An absolutely stagnant atmosphere reigned in the place.

After its true form had gotten hurt, the Fairy continued roaring out raging curses. Its jarring and delicate feminine voice overlapped with a hoarse and deep masculine one, causing nearly no one to understand what had been it roaring about.

Finally, after venting the pent-up anger in its chest, the Fairy who had a slender and delicate female outlook flapped its transparent wings and hovered midair in the second underground floor, firing its question furiously.

“You damn intruders, why did you invade my home? Tell me your purpose!”

“Your honorable, we’re just a group of people who came here for treasure hunting. As long as we can find the treasures we are looking for here, we have no intention of becoming your enemy!” After Mary dropped it on safe ground, Snorlax eagerly commenced a negotiation.

Although it was not an expert in fighting, when it came to commercial negotiation, Snorlax actually possessed some excellent talents which in no way matched its status and position.

In regards to Snorlax’s hateful flattering appearance and guileful words, Mary showed a disgusted manner and she felt disdain for the negotiation. Thus, she simply handed the whole negotiation to Snorlax, while maintaining a high vigilance for any possible sudden attack coming from the Fairy.

All negotiations needed a trump card!

There was absolutely no need for a negotiation with an imbalance strength to be carried out.

If not for the protection from Mary, the Fairy would have just need a quick sudden attack and it would be able to completely wipe out the body and soul of this disgusting goblin merchant, sparing itself from stiflingly and depressingly negotiating with the goblin.

To be honest, not many of those materials, resources, and treasures looted from the ruins of Adept Tower were suitable for its use. The reason the Fairy had gathered them together was purely for the purpose of appreciating them, with the intention of using them to decorate its flower room. Even if it gave out all of them to these intruders, it wouldn’t have felt too much pity either. However, the depressing emotion of being robbed by some lower class creatures just kept bugging it.

During normal times, it had always regarded itself as the master of this demonized forest. Countless demonized plants and creatures in the entire demonized forest had to obey all its command. Those who could flatter it in a good way would be able to occupy a piece of land closer to the ruins, while those wild and stubborn demons could only live at the outer perimeter and absorb the rarefied demon energy that had been filtered multiple times by others.

When it was in a good mood, it would leak out slightly more Elementium aura. And just with this tiny bit of bestowment, it could always make the demons in the forest struck with extreme joy and shed tears of gratitude. When it had a bad mood, it would occupy all the demon energy, causing all the demons outside of the ruins to scratch their ears and cheeks in anxiety, immersing themselves in a restless state and start killing each other.

Just with an approach like this, throughout the entire demonized forest, it had been worthy of the title of the strongest existence, the king whom all the demons had to flatter!

But today, the ‘king’ was forced to control its temper and negotiate with a low and degrading green-skinned goblin and the topic of their discussion was actually how much of its collections it had to give up to fill the seemingly bottomless greed of the opponent.

Right when both parties were restlessly tussling with each other, the lower level of these ruins suddenly shook violently, as huge amounts of stone slabs immediately fell off from the shaky ceiling, bringing dust clouds into the air, impairing their vision.

“Damn it… damn it…” The anger of the Fairy was approaching the boiling point. “There is another group of bastards wreaking havoc above, I…”

It wanted to rush out and drive away that group of invaders, but it also felt worried about leaving behind these two time bombs in its home. Therefore, it became even more fidgety and restless.

As a feral demon, it didn’t have sufficient magical knowledge to repair the broken Elementium Pool. Once the last Elementium Pool had totally broken down because of the fighting by those invaders, then the hope for it to continue growing stronger would be completely cut off.

Right as it was hesitating, another ground-shaking quake came from above, causing the rock wall of this second underground floor to burst with a massive crack.

“You group of damn bastards… Once I go up, I’ll catch you and kill you with the cruelest of torture…” After letting out a furious roar, the Fairy waved its hand, and the huge flower room wriggled, sending out dozens of vines which moved flexibly like human fingers, cupping a large pile of secret treasures and throwing them in front of both the outsiders.

“Take these with you and get the hell out of here now! Next time, if you dare to intrude this place again, I’ll kill you even if that means I’ll have to lose this nest! Leave behind that magical wand and scram!” Losing its patience, the Fairy started to chase away its guests.

“You asked us to hand over the controlling magic wand now? Aren’t you asking us to get ourselves killed here? Who knows if you will even keep your promise!” It looked like Snorlax was pushing all the way through to be a bad guy. Since it was a one-time deal, it did not care about the impression the Fairy had of it.

“Take these things and give me the controlling magic wand once you leave this territory, hurry up!” The Fairy was so angry that even its beautiful face had started to twist.

Snorlax was indeed a talented goblin, as it placed its hand on its body and actually pulled out a huge bag full of patches and placed all the dazzling magical gems, precious diamonds, magical materials, and some peculiarly shaped magical items into it.

Snorlax in burdensome manner carried the big bag on its back, while urging Mary to leave this place quickly.

Under the hostile gaze of the Fairy, Mary transformed into a huge bloodsucking bat and grabbed onto Snorlax, before flying out from the second underground floor. Once they left the place, the Fairy immediately waved its hands, and the crisscrossing demon vines and rose stalks instantly occupied all the empty space of the place.

