Chapter 192 Hunting Green Dragons

Two green dragons.

One left, one remained.

This undoubtedly made the operation at night even easier.

However, the dragon that left left some bad implications in everyone's minds.

The place the opponent was flying towards was very likely to be Blue Hillock City. Moreover, they were a Second Grade Green Dragon, along with a Third Grade Dragon Knight. This combination made for up the knights' weakness of easily being kited by spellcasters. If something happened to the adepts' base or Blue Hillock City, their efforts before would be utterly wasted.

There must not be any damage back there!

Thus, Mary snuck out of Herdurand City and cast a spell to communicate with the three remaining adepts in Blue Hillock City, sending the information regarding the dragons and the dragon knights back.

The original plan to hunt continued.

The speed at which the dragon flew was exceedingly fast. If something truly happened back in Blue Hillock City, it would be pointless for them to give hurry back anyway. Therefore, why not stay here and continue with the plan? After all, with their elaborate plan, hunting the green dragon was entirely possible. Letting this opportunity go would be a pity.

Thus these courageous and bold fellows quickly gathered one last time in the mansion, then left the noble's mansion separately, each of them with a wicked grin on their faces.


The green dragon Rissana was bored.

As a teenage female dragon, Rissana was only 118 this year. This was the point in the long life of dragons where they were the most active and energetic, and where they most longed for wealth.

As she had only left the dragon cliff for less than six years, Rissana had yet to have the time to create a den that belonged solely to herself. The knights' kingdom had built a luxurious and grand palace for her, and filled her quarters with shiny gold coins. But there were no treasures that truly caught her eye!

In these six years, she did not have the chance to go out on her own to plunder and loot wealth. Most of the time, she could only curl up in the superficial palace and sleep to pass the time.

Her days were dry and boring!

This was a continent ruled by humans.

All kinds of large and small human cities were spread across the continent, each of their treasuries filled with wealth that would make a dragon drunk with joy. Sadly, most of these human cities had owners, and were under the protection and guardianship of the knights' kingdom. And there were plenty of terrifyingly powerful beings that struck fear in the dragons within the knights' kingdom!

To obtain wealth and authority that belonged to her, Rissana the female dragon that had just come of age responded to the summons of the great knight Kalyk, becoming the contracted partner of a powerful Third Grade knight.

Rissana had heard from Kalyk, that the venture this time was to go into Greenland Forest on a crusade against some evil invaders or something. Rissana was not interested in this!

She couldn't be bothered to care about these tiny bugs that squeezed their way in using the loopholes of the planes.

Who was she? She was Rissana, the youngest, most beautiful, most powerful Second Grade green dragon in the most recent hundred years of the dragon cliff's history! The young dragons that pursued her could fill an entire dragon's valley; the poems praising her beauty could be read for three days and three nights in a row the human knights that envied her power could form mountains and seas……

But now she could only curl up on the wet and cold stone floor, toying with the corpse of a human servant with one of her sharp dragon claws, passing the time by in boredom.

This was an extremely unlucky fellow, to have stood in front of the great Rissana when she was in a bad mood. Rissana had only breathed slightly more heavily, and the dragon's breath that brought with it a light green poison mist had already crippled the unlucky fellow.

This unlucky guy was still able to struggle and twitch on the ground initially, but after Rissana let out another two poison breaths in her boredom, he completely stopped!

The other human slaves serving her were all shivering in fear, their faces a pale white. A disgusting smell of urine even came from one of them. Thus, Rissana lashed out her long thorny tail, that was like a meteor hammer, and the pitiable fellow was turned into a spread of unrecognizable meat paste.

Just as she was getting increasingly bored and was contemplating killing another human to relieve her boredom, the sound of cart wheels rang from the streets outside the square. The sorrowful shrieks and cries of the livestock couldn't stop as the carts carrying their load entered the square one after another.

Was it time to feed?

The green dragon that had just enjoyed a feast yesterday and wasn't too hungry was lazing around and couldn't get her spirits up. Rissana raised the tip of her nose and sniffed. Instantly, she straightened her body, her large dragon eyes fixated on one of the carts.

These were a bunch of goats whose bodies seemed to somewhat skinny. These were goats that had been domesticated and bred for food, thus the taste of their meat was far less delicious than wild goats. But the green dragon could smell a tinge of the smell of Dragondrunk Fruit on one of the goats.

Dragondrunk Fruit was a unique fruit that giant dragons loved to gorge upon. Don't judge them on their small size, for these Dragondrunk Fruits had the special ability to cause giant dragons to fall into an intoxicated state and start hallucinating. Of course, the effect of Dragondrunk Fruit wasn't so obvious on other living beings, and was limited to mostly dragons. Thus, this was a fruit that must be planted near any dragon cliff or dragon valley.

Giant dragons were never good at taking care of such fragile plants. Moreover, they had a large appetite, and the amount they gorged down every time was shocking. Therefore, giant dragons would usually enslave some weaker races, for the explicit purpose of having them tidy their dens, guard their territory and most of all, to take care of the orchards of the giant dragons that they so love.

