had thrust into the dragon's abdomen suddenly became thick and soft. Even the color of the exposed skin outside had turned into a green-grey color.

In the blink of an eye, Keoghan had completed a transformation of part of his body into a tentacle, and through that he continuously injected large amounts of blood and flesh, that were infected with uniquely epidemic viruses, into the body of the green dragon.

Instantly, it seemed as if the flesh and blood within the green dragon's body was boiling. The dragon scales all over its body swelled up and down, as if there were countless beasts of blood and flesh drilling recklessly within its body.

The green dragon was suffering in tremendous pain, and once again let out a sorrowful cry that shook the heavens and earth. Her call for help was evident.

In truth, when the green dragon's distressing call had first rang out across the sky, everyone's hearts were struck with fear by a powerful flux of power from inside of the castellan's quarters in the distance.

A human-shaped silhouette of light, dressed in an untidy fashion, charged out from a palace somewhere, roaring as he strode towards the direction of the square. In response to this, a dozen light silhouettes came out of the buildings around the palace, one after another, letting out battlecries as they charged towards the square.

These human-shaped silhouettes were naturally the radiant knights stationed within Herdurand City. Once their power had been activated, the runic energies around them poured into their bodies, immediately turning all of them into beings of light.

Judging from the radiant knights’ positioning near the palace, it was obvious that the focus of their protection was on the great dragon knight. As for the green dragon Rissana– would a powerful giant dragon fear the sneak attack of unknown enemies?

Amongst the mass of radiant human shapes, there was one that was obviously a great deal brighter than the rest. His existence was like a miniature sun that illuminated the entire night sky. Every action he made brought with it powerful might and a terrifying feeling of absolute dominance.

As he yelled and tramped towards the square, powerful energy shockwaves rippled about his body, almost as if the heaven and earth were mildly shaking with each heavy step he took.

Sadly, he couldn't fly.

The radiant knights couldn't fly either!

This was perhaps the greatest tragedy befalling all individuals of knight or warrior classes. Just as the world had blessed them with incomparably powerful and tough physiques, as well as terrifying strength without equal, they had also been robbed of their agility.

Regardless how they blustered and cursed, even breaking through walls and houses as they headed in a straight course for the square, it remained a fantasy for them to cross 1.5 kilometer distance with a single step.

Rissana's repeated cries of sorrow had obviously greatly worried the dragon knight. He roared as he smashed through multiple walls, wildly rushing towards the square.

To save time, he even used Charge, a battle technique knights only used when assaulting enemies, to cross the distance.

After twenty-seven seconds of chanting, the powerful fire spell Greem cast together with the Fire Lord had finally been completed.

A single red dot, bright as the Morning Star, appeared in the inscrutable pitch-black sky in everyone's view.

The red dot started to become bigger, carrying terrifying kinetic energy, bringing with it clouds of flame that filled the skies. It pierced through the clouds and quickly crashed down from the sky, going straight for the Second Grade green dragon that had already suffered so much abuse.

Meteor Crash!

This was a powerful spell with frightening might.

Only a powerful elementium golem, with attributes of both fire and earth like the Fire Lord, could launch such a devastating spell. Greem's function in the joint casting this time was only to provide the Fire Lord with plenty of fire elementium, shortening the chanting and channeling time of this superior spell as much as possible.

The Third Grade dragon knight Kalyk, still one kilometer away, opened his eyes wide in anger as he saw the terrifying might of the flaming meteor falling from the sky. He shouted loudly as he concentrated energy in his hands to form a spear, throwing it towards the flaming meteor with all his strength.

The meteor had been engulfed in flames due to friction when it pierced through the clouds, turning it into a literal flaming meteor. The energy spear crossed two kilometers of space and sped towards the meteor. However, before it could make full contact with the flaming rock, the spear had already been evaporated by the intense heat and clouds of flames that filled the skies.

But the flaming meteor was still affected by the impact of this powerful blow near the side, causing a slight shift in its trajectory. It brutally crashed to the green dragon's side.

The meteor didn't get a clean hit, and the square had to endure its terrifying kinetic energy.

A deep hole appeared where the meteor had landed, and densely scattered cracks like spiderwebs appeared in the stone floor around it, spreading outwards. The city square went silent for three seconds, before erupting from the violent impact.

The stone floor, rocks, and the buildings on top it were the first to be blown up. They quickly became debris in the explosive shockwave spreading outwards in a ring shape, turning into a storm of countless fine rocks that ferociously blasted outwards.

Even though Greem and the other three had already made preparations, gathering around and erecting a secure barrier, they were still pushed outwards for nearly a hundred meters by the ferociously explosive shockwave.

Meanwhile, the green dragon in the core of the explosion was the greatest victim.

A small part of the explosive shockwave ravaged the dragon scales on its body, while the sharp bone protrusions all over its spine were even softened and snapped by the high heat. The intense searing jets of flame burned away all the exposed flesh, while one of its wings had been hit by the meteor, turning into meat paste, before further being reduced to ashes.

The magma pillars that spilled forth from the meteor’s deep crater fell onto the green dragon's body, sizzling as they roasted and scalded its flesh.

The mournful calls of the green dragon Rissana, on the other hand, gradually grew weaker.

As the local authorities had prohibited large groups of witcher-knights from being stationed within the city, most of the soldiers in charge of patrol near the square were merely city guards. As such, they were also the greatest victims of this horrifying spell.

In a battle of powerful beings, normal humans were only tiny ants that could be killed with a wave of a hand!

Even half of the numerous vampires that Mary had brought along were engulfed by the terrifying streams of flame that incessantly surged forth, reducing them to cinders. It was natural that the human warriors, who had not a bit of ability to defend themselves, suffered even more losses. Even if one disregarded the terrifying flames that reached nearly a hundred points in terms of attack strength, just the rain of rocks blasted out by the shockwave was sufficient to turn them into sieves with bloody holes.

Yet even under such a ferocious blow, everyone could still sense the weak life force of the green dragon amidst the flames and magma.

The potent life energy of this Second Grade green dragon was shocking!

Even after such a severe blow, it… it still hadn't died.

What's more, everyone could sense the anger that had been suppressed to its limit slowly gathering in the green dragon's body. Once this powerful strength erupted, it would turn the world into a sea of flames and anger! Copyright 2016 - 2024