The second underground floor, which served as the energy room for Adept Tower, was a huge and spacious space.

The collapse of the above-ground buildings had caused an immeasurable amount of damage to this floor. Out of the five Elementium Pools, four of them had been completely destroyed by the devastating explosion. The last Elementium Pool had suffered some damage as well, as the supposedly balanced magical elementium contained within had skewed. It now contained primarily Plant Elementium.

Every Elementium Pool was a huge pool. The pool wall was completely engraved with countless magic spell runes and magical lines. The energy gathering array at the bottom of the pool constantly absorbed magical Elementium from the surrounding space and filled the huge pool.

Four of the Elementium Pools had collapsed and broken down. The debris and rock fragments that had fallen from above had fully filled the pool, and the remaining magical arrays had stopped giving out the glow which meant the magical energy was functioning. The surviving Elementium Pool was functioning, but one could see a huge crack in the pool wall.

Elementium water was leaking out from the crack and was diffusing into the surrounding air.

Clearly, the dissipating magical energy was mainly Plant element energy, for an indescribably pleasant scent of vegetation had filled the entire underground floor.

Right in the middle of the remaining Elementium Pool, there was a huge, ancient looking tree that filled every inch of the pool with its sprawling roots. Its trunk took five men to encircle. On top of the ancient tree was a huge room made up of pink flower petals, and inside was a warm and sweet little bed made of fragrant and soft flower pistils. All of it emanated a luscious scent that could make anyone drunk.

Although it looked like a tall and ancient tree, in fact, it was not a real tree, but the true form of the Fairy, who was originally a tiny and delicate Human-faced Flower. Because it had absorbed a huge amount of Plant element magical Elementium, it had grown explosively into its current form.

Honestly speaking, from its current looks, perhaps even the most knowledgeable Adept would have a tough time identifying its original species. After all, it was extremely rare to see a demon who had solely occupied an Elementium Pool!

After it had rushed to the underground floor, upon realizing nothing had happened to its true form, which occupied almost 1/5 of the underground space, the Fairy finally breathed out a sigh of relief. But when it communicated with its true form’s sleeping consciousness, it suddenly let out a shrill roar.

It had a jarring and sharp voice, a combination of male and female, that was noisy and unpleasant to the ears.

“You damn bastard, get out here! What have you done to my true form?”

After the Fairy waved its slim arm, countless green acid arrows shot out instantly, targeting a seemingly insignificant rock at the corner of a far away wall.

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me! I’m coming out now!” A panic-stricken cry was heard, and then the short and green body of Snorlax rolled out from where the incorporeal rock had been.

The powerful acid arrows pierced through the rock, which was actually camouflage from the gray cloak, and right into the wall behind it. A hissing sound betrayed the presence of the corrosive acid as a large patch of the wall simply melted like hot wax, exposing the magical runes and lines that were engraved on the wall’s insides.

Taken aback by the power of the acid arrows, Snorlax kept jumping up and down while swinging the short wooden stick in its hand. With a loud voice, it threatened, “Stop attacking me, or else I’ll detonate the alchemy bomb I placed inside the Elementium Pool!”

“Alchemy bomb?!” Worried, the Fairy immediately stopped its movement.

The events of the past half day were quickly transmitted to it from its true form. After the damn goblin had intruded, it had spent a long time searching for all of the hidden places. Then it climbed into the Elementium Pool and tossed in quite a few strange cylindrical scroll-like objects into the pool. Not only that, the fellow had also stuck many of the cylinders into different parts of the true form’s body.

The Fairy opened its soft and fair hand, and the root of its true form pushed up a cylinder and placed it onto the Fairy’s palm.

What was this object?

Curiously, the Fairy flipped it around in its palm and spent some time looking at it, but it just couldn’t figure out the exact function of the cylinder. There weren’t any identifiable magical patterns engraved on top of it, and there weren’t any Elementium crystals that could be used as a source of energy. How could something like this cause any damage to it?

Just as the Fairy’s face showed perplexity and it decided to capture the goblin, Snorlax raised the short wooden stick high and let out a stern shout, “Explode!”

In next moment, under the Fairy’s disbelieving gaze, the cylinder in its hand exploded.

A huge fireball instantly swallowed the upper body of the Fairy. The raging airwave blew away all of the debris and rock fragments around it, shooting them out in all directions, and a mini mushroom dust cloud bloomed. When the dust gradually settled down and the fireball slowly disappeared, the smoky black body of the Fairy finally was revealed.

However, after a bright green ring of light flashed, the fair and beautiful face of the Fairy had returned and it didn’t seem to be hurt by the explosion.

Clenching its jaw tightly in anger, the Fairy crushed the remaining half of the iron tube in its palm. It decided to straightaway kill the damn goblin who dared to provoke the almighty.

But, before it could charge towards its target, Snorlax suddenly pointed its short stick in the direction of the Elementium Pool. “Don’t move! If you move a little bit, I’ll detonate the alchemy bomb placed in that place!”

Coming from Snorlax, it was a rather weak threat, but it caused the Fairy to change its expression instantly.