Meanwhile, it was seen flapping its wings and followed closely behind the two outsiders, flying towards the upper level of the ruins.

For every short distance it had traveled, the Fairy would cast a spell, using the dense flower stalks and vines to seal off the path leading to the lower ground. From now on, it would never underestimate these lower class creatures who had a weak overall strength, but possessed quick wits and a crafty mind.

One after another, when the three of them flew out from the entrance of the ruins, they were shocked to find out that the demonized forest had turned into a tattered battlefield of slaughter. It looked like before driving away all the intruders, the Fairy had no intention of returning to its nest.

The Fairy gently pulled the string of the magic bow in its hand and unleashed more than hundred green light arrows, instantly destroying the temporary tunnel that led to the lower ground.

“Once you give me the magic wand, you can leave this place immediately. I still need to settle the score with those few bastards for destroying my territory!” Frost starting to condense on the Fairy’s beautiful face, as it spoke with an extremely cold voice.

Snorlax and Mary exchanged a glance, communicating soundlessly.

Eventually, Snorlax carefully pulled out the magic wand, lightly tossing it over to the Fairy.

“One more thing, that Intermediate Apprentice who can control the Lightning Giant is my master. As long as you can help us defeat those few Fallen Apprentices, we promise to never step into your territory in future!”

The Fairy snorted and took the magic wand and sensed it briefly. Once it had sensed there was some magical connection between the wand and a place at the lower ground, it set its mind at rest and tucked the magic wand into its rose armor.

“Leave here now. If I ever see you again, you’ll be sorry!” After leaving behind a threatening word, the Fairy suddenly transformed into a trail of green light and rushed towards the battlefield not too far away.

Meanwhile, Greem was currently experiencing a rapid feeling of despair.

What kind of a feeling was brought by suffering from the bombardment and being chased by five Fallen Apprentices? Greem was feeling that very deeply right now.

Both the legs of the Lightning Giant had disappeared. The two crystal cores hiding inside that were used to gather Wind element energy had been destroyed. The disorderly and messy Wind Elementium that was gathering underneath the lower body of the giant could barely keep the shape of a wind vortex. The tattered and torn golden armor was falling off from its broken body, exposing the Wind element core that had been hiding inside of the mist form green body.

After having its combative strength greatly reduced, the Lightning Giant dared not meet the attacks coming from five Fallen Apprentices head on. Instead, it kept flying and flashing in the sky, dodging the magic spell attacks that came in succession.

However, its condition was considered good. The Rock Snake where Greem was hiding inside, was dragging its half broken body and kept digging into the soil, but it wouldn’t take long before it was forced out from underground by that hateful Philip. And when it showed itself, it was the moment when all five Fallen Apprentices would launch a massive attack.

The violent quake the Fairy sensed in the lower ground was the result of the combined raging attacks of five Fallen Apprentices.

Meanwhile, there was another thing that looked as tattered and torn as the Rock Snake – the most innocent demonized forest!

Clearly, the Fallen Pseudo-Adept, Langdon, had taken the path of a Bloodline Apprentice and the magical bloodline he had chosen was the Frost Giant.

When he went all out and revealed its magical transformation, Greem could clearly feel the surging energy of frost emanating from his tall and burly body.

After the transformation, the Frost Giant stood over four meters tall. It had light blue skin and countless icicles hanging on the Frost Armor on his muscular body. Every movement of his brought forth a freezing breeze that sent chills down one’s spines. The Snow Storm spell covered a large area and the Ice Spear that he threw also had brought tremendous damage to this land. Whenever a magic spell was cast, the ground was always filled with broken and fallen ancient trees and demons, frozen in transparent ice crystals.

Obviously, the other Fallen Pseudo-Adepts weren’t fighting with all they could like how Langdon fought, but even so, the powerful Elementium magic spells still brought about frightening damage to the Rock Snake where Greem was hiding.

Nevertheless, the person who had threatened Greem the most was that Philip.

By now, Greem could be sure that he must have been the mysterious guy who had forced him out from the soil last time.

He was a Pseudo-Adept level Earth element expert. Though he seldom directly attacked at Greem, he could always use the Earth element ability he had mastered to isolate the deep connection between the Rock Snake and Earth Elementium. As the result, after traveling for a short distance in the soil, the Rock Snake would be forced out to the surface by the Earth Elementium that squeezed it from all directions.

If previously, the Earth Elementium was like an ocean that the Rock Snake could travel through freely, now, this ocean had actually become solidified, preventing it from traveling through it freely.

The lower half body of the Rock Snake had been broken off by that Thunder element Pseudo-Adept, Hegel. He had used a lightning chain and trapped the Rock Snake, then all five of them launched a combined attack and broke it. If not for the fact that Greem had summoned another Rock Snake on time that attracted their firepower, perhaps he would have long died in the besiegement of the five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts.

Nevertheless, as he was persisting through the extremely painful experience, a message came from Mary through the magical seal, which had finally let him breathe out a sigh of relief.

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