The formidable strength of a veteran Adept was indeed way beyond anyone imagination!

Even though he had suffered from the impact from the self-explosion of the golem, had the control of main hall in Swampy Tower destroyed, and was besieged by both Greem and the Fire Lord, the combative strength that Adept Anderson put out was still way stronger than anybody else in this place.

And right at this moment, the Chip who had been quiet for a long time finally completed the damn reconstruction of the template.

“Beep. Reconstruction of the target model has been completed. Shall I show them to you right now?”

“Show me! Show me quickly!” Greem replied impatiently.

“Beep. Below are the data for the target:”

“Anderson. First Grade Human Element Adept. Expert in Wind and Dark Elements. Strength – 1.2, Agility – 1.3, Physique – 2.1, Spirit – 8.4.”

“How about my data?”

“Beep. Below are the data for the target:”

“Greem. First Grade Human Element Adept. Expert in Fire Element. Strength – 4.6 (1.4) Agility – 0.6 (0.8), Physique – 3.6 (1.2), Spirit – 1.6 (0.9). Currently in the state of Transformation of Flame Fiend.”

While looking at the latest body attributes of his own, Greem finally understood why there was such a huge gap between an Adept who just advanced and a veteran Adept. He was currently under a special state of transformation of the Flame Fiend, that was why all of his body attributes, except for Agility, had skyrocketed. Both his Strength and Physique was now stronger than Adept Anderson’s. However, his Spirit, which was the most important attribute for any Adept, was far weaker than that of the opponent.

Most probably, if not for the the transformation of the Flame Fiend, those numbers inside the parentheses were his body attributes’ actual numbers!

Judging from the data provided by the Chip, Anderson’s Spirit wasn’t too much greater than his, it was only eight to nine times more! Taking the environment of the battlefield, combative skills and experience of spell casting into consideration, although there was a huge difference between their body attributes, there was still room for Greem to fight against Anderson.

Though Anderson was a research-type Adept and not an expert in fighting, as a veteran Adept, among all magic spells he mastered, he still owned an achievement that no one else’s could ever compare to. As his affine elements were Wind and Dark element, therefore, Anderson had found a way to merge Dark Elementium into all his Wind element magic spells.

With that, when any Wind element magic spells that he cast hit the enemy, the spells would always bring the double elemental damage of Wind and Dark. As for his personal defense, after losing the aid and support of the Swampy Tower, Anderson had no choice but to unleash his Wind Barrier to escape from the radiating damage brought on by the frightening Fire element magic spells.

As for those magic spells he failed to dodge, Anderson would use Mary, whom he still held in his hands, as his humanoid shield.

By doing so, not only could he use Mary to block off the attack, he could also make that damn kid, Greem, hesitate when attacking, killing two birds with one stone, what was the sense of not doing that?

Yet, little to his knowledge, on the face of the darkened, charred body that he held in his hand and used as a shield, two tiny slits suddenly cracked open, and a shivering, a crimson glow was seen shining through from these slits. Finally, the spell Greem sent into Mary’s body not too long ago had taken effect!

Mary’s mind was in a whirl. The severe pain came from the surface of her body didn’t mean much to her now. Inside of her body, under an unknown influence, her blood was slowly heating up and beginning to boil. The boiling hot blood was rushing through her dried and charred body at high speeds, passing through a few internal organs which had completed the vampire modification and activated them, making them continuously burst with incredible vitality.

All this was the mutated energies her body had absorbed during the blood sacrifice ritual just now and had yet to be fully digested. As her body was badly wounded now, these mutated energies had transformed into vitality energy by her powerful vampire instincts, using them to repair her heavily damage body.

The temperature of her blood was still increasing slowly. It felt like as if all her blood vessels were injected with molten iron. Tiny cracks started to appear on Mary’s charred and darkened skin, the hot air flow kept bursting out from these cracks. Mary, whose source bloodline was controlled by Anderson with a consciousness rune, couldn’t bear it anymore and let out a painful groan. Interfered by this powerful external factor, her vampire instincts had finally suppressed the order forcefully implemented by Anderson.

The charred body opened up a darkened mouth and exhaled a stream of hot steam.

Mary was back again!

Amidst the intense battle, Anderson suddenly sensed something was not right in his hand. It felt like the vampire he held in his hands was…

Before he could ponder any further, the charred body that didn’t move and looked like a dead body moments ago suddenly turned her head around, giving him a cold and frightening smile. From within her darkened mouth, he saw two rows of pale-white teeth that made his heart tremble, while two vampire fangs were growing longer at an incredible speed and protruding from her lips.

In the next second, the charred body suddenly opened her mouth wide and ferociously, she bit into Anderson’s neck.

Anderson had just used a Dark Dragon Spear and shattered the lava armor of Fire Lord and was about to continue his attack by throwing a Wind Vortex into its wound so he could inflict an injury that it could barely recover from. Yet, right at this critical moment, Mary who had been controlled and held in his hands suddenly betrayed him. The fear that struck Anderson’s mind could no longer be described with any words.