The power of the previous explosion wasn’t really strong – trying to use it to kill a formidable Adept level demon was no different than an ant, ludicrously ignorant of its own weakness, trying to topple a huge tree. But it was strong enough to destroy the Elementium Pool.

The Elementium Pool had been damaged into a very fragile state. With one wrong touch, it could be destroyed. Even the Fairy’s true form had to be careful when growing in it. It was afraid that it might burst the pool wall and destroy the energy source which had brought it the power it now had.

It wouldn’t take many of those alchemy bombs. Just one or two would be sufficient to inflict massive and irreversible damage to the Elementium Pool. If that really happened, the Fairy’s ability to continue growing strong would disappear. The Fairy cried out in terror but didn’t dare move anymore.

“Can you please not destroy my home?” Its eyes damp with tears, the Fairy begged in a soft voice. “I’m willing to pay any price.”

The Fairy spoke with an affectedly sweet voice. Together with its ethereal beauty, it could easily make any male creature in the world desire to indulge in its delicate appearance.

Perhaps living together with a Fairy like this was not a bad choice. It would no longer be the green-skinned goblin who was looked down by everybody, but a…

Before the perfect lifestyle in Snorlax’s imagination completely unfolded, Greem’s cold snort suddenly rang out in its mind. Snorlax shuddered, recalling the magical collar strapped around its neck and the magical slave contract binding it.

“Ugly, don’t think that you can seduce the great Snorlax. If you don’t obey me, I’ll detonate all of the alchemy bombs at the same time!” After being warned by its master, Snorlax, angry from embarrassment, jumped up from the ground and waved its fist angrily at the Fairy.

Oh dear, in front of Snorlax was an Adept level demon Fairy! Normally, a frightening demon like this could vanish Snorlax with a single finger. But now, this demon could only swallow the insults and humiliation silently and flatter Snorlax in a hundred and one ways. The indescribably pleasant feeling coming from the situation was more enjoyable than having ten goblin girls giving it a massage.

Any other time, if an insignificant green-skinned goblin-like this one was served as food to the Fairy, it would complain about the stinking and sour meat which was tough to chew. But now, with the goblin’s dominating position in the situation, it actually kept yelling and shouting at the Fairy.

The Fairy’s face turned red from anger, then it gradually turned pale green, and eventually became as dark as the bottom of a used pot.

However, as it was a demon by nature, it didn’t care about the virtue and dignity that normal human held so dear. In an instant, it had brought up a smiling face and said, “Since your honorable self has risked your life and intruded into this place, I supposed you’re looking for the treasures buried deep under the ruin, huh? I’ve saved the trouble for your honorable self, because I have cleaned up that place, and found some pretty good treasures. Here!”

Following the sweet chuckle of the Fairy, the tall and thick trunk of the Human-faced Flower, which looked like an ancient tree, suddenly trembled slightly, and the exotic little bed placed in the flower petal room split open, revealing a pile of magical gems and magic spell materials.

Damn it, no wonder all of the treasure vaults and secret rooms along the way were empty. The Fairy had transferred them here!

When Snorlax’s eyes came to rest on the splendid gems, gold coins, mithril, diamonds, and crystal essence, it could no longer move its glance away. Deep in its mind, countless greedy voices were hysterically howling.

Mine… mine… they are all mine!

The deafening howl of its soul deeply shook Snorlax’s mind, causing it to sink into a state of ecstasy. It never noticed the bright flicker that flashed in the Fairy’s eyes.

“Die now, you damn goblin!” As it roared out the words furiously, the voice of the Fairy suddenly changed from a delicate female voice to a hoarse and masculine male voice.

As the Fairy suddenly turned hostile, countless thick and strong roots shot out from the rubble around Snorlax, crazily piercing toward it from all directions.

With such a sudden change, Snorlax was caught unprepared and didn’t even have time to respond. It could only helplessly stare at countless roots, with their end shining brightly like metal, piercing toward its body.

The sound of objects slicing through the air was heard from around its body. The strong wind caused by the razor sharp roots swept across its body and face, causing pain like someone was slicing it with a knife. Snorlax closed its eyes and waited for death, but it suddenly felt itself flying through the air, dashing and darting in between the crisscrossing web woven by the roots, dodging every single attack by a matter of inches.

Snorlax turned around, only to see the beautiful face of its female master. Mary was right by its side, holding on to its body and dashing through the root forest. But she was having a tough time dodging all of the attacks!

“You fool, hurry up and tell it to stop the attack!” Noticing that the stupid goblin still hadn’t realized the situation, Mary wished she could just throw it right into the root forest.

“Oh.” Finally, Snorlax awakened, turned its face, and pointed its finger at the huge tree sitting far away from where they were.

A loud boom echoed through the air. A fireball erupted from the center of the huge Human-faced Flower’s trunk. A bowl-sized amount of skin was broken by the explosion, causing sticky green liquid to spray out like a water fountain.

“Are you going to stop? If not, I’ll detonate them all in a row!” Snorlax shouted out in a loud voice.

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