Even Greem’s current overall strength was insufficient to entirely capture Mary.

Crimson armor had appeared on Mary’s body to repel the flaming chain and had gained her some time to struggle.

This crimson armor had been modified for her by Greem! But now, it had actually become an accomplice to help Mary fight against him. Greem’s mind was filled with mixed emotions.

However, no matter how hard Mary tried to struggle, her tall and slim body was still dragged toward Greem, inch by inch.

In next second, Greem’s large lava palm, spread like a folding fan, grabbed Mary’s head. The boiling hot, bright red lava rock instantly scorched her skin and made it split. The foul scent of roasted flesh suddenly filled the surrounding air.

Even with such cruel torture, it was still not enough to free Mary from Anderson’s spiritual shackles. She bared her pale-white fangs at Greem and portrayed a murderous look, without even the tiniest bit of care towards her face, which had been burnt beyond recognition. She just kept biting crazily at the lava hand.

Greem had a feeling that perhaps with just a gentle squeeze, the vigorous life that kept struggling in his palm, the once beautiful and splendid head would explode like a watermelon that was thrown forcefully to the ground. With that, he would be able to free himself and seriously deal with the wounded Anderson.

If he just let Mary barge around wantonly, even a small soldier could become an important element that turns the entire situation around. In order to solve this problem, he just had to give a gentle squeeze!

The consequences of his decision had instantly brought Greem into a dilemma.

However, right at this moment, the raging sea of flame at the far side suddenly shrank. A familiar figure was seen staggering out from within.

Apparently, the golem’s self-explosion just how had inflicted severe damage to Adept Anderson’s corporeal body. With the naked eye, one could see his body was now fully covered in burn marks after being scorched by fire, and there was even some damage on his face. It was clearly because of the flying black bugs.

His left eye was missing; blood kept flowing and dripping down from the black and gruesome looking hole where it used to be.

His Adept hat was gone due to the explosion; a few strands of dried, yellowish hair were seen waving above his skinny, shriveled head. A cold gleam, murderous and hideous, shone from his remaining right eye. It stared straight at Greem’s face, portraying an aggressive look of not stopping until death!

Obviously, the sudden explosion had not been something his elemental barrier could withstand. The long robe on Anderson’s body had been ripped to pieces and become shreds of fraying cloth that barely covered his body. Bloody wounds of all sizes covered his skinny and bony chest and traces of burns could be found all over his body.

“Good… you’re very good…” Anyone could hear the enmity in Anderson’s words. “You really caught me by surprise. Very good… but, a mere Adept level summoning core is not enough to kill me. Now, it is your turn to face your death!”

While burning in the raging flame of anger, Anderson raised his right hand into the air and loudly started to recite a profound and hard to understand magic spell incantation. In an instant, innumerable dark spears came shooting toward Greem like a heavy rain.

While looking coolly at this overwhelming attack, Greem murmured under his breath, “Three… two… one… burst!”

The entire isolated inter-space suddenly shook violently; one could even see spatial ripples in the air with the naked eye. Cracking noises were heard coming from the loft altar as numerous tiny cracks starting to spread across the stone wall like spider webs. Blood-colored mist burst out from the tiny cracks, like blood flowing from someone who was wounded.

Even when it had been hit with the self-explosion of an Adept level summoning core, the elemental barrier enshrouding Anderson hadn’t shattered completely. However, for some unknown reason, this time, it started to disintegrate amidst the violent quaking.

The tight connection between Anderson and the Swampy Tower was suddenly cut off!

Adept Anderson was stunned, and then he suddenly realized something. “Alice! It is that hateful little girl! I’m going to rip all of you into pieces. Then I’ll use your body and make the ugliest, evilest misshapen corpse, trapping your souls in it forever… all of you deserve to be killed…”

The Flame Fiend that was the transformed Greem smiled. Then he said, “You better deal with her first!”

Right after he finished saying that, a red light flashed from Greem’s hand, and a strange magic spell was seen penetrated Mary’s head. After that, he brought her up in the air and forcefully threw her towards Anderson.

His action was like a signal, for a brand new battle instantly broke out!

The Fire Lord strode forward with heavy steps, charging toward Anderson. While it was on its way, it tossed out a series of Magma Fireballs toward the enemy. Meanwhile, Greem was hiding behind it. He stretched out his hand and the Secret Scroll of Voodoo coiled around his waist instantly appeared in his palm.

As the cover of the magical book unfolded itself, pages within it started to flip quickly. Whenever the goat-skin paper stopped at a certain page, a violent Fire element magic spell would cast out from it and fly fiercely towards Anderson.

The pages kept on flipping; one after another Fire element magic spells were activated and flew out from it. Very soon, Adept Anderson was surrounded and flooded by a raging sea of flame.

Flaming Storm!

Chain of Fireballs!

Explosive Fire Pillars!

Thermal Shock!

Venom Flame!


One after another, violent Fire element magic spells almost turned that particular area into a raging ocean of flame. They were mixed with physical attacks and venomous attacks, so the enemy could hardly defend against them.

However, all of them collided right into the Shattering Wave that had been unleashed by Anderson. The attacks launched by both sides fought against each other in the center of the battlefield. The Elementium turbulence shooting out from the collision brushed and washed through everything in the area, turning everything into tiny bits of debris that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, and continued pushing and splashing into the far distance within the isolated inter-space.