A crazy shriek instantly rolled off of Anderson’s tongue. Using both hands he quickly formed more than one hundred Wind Vortexes which had been compressed into the size of thumbnails and sent all of them onto Mary’s body. Each and every single one of these wind vortexes was like a mini sized meat grinder, wherever they passed, no matter how high the Mary’s Physique was, there was no way she could withstand their slicing and cutting. All her bones, tendons, blood, and flesh were like pieces of cheese that met with a drill head, there just now way they could stop these Wind Vortexes from moving further.

When more than one hundred of such deadly objects exploded in her body, the frightful damages they brought to Mary were self-explanatory!

In the next seconds, Mary’s chest simply exploded like it had just gone through a thorough dissection. Fresh dark and purple-colored blood, pieces of intestines that fallen apart, and fragments of flesh whose origin could not be recognized, all of them burst and splashed out from inside in one go. They even besmeared Anderson who was standing close to her into a bloody man!

With such a terrifying damage to the corporeal body, if it were any other people, perhaps the pain alone would have been enough to kill that person! Yet, Mary didn’t show any response to it. Instead, all ten fingernails of her started to grow crazily, and using all her strength, she clung tightly onto Anderson’s body, while sucking and gobbling the sweet and abundant blood.

The sounds of gobbling were so loud that they could even be vividly heard from a far distance!

At this point in time, Mary had lost her shape as a normal human being. From below her neck, the flesh on the front of her body was nearly missing entirely, and there wasn’t anything could be found in her abdomen. The only thing left were the fragments of blood vessels that were falling apart, chunks and slices of minced flesh that barely hung onto her twisted backbone. Except for these, all her internal organs were gone!

Though she had lost all her internal organs, the blood that flowed down through her throat didn’t disperse and spill all over the place. It was as if there were some totally invisible organs and blood vessels remaining and guiding the blood that carried with abundant elemental energy through a winding passage within her chest and abdomen, using the crimson-colored bloodstream to redraw the outline and position of all her organs.

Mary’s heart was nowhere to be found after the explosion. But right at this moment, a couple dozens and hundreds of bloodstreams converged and interwove together in front of her backbones, and in just a brief moment of three seconds, these streams of blood had formed into the shape of a heart.

Very soon, the blood on the outer layer of the heart had dried up and coagulated, hardened and turned into a bloody, thin layer of diaphragm. Through this half-transparent diaphragm, one could clearly see that more blood was gathering inside and constructing a complete heart.

A light pumping sound was heard.

The heart suddenly pumped once – a sign of it starting to perform its duty and responsibility!

In a very short amount of time, the emptied chest of Mary had been covered by a thin layer of bloody diaphragm. Underneath this layer of diaphragm, countless bones and organs were regrowing in an incredible speed, creeping and moving like a factory of flesh that stunned anyone who looked at them. The only thing was, they were using Anderson’s blood as their raw material, and the end product was a brand new body!

Compared to the trifling matter of fixing her body, the transformation of Mary’s spiritual ripple was the thing that was truly astounding. From being just one step away from the gate of death, it became beaming with vitality, and her Spirit started to skyrocket. The changes that happened to her were like riding a roller coaster, and the huge difference of before and after simply made one’s eyes go wide and made them tongue-tied.

In contrast to Mary’s skyrocketing presence, Adept Anderson who was being pushed closer and closer to the gate of death had his flesh and blood vanish quickly, as his body withered and wizened.

He cast a couple of magic spells in a row, making Mary’s body riddled with blood, but still couldn’t get her off of his body. Sensing that his blood essence and vitality was fading quickly from his body, Anderson stretched his trembling right hand and grabbed Mary’s head, wanting to use a magic spell to shatter the source of his calamity.

But it was too bad, just as his hand reached half way, it was coiled up by a flaming whip thrown over by Greem.

“Mary, take this opportunity and quickly form your own blood core. Whether you’ll be a dragon or a worm will all depend on this moment!” Greem’s deep shout filled with powerful spiritual force burst within Mary’s mind.

Mary’s body trembled, as if she suddenly realized something. She immediately stopped using the blood of Adept Anderson she sucked to fix her body, instead, she gathered a great amount of them into the newly formed heart, making them slam and rock amongst each other repeatedly.

Noticing that Mary was having a hard time in her progress of breaking through into the realm of Adept, Greem stomped his feet furiously. He injected his powerful Fire element energy into the bloody altar, causing the altar which had suffered from a great torture because of the battle to let out its last cry, and squeeze out the last drop of its energy.

The raging mutated energy billowed crazily and rushed into Mary’s body, thrusting into her vampiric heart which had turned into a furnace of blood. If any other Pseudo-Adept was invaded by such a frightening mutated energy during the process of advancing, he would have certainly exploded into a huge firework of blood and flesh. No one could absorb any foreign energy of different element without precipitating and filtering it, yet, the vampire wasn’t scared of this at all!

The formidable bloodline innate talent of the vampire had given its blood the ability of assimilation. It could turn the blood of any element into its own blood element energy, and any bloodline factor could only be modified into the factor of the vampire. In the history of Adept, there were only records of vampire assimilating other people’s bloodline ability, and no examples of anyone succeeding in assimilating the bloodline factor of the vampire.

There wasn’t any reasonable explanation to this, as the bloodline innate talent of a vampire was always so domineering!

That was why Greem was never worried about Mary exploding due to this mutated energy, instead, he was actually worried if this energy would be sufficient to support Mary in helping her complete forming her blood core. Copyright 2016 - 2023