Rissana did not expect to smell Dragondrunk Fruit anywhere outside the dragon valley. Did this goat accidentally eat Dragondrunk Fruits somewhere?

Still with some questions in her head, Rissana lowered her large head and opened her mouth. With a light curling of her agile tongue, the special goat had been dragged into her mouth, and she had already started chewing.

The goat's blood that had an intense odour to it brought with it a tinge of the taste of Dragondrunk Fruit, but upon more careful tasting, it seemed odd, as if there was some other mysterious substance mixed in the goat's blood.

This feeling……this feeling was somewhat odd!

The green dragon that was silently tasting her food opened her eyes wide. Something wasn't right. It seemed like she could no longer feel the existence of her tongue……

When she realised the unusual circumstance, an intense feeling of paralysis quickly spread in her mouth, and very rapidly went to her stomach. Rissana could no longer support her heavy dragon body. With a loud thump, her body crashed into the square.

The four hiding in the noble's mansion didn't dare delay once they saw the green dragon fall. Immediately, they used all the means at their disposals to rush to the green dragon.

Adept Ferrier who was a potions master had indeed specifically strengthened the effect of the potion with the dragon as the target, but attempting to completely incapacitate a Second Grade green dragon with such crude materials, and especially a green dragon who had a poisonous physique herself, was but a pipe dream.

Thus, the paralysis potion Adept Ferrier created could only paralyze the green dragon for three minutes. If they were not able to find a way to kill the green dragon in these three minutes, once the effect of the drug wore off, none of them would be able to escape the pursuit of an angered dragon!

The first to reach the green dragon's side was Greem, even though Mary had the greatest speed amongst the four.

A flame pillar that went straight towards the sky appeared in the middle of the square, and the Flame Fiend Greem had transformed into walked out of the fire with a wicked grin on his face. With a quick wave of the Fire Lord’s Scepter in his right hand, a Fire Deity engulfed in violent flames appeared nearby.

It looked about its surroundings, before roaring and charging towards the mass of city guards standing on the outside of the square.

That was not the end of it. Greem strode forward, and the Scroll of Voodoo automatically flew into his left hand, its pages rapidly flipping. Every time the parchment stopped on a page, a powerful fire spell would instantly form, violently blasting onto the green dragon's large body.

A savage Fire Core Explosion had just arrived, and another pillar of red flames would blast into the skies with the green dragon at its center. The fire had just slightly died down and another Magma Fireball would have crashed into the dragon's body……

It was literally one violent fire spell with every step Greem took. When Greem's three-meter-tall body arrived before the green dragon's body, all five instantaneous spell stored within the Scroll of Voodoo had been expended, and the surroundings of the green dragon's body had been turned into a flaming sea of magma.

Besides the powerful flame damage, the five violent spells Greem hurled out earlier also had tremendous physical damage. The green dragon's curled up body had been blasted black. Even the ground where it lay on had caved downwards severely, forming a crater much like where a meteor had hit.

However, even after enduring the bombardment of such violent spells, Rissana's dragon body still didn't show too many signs of damage. While the individual dragon scales at the center of the explosions had been distorted and somewhat deformed by the high heat, but the defense of the dragon scales that were both resistant to magical and physical attacks still deflected most of the damage from Greem's spells.

Greem threw aside the Scroll of Voodoo, seeing that the effect of spell damage wasn't very good. He tossed out Fire Lord's elementium core, then let out a loud roar. The flames all over his body started to wildly compress within his body, quickly gathering into a gigantic executioner's blade in his hand.

At the same time, Mary's silhouette, quick as a phantom, had also appeared in the square.

The crimson longbow in her hand was instantly drawn to a full moon, and a single arrow with crimson runes vaguely floating about it formed on the bowstring. Very soon, once her imposing aura and power had reached their peak, Mary let out a shout, and the blood red arrow turned into a flash, immediately sinking into the green dragon's chest.

The green dragon was covered by emerald scales all over its body. However, while the scales on the spine and the sides of its body were the thickest and largest, the dragon scales on its throat, below its neck, and on its abdomen were the thinnest and lightest.

Greem's bombardment earlier was mostly focused on these light dragon scales, and had already somewhat damaged the dragon. Under the collapsing of the scales, bright red flesh was exposed.

Mary's full power shot from her crimson longbow had sunk into a part where there was no longer any dragon scales.

The arrow pierced the body, and the violent bloody energy exploded within the flesh of the green dragon!

A blood fountain suddenly spilled out from the abdomen of the green dragon. One could see broken bodily organs, pieces of meat ground into paste and purple-black dragon blood in the sticky pool of blood water.

Even though her body had been paralyzed with no means to move, the green dragon Rissana still let out a sorrowful and pained moan. The call for help was obvious.

Just then, Keoghan who was enveloped in black smoke, and Ferrier who had grown a pair of green wings of wind behind his back also arrived on the battlefield.

The numerous vampires that Mary had brought, on the other hand, turned into a swarm of bloodsucking bats beating their wings as they surged into the square. Their target was the city guards standing guard near the square! Copyright 2016 - 2023