Anderson once again barged out from the ocean of flame while roaring furiously. The last-minute Wind Barrier he had unleashed by him broke into pieces with the impact, causing more wounds on his body. Nevertheless, a large incorporeal hand produced by him was now holding a severely mutilated human body. Not even a piece of intact skin could be found on the miserable looking thing.

It seemed he had used Mary’s body as his shield just now. Only then could he barely avoid the combined attack from Greem and Fire Lord. Without the endless supply of energy from Swampy Tower, Anderson had also lost his defense, the elemental barrier that could protect his safety. In a situation where he had to face two opponents alone, his tiny bit of combat experience and spell casting skill were nothing worth mentioning.

The second half of the battle quickly elevated into an intense situation!

Anderson sprung up into the sky again. Riding on a vast wind and flying in midair, he used Tornado Storm, Sound Burst, Dark Dragon Spear, and Wind Blades to assault Greem. Meanwhile, Greem and the Fire Lord were chasing behind him, using magic spells of even more violence, such as Fire Core Explosion, Magma Fireball, and Firestorm to counterattack.

Magic spells that emanated intense Elementium ripples kept striking through the sky. They either exploded into fireworks on the opponent’s protection barrier or were dodged and fell to a far corner of this isolated inter-space, turning that corner into a small sea of flame or deadly tornados.

Relying on its invisibility, Snorlax was lying flat on its stomach and hiding carefully in a remote corner. While covering its head with both hands, it watched as the frightful magic spells flew over it; the fear in its mind had reached a level beyond words. Whenever a fireball exploded close by, countless dirt and debris would splash toward its direction, hitting its body and causing it to be covered in bruises.

But Snorlax didn’t pay any attention to the injury. Instead, it opened its eyes wide and put all of its efforts in identifying which magic spell might fall onto its head.

“The Mighty God of Goblins, please give me your blessing and don’t let any magic spell fall on me!”

Though the isolated inter-space looked spacious, it just couldn’t contain the torture wantonly put out by two Adepts and one Adept level golem. In addition to that, the target of Snorlax’s prayer was obviously not a deity local to the Adept World. As a result, no matter how much or how madly it prayed, a Magma Fireball still came straight to it, with a long tail of dark smoke behind.

“Damn it! I hope you are not deceiving me…”

While crying out in terror, Snorlax pulled out a strange round orb from its pocket and threw it forcefully onto the floor.

After a loud explosive boom, a huge deep pit with a five meter diameter was created on the floor of the inter-space. It was surrounded by numerous tiny cracks arranged in a spider web pattern. In the next moment, the raging fireball hit and a sea of fire immediately coiled up every single inch of space in this area.

Under an elemental attack of such magnitude, perhaps even a Pseudo-Adept would find it tough to protect himself, while any apprentices below the level of Pseudo-Adept simply had no chance to survive. Yet, after this deadly explosion of Elementium gradually faded away, an invisible energy shield actually appeared inside of the deep pit, and Snorlax was seen coiled up inside of it with its face turned deathly pale. Its eyes were still filled with the image of blooming fireworks.

The energy shield didn’t last for a very long time, but it had saved Snorlax from the attack of a ‘stray fireball.’

Snorlax patted around few times on its body and felt nothing; then it pinched its thigh forcefully. The pain made it jump up.

“Gazlowe, I love you! I shouldn’t have doubted you…”

With regards to this Full Covered Energy Deflection Force Field – Goblin Improved Version 3, Snorlax had no more doubt. Although it cost ten magic crystals to activate it every time, no matter how much it cost, it would never be more precious than its own life!

Without hesitation, Snorlax pulled out another two goose-egg-sized energy shield activators from its pocket. While watching at the center of battlefield where the intense battle was going on, it wore a big silly smile and said, “Come on, come on, I’m not scared anymore…”

A moment ago, it had feared the stray magic spells in the air like they were some ferocious tigers, but now it actually hoped it could be visited by some of them, so it could give the treasures holding in its hand another test!

It was worth mentioning, after some time pestering that Gazlowe, the goblin engineer, Snorlax did find and exchange some strange and peculiar objects. Although all of these objects had names that sounded mighty and incredible and each of them possessed some miraculous ability that could hardly be imagined by anyone, anyone who had experience in dealing with goblins would know that, though they were indeed miraculous, they were also very unstable!

To perfectly illustrate this, when Snorlax was eagerly wanting to carry out a second test of this miraculous energy shield, it… it actually exploded by itself. Fortunately, the mini explosion of the energy shield activator knocked Snorlax tens of meters away, just enough for it to escape another Fire Core Explosion. Or else, even if Snorlax had survived, it would have suffered a severe injury.

Snorlax rolled up from the floor, looking at the activator, which had melted into molten iron in the sea of flame. Its legs were trembling in fear.

“That damn Gazlowe, how dare he sell me a counterfeit and inferior product! Once I return, I’ll settle this score with you…”

After cursing furiously at the sky, Snorlax had lost all its courage to be so arrogant. Carefully, it took out its magic wand and cast an Invisible spell on itself before hiding in a remote corner once again.

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